Board Meeting May 14, 2014 06:30 pm

Location: Colorado Rehabilitation & Occ Med office

Colorado Rehabilitation & Occ Med office
Horizon Terrace building
Suite 100
9351 Grant Street
Thornton, CO 80229

From Denver: I-25 North to Thornton Pkwy Exit. Head East (right) on Thornton Parkway take first right on Grant Street. Follow Grant St down the hill. The building is on the right across the street from the Brittany Hill Event Center.

From the north: I-25 South to Thornton Pkwy Exit. Head East (left) on Thornton Parkway take first right on Grant Street. Follow Grant St down the hill. The building is on the right across the street from the Brittany Hill Event Center.

  • call meeting to order
  • approve past minutes
  • any member comments/discussion
  • financial report
  • website update
  • membership update
  • tag matches
  • tournament updates
  • other events - sponsorship request from FFDGC for the Bloom
  • course issues
  • board member project updates
  • new business
  • adjourn
Call to order 6:32p
Attendance - Ray Woodruff, Camden Farmer, Rob Liebman, David Straight, Gail Pace, Alex Johnson, Kyle Harrigan, Jay Burghardt, and Jeff Scott
April minutes were voted on and approved
Member comments - Jeff Scott said he will comment during course discussions
Financials - Monthly Financial statement from Ken were looked at. Alex asked about the Spring Fling Payout line items where that was still showing up. It was explained that those were basically uncashed checks by money winners.
Bird's Nest Port a potty - This was showing as a payout on the financials, and it was questioned by several board members about why the club would be paying for a restroom at a city park. Ray will look into this and see about getting our name off of this bill for the future.
Funds for the Shed at Johnny - The board spoke about using the course funds set aside from Boulder and from Johnny, and put it toward the shed. That would be a good start for the creation of the shed. The Board voted to use the funds, with the stipulation that if funds are needed towards those courses in the future, up to $412 for Boulder and $386 toward Johnny, the club would be responsible for.
Membership - Kyle informed the board that we are currently at 319 sold memberships and that we have had 3 lost tag replacements.
Tag Matches are running smoothly with good turn outs on many days. Usually the weather dictates the bigger numbers
Fehringer Park update - Jay gave the latest from what he heard about the Foothills Park and Recreation department and the installation of the new 18 hole course. There is no set date yet, but baskets have been purchased by them.
Tourney Updates
Spring Fling - all done and accounted for. Finances came up a bit short, but have left over discs, that should easily cover the shortfall.
Women's Global - 40 gals showed up to play. There were a couple of course issues with local walk-ons, small confrontations, and not liking the fact that the course was closed to the public, but, overcome by all.
Rodnoc - Chad spoke about the slow signups, but acknowledged that people seem to sign up late for this and that it usually has lots of walk ups.
High Plains - Am side is full. With a June 1st date to release the remaining pros, or at least begin to shuffle the pools to allow the waitlisted people to start signing up.
Trilogy Challenge and the Grudge match will both be held the same weekend, but each one day only. Details are still coming in on both.
Johnny Roberts - Still in planning
MHC - Still in planning
The Bloom - they have asked MHDGC for some sponsorship money. The board, acknowledging that the Foothill Flyers do support our club well, offered and voted approval on a donation of $75 to their club
Course Issues
Expo - hole 9 is closed temporarily, due to reseeding of the grass. It should be open soon.
Johnny Roberts - still coming along - expected reopen date the middle of July or August.
Lafayette - turns out there is quite a bit of opposition to the course. The open space they were planning "might not" be quite as open as the city council first thought. Jeff Scott came to the meeting asking for letters, comments, locals, anything in support of the golf course to come to the next meeting.
Bird's Nest - still ironing out tee sign sponsorship. Working on many course improvements, and with the help of the upcoming Rodnoc money, good plans are in the works.  
New Business - Jay told the board about the club's damaged pop up shelter. He informed the board that 10 of the 12 support rods were bent from the snowstorm during the Spring Fling. He told them he called EZUP people and were quoted a replacement cost of $14.95 per rod. Totaling over $150.00 to replace the broken ones. The board decided to not replace the old one, but to purchase a new one down the road a bit. Ray asked that the canopy itself be saved as it could possibly be used at a later date.
Paco Sanchez - It was mentioned that something seemed odd for the City of Denver to ask for a charge to move the baskets. Nobody seems to know why, and people think that there might be a little impropriety going on here.
Trello updates - It was requested, that if you projects that you are working on, please keep Trello updated
Meeting adjourned - 8:10