Board Meeting Nov 12, 2013 06:00 pm

Location: Arvada Public Library

Arvada Public Library
Arvada Public LIbrary

7525 West 57th Avenue
Arvada, CO 80002

  • call meeting to order
  • approve past minutes
  • any member comments/discussion
  • financial report
  • website update
  • membership update
  • tag matches
  • tournament updates
  • other events
  • course issues
  • board member nominations
  • new business
  • adjourn
Meeting called to order 6:01pm
Attendance - Ray Woodruff, Marsha Sonderfan, John Bird, Rob Liebman, Camden Farmer, David Straight, Ken Hughes, Mike Storrs, Kyle Harrigan, Jonathan Kamm, Vincent Castillo, Michelle Burghardt, Gail Pace, Josh Kreutzer, Frank Baris, Lane Brewer and myself, Jay Burghardt
October minutes were voted on and approved
Website updated - Chad was not able to attend, but the board has heard of no web issues as of late. 
Financials - With Ken in attendance, he passed around the latest financials. As expected, we are low on available funds, currently $69.29 in the red. But this was expected toward the end of the year. Once the new year rolls around with the new tag money coming in, we will again be looking good.
 Membership - We have 300 tags sold to date. We had ordered 500 out at the start of the year, but the tags slowed down considerably as the year went on. Kyle Harrigan has volunteered to take over membership duties for the upcoming year, and he mentioned he has aggressive plans to see if he can get the desire and use for the tags increased next year to include the tournaments where participation has fallen off over the last year or so. He especially said he wanted to get the pros tossing in their tags as well.  If only he were a board member, to push forward these awesome ideas. Kyle also mentioned it plans on a scaled down version of the initial membership package. He said that after talking to many people, what's in the pack has very little bearing on joining. People join to support the club, and to get a tag to play among your friends.  John Bird added that with all of our new members, it would be wise to toss in the latest rules booklet from the PDGA, for those that do not have a current one. Kyle liked the idea. Member comments- 
Vinnie Castillo - President of NoCo's disc golf club - he gave us a very detailed update of what is happening with our friends to the north. He gave us a general run down of the sanctioned as well as unsanctioned events they have plans for. He mentioned they have a calendar on their website and, once the dates get confirmed, they will be posted. He said they have scheduled 3 sanctioned events and 8 non sanctioned events.He mentioned they might try to run a "night" sanctioned event at CSU. Not a glow round, but just using the lights of the Stadium and the surrounding area to play by.
 Josh Kreutzer - he gave a shout out the board, letting everyone know that if they needed help with anything at all he would be more than willing.
Tourney Updates -
 No past date tourneys to update John did speak of A tiers have been submitted to the PDGA. Once John gets the confirmation on our A tiers, he will accept the B and C tiers for 2014 Spring Fling - Marsha spoke of this, and has a tentative date of April 12 and 13th. - Location is still under consideration 
Mile High Sponsored events - it was talked about that we should, if possible, try to space out our MH events, as the last weeks of August through  the early part of October seemed to have a bit of an overload. This will try to be kept in mind as the planning stages progress.
 Winter Warriors - Mr. Woodruff spoke of the WW series and that it is coming along swimmingly. He said that it has already raised over $4,000 and is well on its way to meeting it goal of $9,000. 
Ice Bowl - Mr. Burghardt spoke of some of the details of the Ice Bowl.  It will be held at Colorado Heights University this year. The after party will be held at the Broken Tee Golf Course and restaurant nearby, with a menu and happy hour drink prices to order from.  He (weird talking in the 3rd person. Feels like I am Ricky Henderson or somebody) mentioned that he hopes to open up registration on Dec 1st, and he does hope to see more players out this year. Elections - Tonight was the night for all interested parties to submit their application to become a board member. We had four spots on the board to fill and as it was, we had 4 members submit requests. Three of the openings would be for the full 3 year term and the 4th would be to fill the vacancy of John Bird’s departure and would just be the remainder of his term, which was one year.  Due to the fact that it was filling a vacancy that happened mid-term, this position would be appointed. The four people who submitted the desire to be on the board were Ray Woodruff, Gail Pace, Kyle Harrigan, and Alex Johnson.  Alex Johnson had inquired about the 1 year vacancy, so the board voted on and approved Alex filling this position. This left three open spots, with three members interested.  No vote was needed, and all nominees accepted the positions. Though Alex Johnson was not in attendance, the three new board members were welcomed on the board and we look forward to their presence and input beginning Jan 1st, 2014. New Business - John Bird spoke of the possibility of turning a portion of the garage at Johnny into a storage area. He thinks it could run as high as $2,000 to do, but the club has been speaking of the need for quite some time, and if we did it, we would seek a minimum of 10 years with the city to make sure it was worth our investment. John agreed to take the next step forward and advise them. We would seriously consider this if the conditions are good. Meeting adjourned - 715p