Board Meeting Oct 17, 2013 06:30 pm

Location: Arvada Police Dept

Arvada Police Dept
Arvada Police Dept
Anne Campbell Room
8101 Ralston Road
Arvada, CO 80002

  • call meeting to order
  • approve past minutes
  • any member comments/discussion
  • financial report
  • website update
  • membership update
  • tag matches
  • tournament updates
  • other events
  • course issues
  • new business
  • adjourn
Meeting started at 6:32 
We did not have a quorum until Chad arrived at 6:40. 
Present – Mike Storrs, Camden Farmer, Ray Woodruff, John Bird, David Straight, Chad Francis, Rob Liebman along with club members Kyle Harrigan, Lane Brewer, and Scott Osterhoudt. 

Financials emailed in and approved. Kyle H pointed out he had not been paid for JRM caddy books, I believe Ray cut him a check that night?

Last month's minutes approved.

Member comments- Lane asked about Fahrenger Park (sp?) and a new course? John said big and wide- open park but Foothills P+ R is looking for help in installing there anyway, possibly pay to play.

Memberships - ~ 300. Dave is not wanting to continue in the role and hoping Kyle will be elected and able to take over tags and memberships. Kyle proposed possibility of reducing tag package and moving funds to other purposes. Scott O mentioned separating tags and membership like other clubs he has been a part of. Other possibilities to encourage membership were CTP's for members only at MH events and MH league play similar to NoCo with cash payouts weekly. 

Website- normal usage and zero down time...all good

Tourney updates - RMWDGC has $1300 seed money for next year. 19 baskets sold. Great reviews from all.
JRM- a few minor complaints heard about length of course but overall incredibly positive reviews.
States- trophy only discussion of making it more clear that will be the method used and concerns about tiered entry fees if trophy for each division is the same?
WW- 30 season passes sold already.
Jay and Michelle B will be running Ice Bowl this year.

Course concerns - Ft Morgan- it is hopeful Optimist will be okay after flooding but very real possibility of Pessimist not being able to be used for HPC in 2014. 

New Biz - elections for board members in November. 4 spots open. Tom and Ken will not be seeking reelection, Ray will be. John announced he will be resigning at the end of the year so it will be 3 three year terms and 1 one year term. Discussion of amending club bylaws to allow for at-large board members so Ken can continue to run the books for the rest of his life. Lane asked about previous minutes at this point and noted that has been missed since July.

John as state coordinator said events need to be scheduled as soon as possible, A-Tiers by the end of the year at the latest.

Ray said he will look into club leasing half of garage at JRM when construction is completed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00