Board Meeting Jul 09, 2014 06:30 pm

Location: Colorado Rehabilitation & Occ Med office

Colorado Rehabilitation & Occ Med office
Horizon Terrace building
Suite 100
9351 Grant Street
Thornton, CO 80229

From Denver: I-25 North to Thornton Pkwy Exit. Head East (right) on Thornton Parkway take first right on Grant Street. Follow Grant St down the hill. The building is on the right across the street from the Brittany Hill Event Center.

From the north: I-25 South to Thornton Pkwy Exit. Head East (left) on Thornton Parkway take first right on Grant Street. Follow Grant St down the hill. The building is on the right across the street from the Brittany Hill Event Center.

  • call meeting to order
  • approve past minutes
  • any member comments/discussion
  • financial report
  • website update
  • membership update
  • tag matches
  • tournament updates
  • other events
  • course issues
  • board member project updates
  • new business
  • adjourn
Called to order - 635pm - July 9th, 2014

Attendance - Ray Woodruff, Camden Farmer, Rob Liebman, Alex
Johnson, Gail Pace, Marsha Sonderfan, Mike Storrs, Kyle Harrigan, Dave Straight
and Jay Burghardt

June minutes were voted on and approved

Financials - June Financials were voted on and approve.
Still looking for closure on Bird's Nest porta potty, but city has not asked or
invoiced the club for it. Question was asked "what happens to the money in
the donation box" at Bird’s Nest? How much has been raised and where did
the funds go?

Website update - No major updates to report

Membership - Current total - 367 entered. Know there are
more, just looking for details - Topic was brought up as to should we buy more,
based on current demand. Much discussion was had. Arguments not to. Kyle said
his mission this year was to be the main fundraiser for the club, with enough
money to do what the club was hoping to do. Sponsoring tournaments, course help
etc...  This was accomplished with 400.
If we purchase more, and we don't sell enough to cover the next 25, then it
cuts into the money we made from the first 400. 
Arguments against, revolved around if new members what to part of the
club, we should make available tags that will let them. If we do not sell
enough to cover the extra purchase, it is still a good sign to show we always
have tags for those who want to join the club. In the end, voted on agreed to
purchase 25 more tags, and this should be our last batch.

Tag Matches - Still going strong. Possible exception is Paco
has the possibility of shutting down early this year, due to the tag master's
increasing work schedule and the ability to be there to master the match.

Tourney updates

Past - High Plains Challenge - The tournament went off
basically well. Still not sure of long term plans. Hoping Ft Morgan will be
able to put the Pessimist course back in some time

Future - Jr. Trilogy - Current registration is at 15

Mile High Classic - Frisco is the confirmed location for the
MHC this year. They have several concessions from the town of Frisco, i.e.: the
lodge for players meeting, course fees.... Registration will open on July 19th

Ace Race - The Ace Race will be held during the usual time
frame, Labor Day. Dave Slocum has informed the board that this is a sign up in
advance event only, and he does not plan on taking walk ups, due the inability
to purchase the needed number of players packs.

Johnny Roberts Memorial - Doubles - Still coming together.
Formats are still being worked out

Course Issues - Johnny Roberts - It was asked about the old
baskets, and rumor has it the baskets are being held by the city until further
notice. The Shed - Still word on when the shed structure will be made available
to begin work on it for the club.

Lafayette - Ribbon cutting ceremony to open the course will
be this Friday, July 11th at 5p

Bird's nest - Much was accomplished on the Workday. Most
pole sign holes have been dug. Still ongoing projects. Sponsorship for the tee
signs, looking like $250 per year.

Merchandise update - Mike said that he believes the club
should have made about $360 in the clear from the first set of shirts - He also
said he hopes to have the next Mile High item out soon.

New Business - Marsha proposed we look into replacing our
wrecked pop up. Jay offered to look up costs and possibilities

August 2014 meeting is being pushed back a week to the 20th
due to several board members heading to Pro Worlds

Adjourn - 8:00pm