Board Meeting Nov 09, 2011 06:30 pm

Location: Arvada Community Food Bank

Arvada Community Food Bank
Arvada Community Food Bank

8555 West 57th Avenue
Arvada, CO 80002

  • call meeting to order
  • approve past minutes
  • any member comments/discussion
  • financial report
  • website update
  • membership update
  • tag matches
  • tournament updates
  • other events
  • course issues
  • new business
  • adjourn
Meeting called to order at 6:41p

Board members Present - Dan Gargan, Dave Slocum, John Bird, Chad Francis, Ken Hughes, Ray Woodruff, Joe Haman, Tom Hamilton, Marsha Sonderfan and Jay Burghardt.
Other Club members present - David Straight and Camden Farmer

Last Months Meetings minutes were approved by vote.

Financials - Ken Hughes handed out copies of the current state of the Club's finances. He explained that we were over $2800.00 in black, with no other known expenses pending.
The financials were approved by vote.

Website update - Chad spoke of websites updates. He said he is looking at making the other social mediums connect to the Mile High Blog. Still working on creating a single sign on for the Milehigh website. As well as looking to get the "contact us" form up and running for the website. Chad also spoke of possibly changing around a bit the Mile High Site Home page and asked the board members of some feedback of what are some things that we feel need to be on the page and what are possibly some things that might not need to be on the front page any more. He is still working on this possible new look.

Membership Update - Memberships is pretty much finished now at 358. There is still a tag if somebody would want one this late, but the 2011 activity is pretty much completed. The board also brought up the poll taken on the website about what should/shouldn’t be in a membership package. It was also discussed about possibly lowering the price of membership if they only wanted the tag and nothing else. It was decided that the $20.00 is the set amount. We have had over 350 members sign up this year, so we do not need to find a "device" to bring in new members. Old and new members do not seem to have an issued with the $20.00 and agreed it is a fair price that has not been raised in many years.

Tag Matches - Scheduled tag matches are done for the year, and Chad has closed them off. Any casual tag matches can be brought up in the forum.

Course updates-

Ken Caryl - John has spoke with the people at Ken Carly about the course. John asked if the club could help to fix up the course by purchasing a basket for them. The Board voted on and approved the request.

Tourneys updates -

John Bird spoke about working with other club members to get the 2012 Colorado disc golf schedule up and posted. Once he gets that information together, he will send it to the PDGA for posting.

Charity Salad Bowl - John Bird has decided that he is breaking off the annual MHDGC fundraiser from the Ice Bowl Designation. He said he feels there will be less overhead, that he will be able to design his own artwork and purchase his own gear and discs. He has determined that it will allow the club to give more money to the food bank. We just won’t be part of the Ice Bowl program on a national level anymore.

Rocky Mountain Women’s Disc Golf Championship - Doug spoke about next year’s tournament. He was looking to lock in a date as soon as possible so he can get it put on the PDGA website. He said he was making a point to find a way to slot it between NT's and/or majors, in hopes of drawing some national players to the event. it is still up in the air weather it’s a 1 or 2 event and the location should be released in the next month or so. He also asked if we could use the remaining junior funds again to lure the younger crowd out like last year.

High Plains Challenge - John Bird spoke about the HPC. He is looking to nail down the date shortly. He has scheduled talks with the city of Fort Morgan to see if they can possibly put in some cement tee pads on the Pessimist course. He also asked the board if it was possible to have MHDGC donate the cost for one a tee pad or two. He said the cost is around $250.00 per tee pad. The Board agreed to think about it but needed to see how the end of the year finances finished up.

2010 Colorado States - John Bird say he is still pursuing the possibility of holding the 2012 Colorado States tourney in the Fort Morgan area and will be speaking to the city about this as well.

Spring Fling - The board agreed to go with the two one days for Ams and Pros. That seemed to be a very popular format. Dates are set for April 7 and 8th.

Rodnoc - Chad is looking into possibly getting Condors as discs for the event.

Election updates - It was announced that there are four places up for election. John Bird, Dave Slocum, Joe Haman and Chad Francis' spots are all up for reelection. Joe Haman announced that he did not plan on running for re-election. The other three, John, Dave, and Chad, along with three other people who accepted nominations, Dave Straight, Camden Farmer and Jay Gibbs, will all be running for those 4 spots on the board. Marsha said she would send out emails to the 6 candidates, and ask them for a few lines on why they would like to be on the Mile High Disc Golf board. Chad said that he would get the voting process up and ready to be voted on by the entire club. The actual voting must be done before MHDGC Board meeting on Dece 14th.

Meeting adjourned at 8:07p