Board Meeting Feb 12, 2014 06:30 pm

Location: Colorado Rehabilitation & Occ Med office

Colorado Rehabilitation & Occ Med office
Horizon Terrace building
Suite 100
9351 Grant Street
Thornton, CO 80229

From Denver: I-25 North to Thornton Pkwy Exit. Head East (right) on Thornton Parkway take first right on Grant Street. Follow Grant St down the hill. The building is on the right across the street from the Brittany Hill Event Center.

From the north: I-25 South to Thornton Pkwy Exit. Head East (left) on Thornton Parkway take first right on Grant Street. Follow Grant St down the hill. The building is on the right across the street from the Brittany Hill Event Center.

  • call meeting to order
  • approve past minutes
  • review summit items
  • any member comments/discussion
  • financial report
  • website update
  • membership update
  • tag matches
  • tournament updates
  • other events
  • course issues
  • board member project updates
  • new business
  • adjourn
Meeting was called to order at 6:38
Attendance - 
Board Members present - Ray Woodruff, Marsha Sonderfan, Gail Pace, Dave Straight, Kyle Harrigan, Mike Storrs, Rob Liebman, Camden Farmer and Jay Burghardt
Members  or soon to be members - John Bird, Sabrina Donaldson and Jeff Scott
January Minutes were voted on and approved
Summit Meeting Review - 
Officers were voted on and approved for 2014 - Ray Woodruff - President, Camden Farmer - Vice President, Dave Straight - Treasurer (ish) (Board liaison to Ken Hughes) and Jay Burghardt - Secretary
Tournament Allocation - It was discussed and agreed to the following financial support for Mile High tournaments and others with close ties.
C tiers - $200 - Spring Fling and Mile High Classic - this would be $200 each for the Am and Pro events 
A tiers - $500 - Rocky Mountain Women's, High Plains Challenge
Johnny Roberts - $500
Snow Mountain Challenge - $150
Colorado State Championships - $500 
By-law Changes - it was voted on and approved to change our by-laws to include two at-large board members that could function as treasure and website coordinator, if needed.
Member and soon to be member comments
John Bird - is Happy
Sabrina Donaldson - She spoke of the Colorado State Doubles this year. Again being held out in Montrose and she has asked the board if our site can again host registration. The board voted to approve that request.
Jeff Scott - from Lafayette - He spoke of a new course in the proposal mode in his fair city. He has attended Open Space Meetings. He is looking for input on ways to help/work with the city to get the course installed. He hopes to be able to present a tentative course map.
Financials - January's financials were voted on and approved.
Credit card swipers - Ken Hughes checked into the different vendors who offer this service and Pay Pal seemed to have the best rates and is the most well-known of the options. The board voted on and agreed to go with Pay Pal. It was also agreed that 2 device swipers should be plenty.
MHDGC's credit card - it was brought up that our club's card is set to expire next month. Ray said that this is currently being worked on.
Website update - Though Chad was not present, Ray spoke of the current updates. Including... When you register for a Mile High event, the registration now will check the PDGA's data base to make sure your membership is current.
It was brought to the board's attention that several emails seem to come to the board from a variety of places/people. This should be answered. Alex Johnson, though not present, has mentioned in the past that he would be happy to field these questions. So this will be sent in his direction.
Membership - Kyle spoke of the clubs current numbers. 152 currently sold, with 198 still available to sell.  He also expects many more to be sold once the tag matches kick in on March 10th, the first day of Daylight Savings Time. He also mentioned that there have been a few people with issues with the new tags thinking they looked cheap, and no longer unique.  Kyle has told the board from the day he took over, that his intention in tags is to raise money for the club so we have the ability to support our tournaments, and other events throughout the year. And this particular design was cost effective for the club and the company who produced them were responsive to his requests during the initial inquiries.
It was also mentioned about possible having a company "sponsor" the tag, letting their name be on the tag somewhere, to help offset the cost of the tags, which would in turn bring in more money for the club. That is still just an idea.
Tag Matches - set to get under way in a few weeks.
Tournaments -
Past -
Ice Bowl - Jay Burghardt spoke of the Ice Bowl and was very pleased with the turnout of players, 73, and the money raised from the combination for entry fees, mulligan, raffle tickets and the auction. He said that he expects to be somewhere near $17,500, surpassing the goal that was set of $16,000.
Future -
Spring Fling - Marsha Spoke of the upcoming Spring Fling events. She plans to open the Pro side up early, hoping that will give her a base of funds to work with to purchase the players pack items for the Am side. She plans to have a full color Vibram disc, a tourney Polo shirt and a picnic basket. She will also be offering these items at a discounted rate to the Pro field if they so choose.
Other things with the tourney, she thinks we should have a 2nd port-a-potty out on the course, as the one near the first tee is a long way away, from most of the course.
She is still working the lunch angle, and is still hopeful that Oscar Blues could make the long trip down. But she really would like to have a food option at the tournament for the players.
She again mentioned that this will be a "true amateur" event, and will be giving trophy only to the top players. Ian's Prints will be supplying the trophies this year.
Marsha also mentioned that there is a $5 per person course fee built into the entry fee.
High Plains Challenge - John Bird gave some details on the High Plains Challenge in June. Due to the fact that the Pessimist course was beaten down by the floods, this year’s events will be a two day event. There will be 27holes both Saturday and Sunday, and tee times on each day.  He stated the host hotels will be the Roadway Inn and Comfort Inn Combination. He also said that the Am side will be trophy only, "True Amateur" event.
RMDGC - Will be held Aug 23 - 24th - Courses and Details to still being worked out.
Colorado States - Believed to be Aug 30, 31 and September 1st - no further details
Women's Global - Currently no plans to have the event, but MH would like to see it happen if it could.
Course Issues - Birds Nest - Cam Farmer spoke about what needs to be done to get tee signs, and pads (where needed) to Bird's Nest - MH already has several poles and frames, just need the holes dug and the concrete. Jeff Scott mentioned that he has a Dingo with the auger attachment that could be used to save lots and lots of digging. John Bird also mentioned he would like to see cement pads for the trash cans as well, then chained down to combat the wind.
Johnny Roberts - storage shed - still no time frame as to when the city would allow the renovation to begin. Also, the club would like to have a real estimate on the project so we can allocate course funds if needed.
New Business -
Merchandising - Mike Storrs showed the board some sample T-shirts he would like to get into production for the club. Opinion only, but very cool designs.  Still working on details of how they would be sold, and where.
Meeting adjourned at 8:50pm