Board Meeting Feb 10, 2010 06:30 pm

Location: Arvada Community Food Bank

Arvada Community Food Bank
Arvada Community Food Bank

8555 West 57th Avenue
Arvada, CO 80002

Meeting came to order about 630pm, at the Arvada Community Food Bank. 

10 people were present. John Bird, Max Maclay, Chad Francis, Ken Hughes, Dan Gargan, Marsha Sonderfan, Dave Slocum, Jeff Tori, Joe Haman and Jay Burghardt, 

Finances -  Ken Hughes handed out a sheet of paper on the club's finances, starting off the year. We had several things that had not been deposited, so he just gave us an estimate. We are pretty close to where we were last month. We discussed that we were still trying to locate the $400.00 from the Match Play. Last heard was that it was given to Scott Hoffman at the Beaver Ranch Winter Warriors. So this is still being looked into.

Ice Bowl 2010 - John handed out a numbers sheet on the 2010 Ice bowl. He listed all the checks, as well as to where the money went. In all, $13,323.40 was raised with $8,325.00 going to the Food Bank of the Rockies and $4998.40 going to the Arvada Community Food Bank. Every agreed a good time was had by all. Mulligan issues were discussed. Some felt that mulligans should "cost" the same amount whether you used your own money, or took in pledges from other sources. Several people chimed in on this, and John agreed to look into it and see if changes would/should/could be made for next year. The West Woods dinner buffet was also brought up. Apparently, more people ate than paid. It was discussed that it was a somewhat confusing set up, with the buffet being right in the middle of the room, perhaps giving the impression that it was open to all players. John will look into options for next year, which could be anything from posting someone at the table to check for tickets to including the buffet cost as part of the ice bowl entry fee.

Website Update - Chad gave us the latest and greatest of his continuing upgrade to our Mile High website. We discussed making a place for the lady's tags to be displayed on the front page with the regular tags. We spoke about an "about" page that will tell us who we are, the board members and the time/place of board meetings as well as minutes from previous minutes. He mentioned the new rollover feature on the forum, for quick reading, which everyone loves as well as the posts are now connected to the event, so you do not have to go and hunt for the threads.

JRM and its Neighbors - We had a discussion about a particular neighbor on hole 7 with his fence and shed damage. Marsha spoke to him and advised him he should contact the city and in turn, the city will contact John Bird and the club to work something out if possible. 

Bids for Major Events - Much has been discussed on the forum about Colorado with Mile High as a prominent partner, in bringing a women's major to our state and possibly our area. The board discussed the possibility of such a bid as well as which courses are not only practical to use, but also are worthy of a major championships. Discussions included location of three courses that could be used in the same proximity, and whether the courses represent Colorado, and not just a course "In Colorado". Marsha and John will be looking into what needs to be done and by when to submit a bid. Groupings such as Conifer, Bailey, as well as something in the Colorado Springs area.

Memberships and Tags - Joe gave us an update on tags. We are now at a confirmed number of 170. (up from 133 last month). Dog Leg Discs and Phoenix Discs are still selling them and Joe asked if he could get the different locations that are selling them, the info to him as soon as possible so we can get our new member active in the club and be able to post their tags, ect.. He also talked about women's tags and some people are buying both, and some just the one. But a very positive response by the ladies so far.

Spring Fling  - Again, this was Joe's department, and he asked for the best way to get help for the tourney. Dan Gargan immediately volunteered himself, to be the go to guy for anything that needs to be done. For other helpers, it was discussed that because the tourney filled so fast, people that cannot get in, in the past, many have volunteered to help. Chad mentioned that with the new website, that if Joe can get the needed information to him he can set it up so that on a certain time/date the tourney can be opened up for registration, and it will be capped at 90 players. It was agreed that due to the construction, there will only be 18 holes in play. Joe is hoping for the tourney to be opened up, 1 month prior to the tournament.

High Plains Challenge - John filled us in with the latest on the High Plains Challenge. He mentioned that he is trying to have each course as a 21 hole layout this year, He also mentioned that the old Best Western in Fort Morgan, is now a Clarion Hotel, and they have expressed interest in hosting the tournament in the future, and since this year is already locked in, that he will entertain offers next year on a possible move for the host hotel.

EDGE - Chad brought up the possibility for working with the EDGE disc golf program, Educational Disc Golf Experience. He would like the funds raised from the RODNOC tourney he runs to go toward this cause. This is a cause that is working to help local schools become acquainted with disc golf. Board members brought up questions such as how much money goes to what, who will be managing funds allocated for the Colorado area, and who will be doing the contacting of the local schools and teachers. Chad agreed to get more information on this, and bring it back to the board for more discussion. 

CDSA - Jeff Tori joined us this evening for an update on the CDSA and some of its goals this year. He handed out a sheet of paper containing the CDSA 2010 Highlights. He spoke about the efforts being put forth to get the Colorado disc golf community back on board, as the membership has lagged for the last several years. He spoke about a new series of tournaments involving different 9 hole events around the state, with overall standings being kept, and only CDSA members will be allowed to participate. He mentioned that a newly redesigned website is up, and is very user friendly. He mentioned that the Thin Air Tour is still being put together. He also mentioned that the annual fee is still only 15.00. A bargain! He also mentioned about possibly starting up a Team Challenge in the state, but no real details. Jay said that he might have a connection in Texas that runs one down there. Jeff also mentioned that they may be handing out more awards this year; to possibly include things such as Most improved player, Most Valuable player, and a Life time Achievement Award.

Approx 9p, the meeting was adjourned

Submitted by Jay Burghardt