Board Meeting Oct 10, 2012 06:30 pm

Location: Arvada Community Food Bank

Arvada Community Food Bank
Arvada Community Food Bank

8555 West 57th Avenue
Arvada, CO 80002

  • call meeting to order
  • approve past minutes
  • any member comments/discussion
  • financial report
  • website update
  • membership update
  • tag matches
  • tournament updates
  • other events
  • course issues
  • new business
  • adjourn
Meeting called to order - 630p
Board Members - Ray Woodruff, Camden Farmer, David Straight, Tom Hamilton, Ken Hughes, Jay Burghardt
Mile High members and Visitors - Vinnie Castillo
September minutes were voted on and approved
 Financial report - Finances are still looking good. Ken Hughes passed out his monthly Assets and Liabilities report, and the club is still well in the black, which the board appreciates as it give the board to ability to help support not only Mile High Club events, but other local events run by our neighboring clubs.
 Member comments - Vinnie Castillo joined our meeting and introduced himself as the NoCo Disc golf President - he spoke of many things including upcoming events: The Choice City Challenge Oct 20th, The Gathering in Sterling Oct 27th, and sanctioned events for next year: St Patty's Day Meltdown March 16-17th, Red Feather Open July 21-22, and the Peaks to Plains Oct 12-13th. Details to these and everything else about Northern Colorado Disc Golf can be found on their website at
 Course issues -
 Red Rocks - Chad spoke, with his continuing breaking heart, about Red Rocks being pulled. He believes that it is just one person who is against the course, and that there is still a faint possibility that it could be revived and he will keep his ear to the ground and let us know of any new developments. He also said that he had the custom made ace pool pouch when / if it ever gets to be used again.
 Lighthouse - Jay asked about the ability to put new locks on at Lighthouse so the tagmaster (Larry) would have the ability to move them when it wants. Jay brought this up again, as last month it was mentioned that the South Suburban Parks and Rec might not like it if we were to move the baskets, but no follow up had taken place, as far as we had heard. Ray jotted it down to speak to Mr. Bird about this, as Mr. Bird was the one who mentioned that the Parks department would have to give their approval.
 Website update - Several things were brought up here, including Chad removing the ability to put up a blog without your name attached.  It is now set up that whoever puts the blog up his name will be attached to it. Questions were also raised about the ability or inability to "cut someone off" on the forum. Discussion on both sides of the issue was brought up. One side - I am a member of this club, I should be able to voice my opinion whether you like it or not. Other side - As Mile High Board members, they have the responsibility to regulate what goes up on the forum as it is a reflection on the entire club. And that many long hours over the years have been put into creating one of the most respected disc golf clubs in the country, and as board members go, they were voted on to uphold the integrity of the club.  A possible solution was brought up, similar to sites like Facebook and other social medias.  It might be possible to put some type of like/dislike button, or a button that reflects an entry being inappropriate, and if enough of the "dislike" buttons get it, it automatically stops that post from showing up. Other possible ways to handle this, as the board always recommends, is that if a member has an issue with something, they should show up at the board meeting to discuss it.  Since much of these discussions seem to revolve around tournaments, TD's and payouts, it has also been brought up, that we might be able to post on the Mile High website, the entire TD report, so all members can see exactly where the money is going before the even sign up, so if they feel it is not a proper payout, or the funds are going to a place they do not approve of, they can choose not to participate in the event.   
Tag match update - Nothing new in the tag match department. All are now starting earlier, and several locations are close to ending for the season.
Membership update - Membership is pretty much winding down as well, and a bit of second thoughts about purchasing the last batch of tags
Tourney Updates
2012 Colorado States - John Bird was not in attendance so could not give the final wrap up to this year’s event.
2013 States - Vinnie Castillo spoke up and mentioned that Ft. Collins / Greeley area has considered putting in a bid for 2013 States. Nothing, by any means in stone, but just informed us that it is under consideration.
Mile High Classic - Cam and David spoke about how well it went. Agreed it was a great layout, and they mentioned they are putting out feelers with the city about getting a permanent course put in. Jay cautioned them to move slowly, as there was an object course there many, many years ago, that was pulled. And for many years, the park even had signs posted about no throwing discs. 
Johnny Roberts Memorial- Tom passed out the TD's report for this event, and informed us that the tournament was nearly ready to go. He had the layout down for both courses, and showed us the caddy books he had. Everyone loved the caddy books and agreed it was one of the better prepared tournaments of the year.
Camden indicated that he felt a cold coming on, and might have to call in sick, the Friday before Johnny. His health will be in all of our prayers.
Park County Search and Rescue at Bailey- The board voted to donate $200 to the Search and rescue fund.
 Dubois - Jay mentioned the club needs be careful on which tourneys we put on our website, again, as it is a reflection on us. He brought this up because Dubois had been cancelled weeks before, but it still showed up in our events, and with it, a link to the PDGA, and with that, a link to register, even though the event had been cancelled. The possible solution might be, in the future that we put some type of disclaimer to the links for non Mile High events, that we are only posting this link as a courtesy and not responsible for its accurateness. 
Elections - Four board positions will need to be filled - Jay Burghardt, Marsha Sonderfan, Max Maclay and Dan Gargen.  Max has informed the board, that after 6 years on the board, he has decided not to run again. If 4 or less members choose to run, then the board will be able to confirm them by voting at the meeting. If more than 4 members choose to run, then an election will be held, with voting between Nov 15, and Dec 11, to determine the top 4 vote getters, who would then become the new board members.

Meeting closed at 8:00pm