Board Meeting Feb 08, 2012 06:30 pm

Location: Arvada Community Food Bank

Arvada Community Food Bank
Arvada Community Food Bank

8555 West 57th Avenue
Arvada, CO 80002

  • call meeting to order
  • approve past minutes
  • any member comments/discussion
  • financial report
  • website update
  • membership update
  • tag matches
  • tournament updates
  • other events
  • course issues
  • arvada disc golf ranger program
  • new business
  • adjourn
Meeting called to order 6:35p

Those in Attendance - Max Maclay, Doug Bjerkaas, John Bird, Chad Francis, Ray Woodruff, Tom Hamilton, Camden Farmer, Dave Straight and Jay Burghardt

Financials - Looking good per Ken.

Website - Chad mentioned that everything seems to be running smoothly. He fixed a flaw that he found. The site is already adjusted to the new PDGA division. He still is looking to restart forum in a new format. He Ok’d Dave being able to log in to the forum as a moderator. Chad would still like to add the history of tags in the future.

Memberships - Dave told us that we are currently at 142 tags. He advised us that tag matches will be starting up the week after the time changes. Current tag masters are Larry at Lighthouse, Garland at Westy, Doug at CHU, Chad at Red Rocks and John Bird at Birds Nest.

Tourney Updates

Soup R Bowl - A buffet will be offered again, and can be signed up for on line. As of January meeting, 30 people has signed up for the tournament. It will be held at the Birds Nest as originally planned.

Winter Warriors - winter warriors was noted that they topped out at just over $7,500 this year, and awards will be presented at the Soup R Bowl.

Spring Fling - Marsh sent out update, and announced everything is going well. Registration will go on line March 1st. Tom is looking to have a work day on March 17th, to give the course a fresh look, clean up the park, and prepare it for the twin Spring Fling events. He asked Chad to build a signup sheet for it to get an idea of the number of people who would show up.

Rodnoc - Chad informed us the date is set for June 16th. He is still undecided as to where the proceeds will go.

HPC - High Plains Challenge details should be coming out in the coming weeks. John announced that the format will be similar to last year’s tournament, with two rounds on Saturday and one round with tee times on Sunday.

Rocky Mountain Women's Disc Golf Championships - Doug was there and gave us a good update on the tournament and the course. Tee signs are all in, and he expects tee pads to be in by April 15th. CHU has offered to bring a porta-potty in for the tournament to offer more "options" to the players and the caddies. He already has 3 vendor sponsorships. He passed out a checks and balances sheet of finances on where the money stands at the moment. The board agreed to a minimum of $200.00 toward the tournament.

Colorado State Championships - John Bird informed us that the Colorado States tournament will also be held in Ft. Morgan, and that the city of Ft. Morgan, and Morgan County have already agreed to sponsorship. Ray asked if it’s possible that a second course, such as Sterling could be included in the event, but Mr. Bird stated that the city would not want to give as much money to the event if it was not held in Morgan County.

Johnny Roberts - Tom said that the event has been listed on the PDGA site, and is tentatively set for Oct 13-14. Tom also mentioned that Johnny Roberts has a slight chance of the date moved to accommodate other tourneys.

Course issues.

The Golf Ranger program has been brought up again, with John Bird passing around a very nice handout regarding the program. The board agrees with John that it has some valid ideas, but to get people to commit to their requirements might be difficult.

Edora - John Bird mentioned that he attended the Ft Collins council meeting and that there is still no decision on whether or not Edora, as we know it, will be kept.

New Business
Tom asked that, as he is no longer the Vice President, that his name be taken off the checks. This will just make things easier moving forward with our new officers, and will look into getting the new names attached to the account.

Tom announced that after a decade or so, he is stepping down from running Sunday Doubles at Johnny. He has spoken with P.J. who will take over the reins.