Board Meeting Feb 08, 2017 06:30 pm

Location: WestWoods Community Police Station

WestWoods Community Police Station

6644 Kendrick Drive
Arvada, CO 80007

I-70 West to Ward. Ward north to 64th Ave, 64th Ave West to McIntrye/Kendrick Dr. North on Kendrick to the police station.

  • call meeting to order
  • approve past minutes
  • any member comments/discussion
  • financial report
  • website update
  • membership update
  • tag matches
  • tournament updates
  • other events
  • course issues
  • new business
  • adjourn

Called to order - 6:33


Board Members - Mike Storrs (Vice President), Jay Burghardt (Secretary), Kyle Harrigan (Treasurer), Jamie Simino (Membership and Tagmaster), Pete Kenny, Josh Kreutzer, Geoff Hungerford, Dan Jones, Michelle Burghardt, Jonathan Siska,Camden Farmer (President) - (drop in visit)

Club Members - Mrs. Tashi Temple-Wood-Jones  Auron Kreutzer, Matthew Morrison

Financials - Kyle Harrigan gave us a run down , and the club is at $985 in the black.

Website update - Chad Francis has given the board his official resignation from the Board as Webmaster. The Board has discussed its options for someone to replace him. Geoff Hungerford and Jonathan Siska commented they have interest in helping to maintain the website but with a smaller roll than Chad has been doing. Before departing, Chad has suggested we might want to use Discgolfscene for future registrations. Rocky Mountain Women's has already been using Discgolfscene for its registration. Other events are still moving forward using the platform on the Mile High website.

Membership - Jamie gave us his first update of his new position and advised the board we have 149 confirmed members, with many others still just needing to be put in the books. He said that the process is still forming and hopes to have a bit more accurate numbers moving forward

Tag matches - Still just two currently, Thursday Glow at Centre Hills and Sunday at Village Greens. One more month until time change, and then the daily tag matches will kick in. He also said he is looking into scorecards for all official tag matches. Still under consideration.

Tourney updates

Past - Winter Warriors - DONE!!! (thinks Josh). Numbers are still being gathered. He commented, looking back, he might not go with sanctioning again, unless strictly for the insurance if it might be needed. He thought it was a bit more trouble than the benefit it had for the club members.

Current - Ice Bowl - All on track and ready to go.


Winter Fling - Am fundraiser C tier event March 11th

Spring Fling - May 27 -28th - no new news, but hopes to get new tee pad poured for Hole 4 at Birds Nest

High Plains Challenge - June 17 - 18th. No new news at this time

Rocky Mountain Women's - July 7 - 9th - Josh spoke on this and indicated on track and registration opening soon.

Peak One - July 28 - 29th - no news at this time

Snow Mountain - Aug 5 -6th - no news at this time

Johnny Roberts - Sep 16 -17th - Will be held at Adams Hollow - Adams County has been contacted about this and it was indicated by the county that they would like to make this an "event" for the county.

Mile High Classic - Sep 30th - Oct 1st -  will be held at Paco Sanchez - details still being worked on

Shades of Grey - Oct 14 -15th - Chris Keener will be the TD, and the club has offered to help in anyway we can to help him with his first TD experience.

Course Issues - Jamie spoke up about a porta-potty needed for Centre Hills

New Business - Kyle has offered to put together a sponsorship form that individual and clubs can fill out and submit to the club if they seek sponsorship from the club.

Adjourned - 8:10