Board Meeting Sep 08, 2010 06:30 pm

Location: Arvada Community Food Bank

Arvada Community Food Bank
Arvada Community Food Bank

8555 West 57th Avenue
Arvada, CO 80002


Meeting to order 6:30 pm
Welcome everyone
member comments/ discussion
Approval of past minutes
Financials - Ken
website- Chad
Forum Policies - suggested by Chad Mason

memberships- Joe
Tagplay - tagmaster
JRM - Unofficial wrap up Tom/Joe/ John
Ace Race -Dave
OPXE4 - Chad
Course issues

new business
 Winter Warriors 10-11 Ray/ Jeff
Adjourn meeting

Meeting Commenced at 6:34pm

John Bird
Dan Gargan
Joe Haman
Max Maclay
Marsha Sonderfan
Chad Francis
Dave Slocum
Alex Johnson
Ray Woodruff
Jeff McCormack
Ken Hughes
Tom Hamilton

B-Tier in Dubois, WY on 10/23. John is TD'ing and we're running online registration, but the club is not sponsoring or running event.

Dolores River
C-Tier in Grand Junction, run by Bill Alderman. Have not yet received formal request to post information.

Last Months Meeting Minutes 
published and unanimously approved

We're well in the black, although a few tourney payouts/checks outstanding. Questions were raised on the forums regarding 'profit' from Spring Fling. Essentially, disc sales went unusually well and we ended up with a surplus which was then rolled into later tourney sponsorship. It was mentioned that we need to be clear with the community that we are explicitly a non-profit organization.

Chad proposed the following additions/ammendments to the website:
-agenda item submission form
-event submission form (for non-MH events/TD's)
-membership form needs to be finished by Dec 1
-member password reset mechanism needs to be fixed
It was agreed that women's tag posting not a priority for this year, but it can be revisited in the future if response increases. Chad Mason proposed via PM that the forum 'rules of conduct' be ammended to be clearer about what is/not acceptible and what the consequences are.

Total current membership is approximately 337.
We have sold 331 numbered tags, 4 of which were replacements for lost tags which means ~327 active.  We have also sold 17 women's tags, of which ~7 were secondary to numbered tags.  There are 19 membership packages outstanding which the board agreed should get us through the end of the year.  So as of now we do not intend to buy any more tags for 2010.  Anyone who has unsold packages please contact Joe and let him know.  Supporter tags have not been selling and are now being given away.

Tag Play
Still need Tues night tagmaster for Expo

JRM Recap
Input from players was that spotters were superb and everyone was happy with how smooth and quick scores/awards went. Although some would like to see a larger event, it was agreed that this year's size was ideal. It has also been discussed that some may like an AM/Pro split in the future, but again, it the consensus was that one weekend is enough.

Ace Race
25 registered/paid players.  This years disc will only be available in one mold / plastic (as opposed to last year's Pro-D/ESP options). We will likely need to order additional packages to meet demand of day-of signups.

To be moved to 10/30 to better fit family schedules.  This year's format will be a 'grab-bag'. This means the entry fee will be 1 or 2 new or 'gently used' discs depending on division.  Payouts will be in blind draws of donated discs.  Leftovers will be given away in ring-of-fire. As always, costumes will be mandatory and the course will be played backwards.  

Course Updates
During JRM, Marsha's group was harrassed by 3 local kids pulling discs out of the river. They threw a found disc into a neigbors yard that hit a dog. It is possible that these kids may have been looking for discs to resell to the guy(s) which have been illegally selling discs near hole 18's basket.

Ronnie Ross has installed several new pin positions such that all 18 holes have 3 options! Per Ronnie, new tee signs should also be appearing in the near future. Please thank him when you see him.

Sadly, several baskets have been stolen from the Easter Seals course.

Buena Vista
Mark Reece has announced that a new 9-hole course is now in the ground in Buena Vista. More information regarding the course and the grand opening are forthcoming.

Winter Warriors
Mike & Randy are stepping down so Ray Woodruff and Big Mack have offered to run the series this year!!

Mile High Events
In the interests of clear, open communication, it was suggested that documentation be drawn up outlining exactly what a 'Mile High Event' entails and what the expectations/requirements are to be a TD. It was also mentioned that the Spring Fling and MHC are traditionally one-day events that are meant to be beginner friendly. It is hoped that both will return to that focus next year.

Marsha will look over records and figure out what positions are available and what terms are remaining.  It was also suggested that the expectations/responsibilities of a board position be publicized in greated detail. Elections will take place later in November. Chad suggested the possibility of assigning each 'district' to a particular board member to ensure that each area of the city is represented. This was well-received, but tabled for later discussion.

meeting adjourned around 8:45pm