Board Meeting Dec 08, 2010 06:30 pm

Location: Arvada Community Food Bank

Arvada Community Food Bank
Arvada Community Food Bank

8555 West 57th Avenue
Arvada, CO 80002



Agenda items (tentative)
Meeting to order 6:30

Approval past minutes

Welcome everyone

Any member comments/discussion


Membership update

Tag matches

Tournament updates
2011 tentaive schedule PDGA/non sanctioned update

Other events

Course issues

Election results

new business

Meeting came to order 6:40pm, at the Arvada Community Food Bank.

Attendance - (9 people) John Bird, Joe Haman, Max Maclay, Ray Woodruff, Tom Hamilton, Chad Francis, Doug and Hunter Bjerkaas, and myself, Jay Burghardt.

Finance update - Ken Hughes was not present but he emailed John Bird the months finance information. The clubs total money, in the bank, came in at $2106.74. There was still a $300.00 check from a sponsor at the Johnny Roberts tourney that has not been collected. .

Website Update -  Chad spoke of the website and is still working on forming a board page for easy access.  He is also working on creating a general access form so members can submit comments to the board directly. He is also looking for some general club rules that can be used for MHDGC so people who post will have an idea of what is and what isn't appropriate to post on the forums. Once he finds a general set then they can be modified as the board sees fit.  Chad  also spoke about hoping to combine passwords for both the forum and for tags. This is still a work in progress.

Memberships and Tags -  Joe Haman gave us a "final" membership number of 350. It is the clubs best year, and hope that it will grow even more in the future. Doug Bjerkaas volunteered to run the final tag match, on Dec 31st, at 1p at Expo. Joe will run the first tag match of the year at Johhny and expects a big turn out. He is asking Chad to post the 2011 membership form on the website so people can have it filled out before they arrive. Then they just hand in their membership money with the form and their in. I was also discussed about a discounted membership for Juniors (16 and under) and it was agreed to offer them $5.00 off but only if applied in person, not online. Joe also asked about the ability to look the previous years tag holder, who had what at the end of the year. Chad said that is something that can be worked on as well. Next years memberships will include a PDGA sign up discount, connected to the associate program with the PDGA. A code for a $5.00 discount will be included in package. Tom volunteered to update the 2010 membership form to 2011 so members will have form to print out.

Colorado Women's Championship - Doug Bjerkaas brought up the idea of having a women's only tournament for Colorado in the line of something that other states put on as well. The idea was well received and thoughts were discussed. John Bird was going to check the calendar and find a weekend that would attract the most ladies. Ray Woodruff and Doug Bjerkaas agreed to Co-TD the event. Locations were discussed where to hold it, from Beaver Ranch to Longmont to Badlands. Doug and Ray will look into this further to check the logistics on locations/dates and get back to the board.

Tournament updates - General - John Bird will be sending all colorado tds this year procedural updates for them to follow. This way they can have their tourneys in order so the PDGA will post them on their website. He said that the PDGA is becoming stricter in these guidelines as many TDs in the past have been lax in following proper formats.

High Plains Challenge - It was asked about the host hotel for this years HPC, as John had mentioned in the past about possibly switching to more of a full service hotel. He let us know he will be meeting with other hotel options to see what they can offer the tourney. He let us know that last year, the Clarion brought up to him about possibly hosting it, but as it turns out, that sales rep no longer works at that hotel.

Colorado State Championships -  Grand Valley Disc golf Club has volunteered to run the States tourney this year. John let us know that there will be one week, both pros and ams, so the field will be limited. Its possible it will be more than 18 holes, or even the possibility of a second course involved, but at least the dates and location is set. Oct 15 - 16

Course Update - JR – Jay asked about the rumor that someone was spreading about the course being pulled, pipes laid down where the creek is, and the entire area being leveled out for tennis courts. Tom acknowledge the rumors but said that he has not heard anything from the city about this, and with him living next to the course, there has not even been a whisper about it. Tom also mentioned that he has talked to the parks people to see if they can get the practice basket put back in so hole 18 doesn't have so much conflict with players finishing their rounds.

Winter Warriors - Ray Woodruff spoke of how well WW is going. He informed us that we had a record 104 players at the Mansion Course weekend, and brought in over $900 on that day alone. He also had feedback from Jim Cannon who said that he was very pleased how it all ran, and even though he had some concerns with  that large of crowd, the players were very respectful of the property and was very pleased at the overall results.  Ray also said he was looking into getting companies to help sponsor this event in the future.
Ice Bowl 2011 - Jay asked Mr. Bird about the sponsor sheets for the upcoming Ice Bowl and John said he expects the sponsor sheets and donation page to be up on the Mile High web site soon.
Lighthouse (South Suburban) update - John informed the board that South Suburban has officially been paid for the inner chains purchase.
Elections - Elections took place last month and Ray Woodruff being our only new member.  
New business - Doug brought up some thoughts that either he had or others had mentioned. He was under the impression that that on a forum post it was stated that if people wanted to volunteer for things; tourneys, work days, that they would need to attend a board meeting. The board quickly commented that no such policy was in affect and the board and the club appreciate all the volunteers they can get.  It was then brought up that perhaps we can have a place to sign up as volunteers for different events, giving the organizer of that event, whether it be a tourney or a work day, a good working number of who and how many he can expect as volunteers.

Video conferencing for board meetings -  video conferencing board meetings was brought up and discussed and it was decided that we might lose some accountability as to who is asking for what. We felt it might be a bit too easy just to pop off with concerns when, if you don't like the answer or response, that you can respond back without facing the board.  We felt that if someone feels strongly about anything, they will need to find a way to the meeting to express their concerns or ideas. 

Approx 8:58p, the meeting was adjourned