Board Meeting Aug 11, 2010 06:30 pm

Location: Arvada Community Food Bank

Arvada Community Food Bank
Arvada Community Food Bank

8555 West 57th Avenue
Arvada, CO 80002

agenda coming soon
Meeting came to order 640pm, at the Arvada Community Food Bank. 

We met outside for the first hour and 15 minutes as John Bird was at an Arvada meeting , and we didn't have a key to get inside the building.

People that were present: Tom (Li'l Jimmy) Hamilton, Jay Burghardt, Dan Gargan, Dave Slocum, Taylor Slocum, Alex Johnson, Ray Woodruff, Joe Haman, Andy Jacobson and John Bird

Finances - Ken was not present but had an account sheet waiting for us to go over and approve. We are in a bit of better shape than we were last month at this time. We are in the black, but just buy a bit. Boulders Fund was spoken about and hope to be able to use that toward an improvement in a Boulder course. 

Website Update - Chad was not present, therefore did not have any news about the website. It was noted that next year, the club hopes to be able to sell memberships through the website, but this year, with the new site still being tweaked, that it just didn't happen. .

Memberships and Tags - Joe Haman was present, and updated us on our membership numbers. He let us know that we have officially 313 members. We will not be ordering any more new tags. It was also discussed to possibly sell the remaining tags at half price as we get a bit closer to the end of the year. Tom had said that he has done that in the past, and it sounded like a good idea to recoup some of the money spend on the tags. It was also brought up that is was nearing time to begin thinking about next year's tag design, and several people chipped in asking for the tags to me smaller next time. Joe also indicated that he was planning on running tags next year as well. 

Tag Matches - There is still a Tag Master vacancy at Expo. Jay Burghardt brought up that on Tuesdays tags, Doug made a ruling that if you are playing tags, you cannot be in the ace pot if you are playing skins/ctp rounds during the same time. Jay Burghardt also brought up that he will be vacating the Monday Tag Match at Red Rocks as of Aug 30th, as has a new job and will no longer be able to make it out to the course. He mentioned that Heath MacLeod has expressed interest in running the tags for the remainder of the season.

Hero's Huk Recap - Alex Johnson asked about Hero's Huk expenses being in the red, and comments were made that the board thinks that with Matt running a sanctioned event for the first time, it simply got away from him with fees to the PDGA, cost of discs, cost of reserving the park, ect. The board wrote it off as a lesson learned, and next time around if he wants to run an event, Mile High will try and be a bit more involved to help scout out the costs. 

JRM update - Tom gave us an update on the JRM tourney. Registrations are somewhat slow, with only 27 pros registered. The course layouts are still being finalized, but Tom made it a point to say that he will his best to make the Pros layout as challenging as he can, as a pro layout should be. Tom indicated the players package is pretty much set, and indicated that the Ams will definitely be getting good value for theirs, and the pros, with most of the entry going to payouts, will still be getting a smaller players package. Tom is also looking to get a couple of tee signs replaced to have the courses looking sharp as can be. Jay Burghardt brought up that he would like to the club having a "ladies" shirt as part of the women's players package, which might help to increase participation from the ladies side. Tom mentioned that his wife, Kristie, has also mentioned that before, and will consider that for future tourneys 

Phenix Disc Sports Sponsorship Update - Tom had spoken to Kyle Maute and Phenix Disc Sports about being a sponsor of the tournament with exclusive rights to "pre check in" at his store, but has not received an answer as Kyle is still considering club's offer

JRM Fundraiser - The Mansion Course - Signups are looking good. Should be a great day out there. Jim Cannon plans on having several different refreshment stations along the course..

MHC update - The Mile High Classic was brought up as we are just a few months away. Concerns were brought up about the details being sketchy. The PDGA membership issue was brought up and explained again. After the meeting ended, a board member received an email from Calvin, asking that the entire tournament be run through Dog Leg Discs. Signups, payouts, sanctioning, city approvals, everything. That email was then passed around to different emails, and the conclusion was drawn, with Mr. Bird giving the final ok, for Dog Leg to take over entire control of the Mile High Classic this year, and that the Mile High Disc Golf Club would remove itself entirely from the tournament. The email also mentioned that the board members will need to decide on how to handle situations like this in the future. 

Course Updates

JR - The playground is complete and hole 1 is back to its old self. John Bird is still working with the City of Arvada to get authority to run a "park ranger" program, with some authority from the city to help enforce the policies at the course, in an attempt to help keep the course in place. 

Lighthouse (South Suburban) - All 18holes now have Lighthouse Grass tee pads. Dan commented that it looks liked the last half of tee pads they installed, they didn't put much effort into their workmanship, as the tee pads are not even, smooth, and in one case, is pointing in the wrong direction. Dan said that with a little bit of work from some members, the isues could be solved. Dan said he will look into that.

Valmont Course (hope to some day) - Andy Jacobson attended the meeting to ask Mile High Disc Golf Club for a bit of help in trying to get a course up and running at Valmont Park. He mentioned that someone had told him that Ronnie Ross of Badco Disc Golf club, had some tone poles that he might let the course have, to begin work on a layout. John Bird said he would look into this and try and get some locals together up in that area and see what can be done towards Andy's request.

Ken Caryl Course Update - Dan Gargan brought up the Ken Caryl Course and the shape some of the baskets are in. The course is very heavily played for being a short little course, but some of the baskets are missing pieces to them, leaving holes in the sides , and missing chains. It was said that the Ken Caryl association has control over that, and contact with them might get some upgrades considered.. 

Interlocken - Alex Johnson asked about the Interlocken course, and Joe told us that the city seems behind the project but not in this year's budget, and that early next year he hopes to begin an overhaul of the course.

Elections - It was brought up that Election time is rolling around, and we should be putting out feelers as to who might be interested in running for office to join the board. It was also mentioned that we should have some clarity as to just who is up for election this year, and how long some of the positions go for, and who plans on staying on the board for next year.

USDGC Qualifier - John Bird spoke of the USDGC Qualifier he plans to hold to give his Colorado State Coordinator spot to. He is planning on a $20.00 entry fee, with the winner getting the slot. The entry fees put forth in this one day event will go to pay for the winners entry fee to the USDGC with the remaining amount, being reimbursed to the winner to cover his expenses he will incur. He will just need to bring back his receipts to show his USDGC related expenses. ie: hotels, airfare, car rental, for reimbursement up to the amount raised at the Qualifer.

Approx 8:58p, the meeting was adjourned