Board Meeting Oct 13, 2010 06:30 pm

Location: Arvada Community Food Bank

Arvada Community Food Bank
Arvada Community Food Bank

8555 West 57th Avenue
Arvada, CO 80002


Agenda items (tentative)
Meeting to order 6:30

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Membership update
Tag matches

Elections update

Tournament updates
JRM wrap up
Ace Race
2011 tentative schedule

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Course issues
Ken Caryl Ranch
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Meeting came to order 6:43 pm, at the Arvada Community Food Bank.

Attendance - We began our meeting with John Bird, Marsha Sonderfan, Chad Francis, Joe Haman, Tom Hamilton, Dan Gargan (on his birthday) and Jay Burghardt in attendance, with Dave and Taylor Slocum joining us shortly after the meeting was called to order. Previous months minutes were approved by vote. 

Finances - Ken was not present but had an account sheet waiting for us to go over and approve. The numbers looked good right now, showing $1964.50 in the black, with a few outstanding checks that need to be written. Tom Hamilton will be sending in the PDGA fees from Johnny Roberts to close the books on that, a check for aprox. $75.00 will be sent to the CDSA and we still have not paid the city for our portion of the chains that were purchased and installed on the Lighthouse Course Baskets.

Website Update - Chad gave us a report on the website, and no one had any current major issues. It was again brought up up about having a Women's tag posting area but Marsha indicated that it has not been a concern  with the ladies playing, so a concentrated effort was not need on that project. Chad talked about the free sign up for events to keep numbers in order, such as OPXE, and that it was working great and it is a great way to show the participation level of upcoming events that do not involve money. It was brought up that we should have a Tourney Sponsor button on the website where potential sponsors would be able to click on the button, and be told what they might get for different levels of sponsorship.

Memberships and Tags - Joe Haman was present, and updated us on our membership numbers. He let us know that we have officially 346 members and 25 more tags were recently ordered for the requests that are still coming in for the final few months. It was again, brought up that we need to have an online option for membership requests and Joe volunteered to be the one who takes those orders in and does the shipping out of the package. It was agreed that 20.00 will be the cost of 2011 Mile High Tags, and if someone would like it shipped to them, the costly would be $25.00 to cover the shipping. Chad said he would work on setting that up on the website. It was agreed that the online request of memberships will not be open until after the 2011 first tag match of the year.  The first tag match of the year will again be held at Johnny Roberts.

Women's Tags for 2011 - The board as agreed and voted that it will order 25 Women's tags for 2011, but has agreed not to charge for them. If a Mile High Women's member joins the club, she will receive the regular package, as well as a free women's tag. The board feels this might help with the encouragement of ladies to join our club, and as a thank you to the ladies who have joined are club.  

Mile High Disc Golf Club 2011- The board discussed the concern that the Mile High Disc Golf Club might be losing a bit of its identity, as each year a new tag design or sticker design, or tournament stamp seems to have something different. The board realizes that things do, and should change, but would like to see a set logo, or brand, appear on all Mile High Disc Golf literature, tourneys ect. It doesn't not have to be the focal point, just something that continually shows a definitive stamp, like the Apple or the Nike swoop. Requests have been put out, or will be put out to board members, and members alike to come up with a logo that will stick with MHDGC through the years.  Colors were also discussed along this line and it was decided that the top tags each each should be Orange, as that was the original predominant color of the club at its inception.

The board agreed to go with the 2011 members packet of a numbered tag, a specialty carabineer with more than one hook and a sticker. The board decided to also look into ordering 200 rules booklets to include in the package, as rules continue to change, and its a good way to help get all the members up on the rules.

Affiliate Program - The affiliate program, though basically the same from the PDGA's viewpoint, will take a decidedly different turn from the MHDGC viewpoint. This year, when a member goes to renew, or join the PDGA, the club will be furnishing a "code" that will allow them to take $5.00 off of their membership. The club has decided to forego collecting the memberships, keeping the $5.00 for the club, and sending in the memberships on behalf of the members, to instead, let the member save the $5.00 themselves. With each players package sold the code to input that into the PDGA website will be included. The board feels this is a win/win, as the member saves $5.00 and the club will  be well represented with good showings from its members. 

MHC update – The Mile High Classic was brought up and John Bird let us know that the Mile High Disc Golf Club will be taking over as the Mile High Classic Title sponsor next year.

First and Last Tag Matches - Joe informed us of his decision to hold the first and last tag matches, similar to last year, with Birds Nest hosting the final match of the year, and Johnny hosting the first tag match of the year. He hopes to have the 2011 membership forms up on the website early, so people intending to play the first tag match, can download the form, fill it out, and bring it with them to the first match, saving the hassle of everyone scrambling the day of to fill the forms out.
Elections update - Marsha will be running the elections again, and will post to the club the available positions up for election and re-election. Nominations will be due by the November board meeting and elections, if necessary, will be finalized by the December board meeting.  The board voted unanimously to nominate Tom Hamilton and Ken Hughes to retain their positions.

Tag Matches - Marsha brought up that she would like to see one person who plays regularly, to have a designated board member contact from each tag match location. So if there are issues that need to be addressed, and they cannot attend themselves, to be able to contact "their" board member to bring the concerns up to the board at the next meeting. It sounded like a good idea, and will address that at the start of next years tag matches.

JRM - Tom is finalizing the the TD report and should be sent in to the PDGA shortly.

Ace Race - Big success - 88 people showed up, and extra packages were ordered and will be passed out. It was brought up that several people had commented that the holes were too long, and therefore, few Aces, though it is called the Ace Race. Next years proposal is to shorten up the holes so that a larger number of aces can be attained, therefore increasing the excitement of the event. 

OPXE - Free registration for all but he would like everyone to pre sign up as much as possible to take away some pressure on the day of the tournament. A disc swap will be in effect for prizes where every one who enters will bring in two new or slightly used discs, and a drawing by the winners.

Dubois - Several spots are still available and should be a great tourney
Ken Caryl Course Update - John Bird brought up the fact that the baskets at Ken Caryl are in terrible shape and is looking into working something out with the HOA to possible help sponsor a basket  to get them back up in working order.

New Business - John Bird is putting out feelers for dates for next years events so people can start making plans. Also, Spring Fling was brought up for next year and the board agreed to look in the possibility of making it a two day event, one day Ams and the next day Pros.  Lots of interest and talk was brought up on this subject, and this looks like it could be a real possibility with  much discussion and planning to do before it would be confirmed.

Aprox 8:58p, the meeting was adjourned