Board Meeting Nov 10, 2010 06:30 pm

Location: Arvada Community Food Bank

Arvada Community Food Bank
Arvada Community Food Bank

8555 West 57th Avenue
Arvada, CO 80002


Agenda items (tentative)
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Membership update

Tag matches

Tournament updates
2011 tentaive schedule PDGA/non sanctioned

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new business
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Meeting called to order at 6:45pm

Those in attendance -
John Bird, Dan Gargan, Joe Haman, Ken hughes , Chad Francis, Dave Slocum, Marsha Sonderfan, Ray Woodruff, Tom Hamilton, and Jay Burghardt 

Approval for October's minutes - Updated and approved with changes 

Financials - Ken gave an update on the current state of Mile High's financials, along with a handout outlining all the liabilities and assets. At printing time, the club was at $2,166.19 in the black. He stated that we are still waiting on a few checks to come in, but over all, he stated that it is looking good. Also stated that Snow Mountain numbers are still in the system but should be cleared up shortly. John Bird mentioned that we finally got the invoice from the city for the inner chains used at Lighthouse. The total cost was $177.75, leaving $122.25 still for use for the Lighthouse course and its improvements. 

Website Updates - Chad Francis spoke about the website. Much was spoken about the ability to post members concerns on the website so it can be brought up at the monthly meetings. Chad is preparing a program so members can post their ideas, and then Chad, or another board member, will double check to make sure its appropriate for posting and then let it go up on the board, so other members can chime in on items the board will discuss. He also acknowledged that he still needs to prepare an area for people to order memberships on line. He still needs to repair the "reset password" entry, so he does not continue to get many emails and now phone calls as well, to reset one's password. It was also discussed about how/when to remove old blogs. Once the date of the event has happened, to have the blog removed. Chad advised us that he can set it up to automatically removed itself off the front page after a set time, but the blog will remain in the history of the club's blogs for years. It was also brought up about posting some general rules for the forum. It seems that there are some topics that get people all riled up and it seems to turn to personal attacks through words. The board will look to creating a set of forum rules, that every one who uses the forum will need to follow. These rules will be posted on the website as well as there could possibly be a box to check every time a post is submitted acknowledging you have read and understand the rules. 

Membership Updates - Joe gave us the update on the membership count which is at 349. The club still has a few more tags left and the club is now selling the remaining tags for $10.00 to finish them out if we can. 

Next Year's Memberships - 2011 memberships were discussed and next years design was agree upon and Joe is going to get them ordered. He thought it was better to order 350 out of the gate than to do them group by group, seeing as the history for the club show that they will be sold and easier to get it done at one time. The board also discussed the color schemes for this year and it was agreed upon to keep the same colors as 2010. It was also noted that he was very pleased in the way the low tags were being posted to show who/where the top tags are located. It was agreed that next years packet would include a 2011 Mile High tag, a stainless steel carabineer to hold the tag and a current PDGA rule book. The board thought that it would be nice to get all members an updated rule book so we can all be aware of the latest additions and subtractions. The board feels that this is a good package value this year and well worth the $20.00 to join. 

Tag Matches Update - Tag matches were discussed and it was decided that all of the tag match listings would be removed from the front page of the website. Sunday tags was brought up and discussed, and seeing as it was not really an 'official' tag match, it would be removed as well for now, and next spring will repost them up on the site. It was also discussed that next year we will probably need to recruit a couple of new tag masters as we believe there will be some vacant positions. 

Tournament Updates - Chad gave us a quick overview on the OPXE, letting the board know that much fun was had by all, and it did not cost the club a penny, and it was still good exposure for the club. Jay brought up that fact that some of those "slightly used" discs look like they were ran through a meat grinder. But all in all, very good time. 

2011 Tentative schedule - John Bird passed out a tentative 2011 schedule for Colorado tournaments, as well as national PDGA events. 

Spring Fling 2011 - Spring Fling was brought up and discussed about making it a two day event. Saturday for Ams and Sunday for Pros. It was discussed that two complete tournament plans must be used and sent in to the PDGA, as well as separation of forms, moneys, sponsorships and prizes. It was discussed that it will take extra work, but Joe said that if someone would take control of the Am division, he would take care of the Pro division. Marsha Sonderfan agreed to head the Am's division and and it was discussed that double the volunteers would be needed, and by the support shown by the board, that wouldn't be a problem. So it was agreed that next year's Spring Fling will become a two day event. 

Election Updates - Marsha spoke about the upcoming elections for the three positions that were open this year. Tom Hamilton and Ken Hughes were voted in for three more years, last month, so there was one remaining position available. Ray Woodruff was nominated to fill that position and had the needed signatures to be presented to the board. The board voted unanimously to accept him and welcomed him aboard. Other election issues were discussed including the terms of three years. It was mentioned that it was a long period, and tough to get many people to commit for three years. But it was brought up that one year was out of the question because the Club and the board need stability and with only a one year commitment, you might have someone run for office, get it, bring in their ideas that might not be long term and then depart, leaving the new members to fix things that might need work on. Two years was also discussed but in the end, the board agreed to keep it at three years, with the intention to promote stability with the club. 

New Business - A question was brought up by Chad that a Mile High member has asked about a moving location for the board meeting. The board then discussed the pros and cons to such an action. The only positive that was found was that it would bring the location closer to some members, possibly encouraging them to attend a board meeting. And that would be fine if it was just to attend a meeting. The negatives that were brought up, was that the current location in Arvada, is as about as central to the Mile High community as we can get. Also,that if it was moved, say to Longmont one week, then any board member living down south would have a hard time getting there, and the same thing if there was a meeting down south, that a board member living up north would have a hard time getting there. Which means that, yes we might have a few new faces at times, but we very likely would not be having the elected board members being able to attend all the meetings. That might be a problem with attaining a quorum for votes on things that need a majority to pass something. It also could create logistical problems in securing locations for the meeting, to and including, costs, hours and the ability to have the meeting the same day each month. It was voted on to keep the location at Arvada and as the 2nd Wednesday of the month. 

Colorado States - NO volunteers have yet officially stepped up to run States for 2011. Mile High could do it, but we have a decent tournament burden already. Some Foothills Flyers members have expressed an interest in running it again without Ponto, but nothing solid. 

Johnny Practice Basket - Tom would like to use some course funds to reinstall a practice basket at JRM. Players are using the 18 basket, which is dangerous while others are trying to come in on the hole. He'd like to use the same clay to help with drainage issues as was installed around the 18 basket, and possibly have it up on a mound. Tom and John will work with City of Arvada Parks to get the ball rolling. 

Meeting was adjourned at 9:10p