Board Meeting May 08, 2013 06:30 pm

Location: Arvada Community Food Bank

Arvada Community Food Bank
Arvada Community Food Bank

8555 West 57th Avenue
Arvada, CO 80002

  • call meeting to order
  • approve past minutes
  • any member comments/discussion
  • financial report
  • website update
  • membership update
  • tag matches
  • tournament updates
  • other events
  • course issues
  • new business
  • adjourn
Those in attendance - Ray Woodruff, Marsha Sonderfan, Chad Francis, David Straight, Cam Farmer, Rob Liebman, Mike Storrs, Tom Hamilton, Dave Slocum, Jay Burghardt, Sabrina Donaldson, Kyle Harrigan and Alex Johnson
635p - meeting called to order

April minutes - voted on and approved
April financials - voted on and approved
Members comments - Sabrina attended to ask the board for help with registration for the unsanctioned Colo State doubles. She said wasn't looking for money, just help with the registration to be through the Mile High website. The board had no problem with it, and Chad agreed that it would be fairly simple to set registration up.  - Voted on and approved
It was brought up by Alex Johnson, just curious, as to how we be short, when all money is accounted for and / or paid out.  Several members of the board said its simply a matter of crossing some t's and dotting some I's. Its usually a very small amount and the club has a number built into the finances to account for small shortcomings.
It was brought up, do we have a package to promote the club or upcoming tournaments, that can be handed out to help fundraising for events. It was mentioned that this topic comes up periodically, and the answer is usually "different tourneys have different needs and issues" and that a set package might not work out.
Mike Storrs offered to work with Alex and see if they can come up with a form or set of ideas that might be a bit more inclusive to be used for the MH tournaments seeking sponsorship. He also mentioned that with club our size, we should be able to challenge our members to assist in our efforts

Website update - Chad was there and spoke of website updates - He has no major updates to report. He likes the "bugs" section and is working on them. To do list included event separation for Mile High events and others. Also still tweaking his new forum layout. He also mentioned that he would like to see real names either be posted or have an easy button to find out who the post is from. It was discussed that the forum was not created to be able to anonymously post things but he thinks its important to know the author of the post to our website. The board agreed that there is no reason why the real names should not be made available. Chad said he will work on this and give advance notice to all, so they will be aware of the change in policy/format
Membership - Dave announced that there were 222 tags currently sold. And announced that Paco will begin having Friday tag matches.
Tourney updates -
Spring Fling - Marsha concluded the Spring Fling updates and said we have $85 from the sale of Spring Fling merchandise to be put in the bank and earmarked for 2014 Spring Fling.

Grudge Match - Cam spoke of this and said that $1096 was raised by the event, with $822 going toward Mile High Classic and $279 headed to RMWDGC.
Invisible String - there was a bit of a disappointing turnout for this movie/fundraiser, and it was believed that if this had been posted further in advance, it might have drawn more interest. There is talk that this could be tried again down the road bit
Rodnoc - Chad mentioned that $106.95 had already been brought in, and he sees no reason that the attendance will not easily cover costs.
High Plains Challenge - John spoke of the High Plains Challenge - currently 85 ams signed up, Pros a little behind. He thinks he is in good shape moving forward. He also mentioned he is still working on more holes and tee pads to finalize the courses
State Doubles - registration will open soon, and be done through the Mile High website
Mansion Fundraiser - date is set for Aug 17th. Details will be released at later date
Mile High Classic - Still being worked on
Ace Race - Dave Slocum says date will again be Labor Day weekend , with details to still be determined.
RMWDGC - 77 women have already signed up. And there is a call out for more caddies as we are getting more players at this time than caddies
Johnny Roberts - Tom just said that plans are coming along. He said he is hoping to have a players party with a Keg, up the mountain  at Confer on Saturday night. Nothing else to announce at this time.
Course Issues - no major course issues, Expo needs a little work, missing a chain somewhere.
New Business - Cam mentioned he would like a white board for notes and messages to be used at tournaments. Board agreed that would be a good thing for the club to have, and will look at getting one.

807 - meeting adjourned