Board Meeting Jan 20, 2010 06:30 pm

Location: Arvada Public Library

Arvada Public Library
Arvada Public LIbrary

7525 West 57th Avenue
Arvada, CO 80002

Meeting came to order about 6:35pm

10 people were present, including a couple of new faces from the club to join in with the discussions.

Finances - Ken Hughes handed out a sheet of paper on the club's finances, starting off the year. We have $5,648.24 in assets and $4,411.86 in liabilities, leaving the club with a surplus of $1,236.38

Items that's were discussed:

The Junior fund - It has $230.00 in it and the fact that it has been sitting there for a few years and no one has offered up any projects or request for funding.

JRM course fund - it has 525.00 in it and it was clarified as to where the money came from, (put in there from the Sunday doubles 1 dollar add in, by choice, by players. This is in here for use for course maintenance, and improvements as necessary.

USDGC Rocs - purchase and resale makes the club money.

Elections - Officers for the year. John Bird - President ….Tom Hamilton - Vice President…. Ken Hughes - Treasure….Jay Burghardt - Secretary. Vote was taken, and all approved. All positions were uncontested.

Memberships - Joe Haman gave a report on the tags.. At this moment, 133 memberships have been sold with another 50 or so, out amongst various people and shops to be able to sell memberships away from the course. The Club has 300 tags at the present, with the option to order more of a different color if needed.

Tags - discussion came up regarding the issue of tags, postings, challenging, ect.. Jay Burghardt brought up the idea of putting words into the clubs tag rules that, hopefully, will end the discussion on whether someone must play for tags. He would like to see 4 words put in. "Never Require, Always Encouraged". He figures this might end the bickering about people posting the tags and whether or not they "must" post their tags. Other points brought up to support that, was to add tag posting information with the memberships, to help facilitate posting of tags. It was also brought up that to better trace some of the low tags, the top ten tags that are lost, should be posted with the name of the person that won it from them, to help "locate" the low tags if they have been out of circulation a while. It was also encouraged, and will be brought up among tag masters, to do their best to write down each weeks tag matches, and then post them themselves.

Ice Bowl - John Bird gave a thorough overview of the upcoming Ice Bowl. It looks like the online registration never came to pass, so it will probably be a 100% "day-of" sign ups. He is looking for volunteers to help out on Saturday Morning. Jay Burghardt then spoke up about his concerns with Birds nest Disc Park getting some of the funds from a Charity event that headlines as fundraiser for two different food banks. After much discussion about this matter, John Bird made a motion to remove the JeffCo open space/disc golf course from the flier as well as from a recipient of any funds raised from the Ice Bowl, and the motion was approved. Other ways to raise money for the disc golf park were talked about including another Orange Disc Challenge, and Rodnoc.

Spring Fling - MHDGC's first tourney of the year was brought up and discussed. Joe Haman will be the TD for this event. Due to last year's quick filling of this event, it was recommended that a one week advance notice of the time for sign ups be posted, so people can prepare themselves to be ready to sign up at the appropriate time. Also brought up was the possible realignment of some holes, based on the playground being worked on by the city. This will be further discussed as the date gets closer.

High Plains Challenge - Still 6 months away, but John gave us some good info on this, with a couple of new holes going in. Should be a good one, as always.

We dispersed around 8:40 pm