Board Meeting Jul 10, 2013 06:30 pm

Location: Colorado Heights University

Colorado Heights University
Main Admin Building (tower)
board room
3001 S Federal Blvd
Denver, CO 80236

  • call meeting to order
  • approve past minutes
  • any member comments/discussion
  • financial report
  • website update
  • membership update
  • tag matches
  • tournament updates
  • other events
  • course issues
  • new business
  • adjourn
Meeting came to order at 6:37 Ray, Cam, Chad, Mike, Ken, John, Tom, Marsha, and Rob in attendance. Non-board included Kyle H, JBC, Doug B, Alex J, and Sabrina D

Member Comments- 
       Doug B suggested trophy only MH events in 2014
       JBC went to GRU for help organizing and insuring a youth only tournament. John suggested more of a festival idea. Chad reminded that there is RODNOC money available for something like this. Thoughts were a t-shirt and a trophy maybe and have MH co-sponsor with GRU. Aug 18th proposed date.
         Alex suggested a member appreciation non-sanctioned event at CHU
         Kyle Maute will be paid for USDGC and SF. Everything else is normal and expected.
          Currently we have 269 members. Dave is gone so no input from him. Expo up to 30/week. Village Greens up and running ~10/week
           HPC-good comments from player packs, complaints about payouts. John said he is leaning to trophy only for next year. Books are balanced slightly on positive side. He will have a discussion with Clarion to clear up problems before moving forward with them next year. Caddy books well done and well received. Trophy to be included next year for pros too.
          State Doubles- 49 teams at this point. MH will be on sponsor score cards along with Phenix and Top Card. food donations coming in for lunch and hopefully breakfast stuff too
          SMC-check needs to be given to Tom C for entries, balance to be given at event.$150 MH sponsorship also.
         Mansion-Curse work day coming soon, lots of lake dredging already done. Doubles will be day after event so only 1 day this year? Disc donations still wanted.
          MHC- Pending approval from John-2 day event at JRM for a sendoff/. Will require more filing with Arvada as well. Bonewagon for sure Sat, maybe other vendor for Sunday if not available? Latitude to supply discs, DD for shirts, disco ball trophies, Phenix for am payouts, etched glasses for pros, Jurky logo. Phenix will be piggy backing PODS series with this and will kick in cash. Non-profit status allowed for free park rental.
         Ace Race- Dave S is running it, money still to go to junior fund, will be held Labor Day Monday.
          RMWDGC- No cash at doubles to exchange hands Friday night per city rule. Doug needs H2O jugs for event. Will have 6 port-a-potties. Looking into getting fly pads from Rapid City for temp course. Only 3 pink baskets remain for purchase. Need caddies.
          JRM- Mike S and FF club on sponsorships. Registration open weekend after MHC. Discussion of one disc challenge fundraiser at Johnny, maybe doubles? Maybe super class?
Course Issues- none
New Business- Mike was approached by several am players about "repping" MH at USDGC in coordination with Cheba Hut with idea of providing shirt for players heading to large events and NT's with both Cheba and MH logos at no cost to club. Nothing was decided. John was going to go to USDGC as State Coordinator but can't due to scheduling. There will be an event to determine player and proceeds from event will go to player to offset costs. It will follow former format (handicap based?). Doug offered CHU board room for future meeting but Rob decided that was not in his best interest so everyone agreed he was right. (let's see who is still paying attention)
Website- Forum posts are now listed with 3 of posts/topic and will show last 5. Mobile device format has been cleaned up with new features as well. Patched wait list issues with preregistration fixes.

Meeting adjourned at 8:21