Board Meeting Jun 20, 2012 06:30 pm

Location: Arvada Community Food Bank

Arvada Community Food Bank
Arvada Community Food Bank

8555 West 57th Avenue
Arvada, CO 80002

  • call meeting to order
  • approve past minutes
  • any member comments/discussion
  • financial report
  • website update
  • membership update
  • tag matches
  • tournament updates
  • other events
  • course issues
  • new business
  • adjourn
Called to order 6:39pm
Attendees - Marsha Sonderfan, Tom Hamilton, Dan Gargan, John Bird, Max Maclay, Ken Hughes, Dave Slocum, Doug Bjerkaas and Jay Burghardt
Minutes - May minutes were voted on and approved
Financials - May financial report was voted on and approved
June Financial discussion - Ken said the club is still looking good on the financial side. With still showing several thousand dollars in the black it was asked what he thought the reason was that we are doing so well this year, and he thinks it’s because of the good membership numbers, as well as some of our events being run smoother, thus cutting back on some of the overhead.
Memberships - Though Dave Straight was not able to make the meeting, it was reported that 400 tags have been sold, and another 100 tags, this time orange, have been ordered.
Tag Matches - No one had heard any issues with tag matches, so they are considered good to go.
Ace Race - Dave Slocum reconfirmed that he is planning on holding the ace race Labor Day weekend, to be exact, Sept 3. He also asked the board if it would be ok to give the profits to the Jr. fund for the club, and the club agreed that it was his tournament to run, and if he wanted to do that, it would be great. 
Past tournaments 
High Plains Challenge - High Plains was discussed on many fronts. Areas of concerns were the need for more spotters. The hotel situation seemed a bit confusing as there was no host hotel, and people were spread over different cities. Dynamic Discs, or lack of, was brought up as they were supposed to be there with their trailer. John said that Dynamic Disc said they were coming and then emailed that their plans had changed and that they would not be coming. Even with the glitches, it was agreed that it went smoother than it did the previous year.

Rodnoc - Though Chad was not there, it was agreed by all that the event was a blast and went very smooth. 

303 Open - it was voted on and approved to give Kyle Maute and Phenix Disc Sports sponsorship for the 303 Open in the tune of $150 cash and $175 in merchandise as a thank you for the support he has given Mile High events.
Upcoming tournaments
Rocky Mountain Women Disc Golf Championships - Doug Bjerkaas spoke about the event and handed out finance sheets on the entire tournament. He had all money coming in listed and all money going out listed. It was very professionally done the board appreciated his detailed work. The board also agreed to an additional $150 in cash sponsorship for the event. Doug also asked to make sure he had access to the needed Mile High equipment, including the water jugs, printer, and score card holders.  
 Colorado State Championship - John Bird announced that  he hopes to have the 2012 Colorado States registration "up soon" He announced that the host hotel will be the Clarion Inn. He said they have a good amount of banquet room and said there will be a Fly Mart held there on Sept 15th. He said that rooms should be tight, like they were for HPC, so if you are planning on going, you should start booking your rooms early. He also said the Ft Morgan Tourism panel has given the tournament $3,000, and like HPC, it was done early so he has the money to work with. Again, like HPC, he plans on 2 rounds on Saturday, and one round, with tee times, on Sunday. 
The board voted to approve $750 towards the 2012 Colorado States Championship, seeing as the Club voted previously to make this an official MHDGC event.  
MHC - Nothing to report yet on this event.
Johnny Roberts - Tom spoke of the upcoming tourney, and said he will move to get a lot more things done, once the RMWDGC is completed.  He did tip his hat though, by saying, he thinks, "at this time", that the tourney will be two rounds at Johnny, then one round at CHU, followed by a final 9 at CHU.  More details to follow. 
 USDGC - Doug brought up the question to Mr. Bird about the State Coordinators slot for the USDGC. Mr. Bird announced that he has decided to take the slot for the tournament for himself.
Course issues 
Valmont - John said he spoke to Pat McMahon about the money from Boulder being used toward Valmont and Pat was ok with that. He also said the Springvale course grand opening is this Saturday. 
Lighthouse - Lighthouse course project was brought up about fixing some of the tee pads, and getting new ion the baskets. 
Dan asked who is in charge of running the lighthouse course. John said he has not been able to get in contact with the needed parties, but said he will keep trying so we can get some improvements done on the course. 
Johnny Roberts - Marsha spoke about meeting with Arvada officials about issues with Johnny Roberts. Marsha stated that Arvada thinks it might be easier to work with just one or two people from the club as opposed to several different people in different capacities. Mr. Bird offered up his concern on that, and that they need to be careful or anything and everything regarding the course can fall into your lap from safety on the course to complaining park dwellers and neighboring houses. Mr. Bird said he would like to speak with the city/park officials before any changes in communication take place. 
New Business - questions were brought up about what things make touring pros  either want to sign up, or not sign up, and what makes them want to come back, or not come back. Jay suggested that we prepare a survey to send to all the participants of a tourney and get players feedback on the event they just played in. Jay offered to prepare a survey, and said he will submit something to the board to look at and take suggestions. It was agreed that it would be something worth looking in to.  
 Storage Lockers - it was brought up about the possibility of renting a storage locker somewhere to take the pressure off of club members and officers to keep track of all of the clubs equipment. (i.e. Chairs, tables, scoring boards etc.) The extra money this year could be used to rent space. Discussion was had about this and it was determined that if the club ever hopes to gain "nonprofit" status, they need to keep a reserve of cash on hand for the application. Therefore the storage locker was tabled until further notice.
Adjourned 8:38