Board Meeting Oct 15, 2014 10:54 am

Location: Colorado Rehabilitation & Occ Med office

Colorado Rehabilitation & Occ Med office
Horizon Terrace building
Suite 100
9351 Grant Street
Thornton, CO 80229

From Denver: I-25 North to Thornton Pkwy Exit. Head East (right) on Thornton Parkway take first right on Grant Street. Follow Grant St down the hill. The building is on the right across the street from the Brittany Hill Event Center.

From the north: I-25 South to Thornton Pkwy Exit. Head East (left) on Thornton Parkway take first right on Grant Street. Follow Grant St down the hill. The building is on the right across the street from the Brittany Hill Event Center.

  • call meeting to order
  • approve past minutes
  • any member comments/discussion
  • financial report
  • website update
  • membership update
  • tag matches
  • tournament updates
  • other events
  • course issues
  • board member project updates
  • new business
  • adjourn
Call to order 6:30pm
Board members - Gail Pace, Marsha Sonderfan, Ray Woodruff, Camden Farmer, Alex Johnson, Kyle Harrigan, David Straight, Mike Storrs and Jay Burghardt
Club members - Scott Leader
Minutes - September minutes were voted on and approved
Member Comments - Scott Leader spoke about Fehringer Park, saying Foothills Park and Rec have reached out to him about possibly teaching some classes at the course. He also spoke about Foothills now seeing how the course is playing out and looking to upgrade things such as tee pads..
Financials - Marsha noted that there are still check payouts from 2014 Spring Fling that have not been cashed, so these are still on the books.
The Board voted to donate $200 to Joe Haman's fund for his children
Financials were voted on and approved.
Website Update - nothing new to report. Up and running good.
Membership Update - 394 entered into the system. - First tag match will be Jan 1st at Expo. Still working on tag design an players pack, but will be small as the number one mission with the tags will be to raise money for the clubs yearly activities and tournament support. 450 tags planned to purchase as one big batch. Approx. price per tag $5.62
Tag Match update - Pretty much done. Except... Village Greens is possibly looking to continue all the through the winter as an organized event for tags.
Tag Masters - it was brought up that it would be nice to have gathering of tag masters and people who ran Mile High events this year as a thank you to them.  The club would foot the bill on this gathering and it was agreed that it sounded like a nice thank you to all the folks who put in their time to run these events.
Tourney updates
Johnny Roberts - Johnny Doubles was deemed a success and appeared to be well received by all who participated. With the extra work involved, this might be an every other year type event for the future.
Fall Fling - Marsha spoke of it coming along very well. She said 28 were currently signed up. She brought the discs with her and several of the board members were enamored by them. She said after she made the money back to cover the discs, she would split the remaining money between payouts and money to give to the Spring Fling as its fundraiser.
Winter Warriors - 14 signed up for season passes so far, and Nov 1 is ready to open up the season.
Spring Fling - With news of Marsha's impending offspring during the Spring Fling time frame, she asked if anyone would volunteer to Co-TD with her on this. She has no problem with the behind the scenes things, but will not be able to do the active part of the actual tournament. Kyle volunteered to Co-TD with her, and it was greatly appreciated by all.
High Plains Challenge - If John Bird is still up for running the High Plains Challenge, the club will be happy to put its support behind him, but would be looking for a few more checks and balances as the event gets closer.
Camden mentioned he was looking to host States at Widefield/Pueblo over Labor Day weekend. This is still in the infant planning stages.
Course issues - the board is curious as to who has the power to move the baskets on the "new" Johnny Roberts course.
Old Business - Cam will be speaking with Jay Gibbs on what the next step needs to be taken to begin the shed transformation.
Birds Nest Port potty - It was voted by majority vote to keep the porta potty out as Bird's Nest, but to see if we can put pressure on the people who are taking our money for the upkeep of it, to keep it cleaner, and, well, better kept up.
New Business - Gail asked if the club had any ideas of running a league this year. It was suggested to her that she might want to chat with the Norco people and Greeley folks, as they both have leagues, and she might get better insight by talking to them first.
Elections - Marsha spoke of the upcoming elections. She inquired as to who plans to continue with the board, and who will be stepping down. Chads position will become an at large seat, so his seat will be open. Alex Johnson expressed his desire to step down. Marsha said she will post the election information on the front page of the website for all interested people to read and act if they so choose.
7:58p adjourned