Board Meeting Dec 10, 2013 06:30 pm

Location: Arvada Police Dept

Arvada Police Dept
Arvada Police Dept
Anne Campbell Room
8101 Ralston Road
Arvada, CO 80002

Called to order - 633p


In attendance - Marsha Sonderfan, Camden Farmer, Mike Storrs, Kyle Harrigan,
Rob Liebman, Gail Pace, Tom Hamilton, Lane Brewer, Doug Bjerkaas, Vincent
Castillo and myself, Jay Burghardt.


November's minutes were voted on and approved.


November's financials were voted on and approved.


Membership - Kyle Harrigan, as the new Membership Chair, spoke about his plans
for 2014. He stated that he is not planning on giving out a large membership
package, as we have done in the past, as this just seems to take away from the
original design of the tags, which was to raise money for the club and its
operations and projects, while giving the member a tag to show your
support of the club and to compete with fellow MH members for each other’s tags
throughout the year.


Tags - Still with
Kyle, he is looking to get the club back into the habit of playing for tag in
the Mile High events, as that seems to have slipped by


Tournaments - past -
there were no past tournaments that have not already been closed out.


Upcoming tournaments -


Ice Bowl - Jay
Burghardt spoke of the Ice bowl. He said he needed raffle tickets if we still
had some left from other events.  He said he would like some water jugs
and Doug assured him CHU would have water jugs for the event


Spring Fling - Marsha
spoke about this and indicated she was leaning toward using Jellystone for
the Fling this year. She realized this would bring a few logistical issues with
the location and getting spotters, but hoped the enthusiasm brought on by
the one day each (pro and am) event would still bring lots of volunteers for
each day


Possible Jr event - it
was brought up about possibly holding a Jr only event, and Scott Leader's name
popped up as a person who has expressed interest in running it.


Johnny Roberts - Tom
Hamilton spoke briefly and just said that he is open to ideas, and he has
thought about a possible Leadville/Frisco event. Just mulling over ideas at
this time


New Business - Vinnie
Castillo, president of the NoCo club, spoke about the extra funds from the 2013
states would be passed on to 2014 states. He mentioned he would try to double
what was passed to him as the TD, and the board emphasized that it was not the
intent to keep up the money, and that it was just there to help the next TD get
things done, IF, there was anything from the previous States.


Storage unit - It was
asked of the board if we wanted to move forward with trying to acquire the City
of Arvada and the possible storage unit. It was estimated that it might take a
couple thousand dollars to renovate the area to meet our needs, and the board
gave the approval to begin moving forward for real plans. The Board also agreed
that they had not committed anything to this point, and still reserve the right
to back out without further obligation. It was also mentioned
that the course funds collected at Johnny might be appropriately spent on
the storage facility. 


It was brought up
about the old baskets at Johnny and that the City of Arvada was going to install
new baskets. And if that was the case, perhaps the club could acquire them,
either free, or very cheap, and that might be enough of an incentive for
another city to put a new course in the ground it if saved several thousand


A vote was taken to
amend the MH by laws to allow for an at-large member to hold an office (ie.
Treasurer) this would let the Club still use Ken Hughes’ services, which
he has so generously offered, until a replacement can be found. Vote was


Summit meeting was confirmed
for Jan 19th, at Ken Hughes’ house.


Meeting came to close
at 755p.