Board Meeting Jan 07, 2014 06:30 pm

Location: Arvada Police Dept

Arvada Police Dept
Arvada Police Dept
Anne Campbell Room
8101 Ralston Road
Arvada, CO 80002

  • call meeting to order
  • approve past minutes
  • any member comments/discussion
  • financial report
  • website update
  • membership update
  • tag matches
  • tournament updates
  • other events
  • course issues
  • board officer nominations
  • new business
  • adjourn
Called to order - 6:30
In attendance - Ray Woodruff, Marsha Sonderfan, Kyle Harrigan, Gail Pace, Dave Straight, John Bird, Camden Farmer, Rob Liebman, Alex Johnson, Mike Storrs, Justin Leazer, John Chinnery, and myself, Jay Burghardt.
December minutes - voted on and approved
Member comments-JBC spoke about wanting to run a juniors tourney. Possible clinics either leading up to, or along with tourney. He was asked to speak with Scott Leader, as Scott has mentioned that he, as well, would like to hold something for the juniors. Justin  spoke about looking in to holding a C tier at Paco Sanchez. His projected date is the first weekend of May, acknowledging he might miss some of the top players headed to the Glass Blown, but believes there will be considerable interest in a one day tourney a whole lot closer to home on that weekend. The board liked the idea, but also reminded him to chat not only with the city but also with Ronnie as he has first hand knowledge for the course and what might be needed. John Bird spoke about possibly holding a tournament in August up at a Copper Mountain / Frisco Combo. Still very much in the planning phases but just something to think about. Summit Meeting will be held at Ken Hughes house  on January 18th
Financials - Ken posted his financials. We are again in the black, due to the enthusiastic response to Kyle's efforts and the 2014 Mile High Disc Golf Club tags.
Website update - nothing of major update/changes but new email addresses of new board members have been added. Alex Johnson, one of our new members, has said that he is not receiving board emails yet.It was also agreed to that board members only should have the ability to post club specific news.
Membership - as of the meeting - 118 current members. Kyle said he was very please with the initial push to sign up club members and was very pleased with the first tag match. He said that the amount of tags sold to this point have already paid for the all of the tags/member packets for the entire year, and from this time forward, it should all be profit for the club. He also mentioned he hopes to re energize the tag matches and get people in the habit of playing for tags again, which in turn, will make people want to buy a tag.
Tournaments -Ice Bowl - Jay spoke the upcoming Ice Bowl - Everything is coming along fine. We are in a continual hunt for more donation items for the raffle and / or the auction Spring Fling - Marsha spoke of this - She is getting sanctioning as I type. It will be held at Jellystone Park in Larkspur, CO. It will again be held as two one day tournaments. Am and Pro Days. The AM side will be a "TROPHY ONLY " event. There will be no players pack for the Pros, to increase payouts on the pro side.
High Plains Challenge - John Bird spoke of this. He said that the Pessimist course was beat down pretty good by the floods this past year, and is not playable. Not set in stone, but he sees this as being one round each , Saturday and Sunday, of 24 holes each on the Optimist side. He is still working on ideas for the event.
Rocky Mountain Women's - Still in the works
Johnny Roberts - date is set at Sept 20 - 21st, but plans still being put together.
Course Updates - Johnny Roberts is coming along - but with the snow and the frozen ground, probably no more work until spring.
Old business - Mike Storrs again mentioned that he would like to know the plans by Arvada for the old baskets. John Bird mentioned that until the new baskets are purchased, they will not want to discuss plans on the old, just in case the city's plans change.
New Business -Board elections - With 2014 board members set for the year, elections took place for the 4 offices.
Treasurer - as Ken Hughes is no longer on the board, this was tabled until the summit meeting where the board's plans are to change the bylaws of the club to include a provision that would allow an "at large" club member to hold the office of treasurer. Ken has agreed to continue as treasure if this can be accomplished.
Secretary - Jay Burghardt was voted for and approved in an overwhelming fashion due to his outstanding secretarial skills.
 President - Ray Woodruff was nominated, voted on , and approved as President
Vice President - this position was put on hold, as Marsha, (2013 Vice President), has many things going on and is not sure if make this work for 2014.  Marsha has asked up if she can give her decision at the summit meeting, and then the board can vote on this position during the February open meeting.  The board ok'd this idea.
Meeting adjourned - 8:13