Board Meeting Oct 12, 2011 06:30 pm

Location: Arvada Community Food Bank

Arvada Community Food Bank
Arvada Community Food Bank

8555 West 57th Avenue
Arvada, CO 80002

  • call meeting to order
  • approve past minutes
  • any member comments/discussion
  • financial report
  • website update
  • membership update
  • tag matches
  • discuss 2012 states
  • tournament updates
  • other events
  • ice bowl
  • course issues
  • new business
  • adjourn
Meeting called to order 6:32pm
Attendees - John Bird, Chad Francis, Jay Burghardt, Camden Farmer, Ray Woodruff, Jeff McCormack, Joe Haman, Vinnie Castillo, Dan Gargan, Tom Hamilton and Dave Slocum
Vinnie Castillo spoke up first - He identified himself for the board. He noted that he was the President of the NoCo Disc Golf club. He wanted to let us know that if we have any questions for the NoCo area, please feel free to ask him. He also noted that he would like to begin working more closely with the MHDGC. He mentioned that he is trying to get a tourney started for out in Sterling, mentioning that other state coordinators have talked about that, but Vinnie thinks that this should be a Colorado event, so he is looking into it. Same thing for the course in Estes Park, he would like to get a tourney there as well. He also hinted that something new/different just might be coming along in the Fort Collins area.
Tourneys - Old
Johnny Roberts - Tom mentioned that the final recap was turned in to the PDGA and expects the results to be listed for the next ratings update.
Mile High Classic - Camden spoke how the MHC came off. He was very pleased from all aspects. The players conducted themselves well. The neighbors seem to embrace it or at least accept it. And lots of chatter about how well it came off. He also mentioned that his team is considering a rotating temp course for future Classics. He was very pleased with the support that Phenix Disc Sports gave to the event, and he looks forward to working with Phenix in the future. Cam mentioned they had to pay a bit more than usual for their porta-potty, as it was outside the contract with Arvada, but will look into cutting some of the cost next year.
OPXE - Chad Spoke of the upcoming OPXE - nothing that there were only 15 signed up at the time, but not overly concerned just yet, as he expects the numbers to climb.
Tourneys - New - John Bird spoke about next year’s NT events and majors. He told us the PDGA only has 7 NT events planned. He mentioned that once that schedule comes out, the he will begin the submission process to the PDGA to get our tourneys for the weekends we want.
RMWDGC - Ray mentioned that it’s looking like they are shooting for a B tier event next year, in hopes of bringing more national players in. And once the NT schedule gets set by the PDGA, they will look for a date for the tourney that might fall between a couple of NT events geographically, so the players will want to fill their schedule in with this event.
Winter Warriors - Jeff Spoke of the upcoming Winter Warrior series. Jeff and Ray were pleased with the early sign ups of 16 people already signed up the season pass at $50.00 per person. He mentioned that there will be the annual chili cook off again during Johnny week. It has not been decided whether it will be indoors, or out. They are also planning on another putting contest. They are looking in to having it at the same place as last year, but this time will try to ensure the location is a bit more player friendly when it comes to food and drink specials.
Colorado States 2012 - John Bird has expressed interest that our club be the sponsor for next year’s event. He mentioned he would like to have it out at Fort Morgan as a possibility. Jay questioned about having two A tiers at the same location, just months apart. John said he had some other ideas that might include another course or layout. The board agreed it’s a possibility but would like to hear more details.
College Disc Golf - John Bird spoke about the regional qualifier coming up, hosted by CSU, out at Fort Morgan, and that he helping put this event together.
Spirit of Johnny Awards - Tom mentioned that in the past years, the club as give Spirit of Johnny awards to members with the extra commitment and service to the club. Tom acknowledged that both Chad and Joe have earned this honor.
Financials - Ken was not present, but emailed the financials to the board for review. Over $4,000 current in account, with only a few outstanding debts. Overall, looking good.
Website update - Chad gave us a website update, and mentioned that major changes are planned. Joe asked if the online membership could be up and running this year. Chad said he will work on that.
Membership - Joe announced that we have 358 current members. There are a few tags for sale out there, but it is basically done for the year. He asked if anyone had tag artwork for next year. The membership package is being thought about and an idea of an erasable scorecard might be part of it. Agreed it sounds interesting.
Elections - Much was brought up with elections and board members. It was discussed that five spots will be open this election.
John Bird - who as offered to stay on if voted back
Chad Francis - Asked not be voted back in. He offered to continue on with the website, but chose not to be a board member.
Dave Slocum - Undecided which way he would like to go with this.
Joe Haman - advised he is stepping down. A new club tagmaster and membership coordinator will need to be identified.
It was also asked, so that people not familiar with what a board member does, or an executive board member, if the bylaws could be posted on the Mile High website so people with an interest in running, would know what they would be getting into.
John Bird then spoke about the club. The direction he sees it going. He commented on why he got involved and ran for president. It was not to push his own agenda, but to get anyone and everyone more involved with the club, as well as disc golf in the Denver area.
Chad then spoke up after John's words, and said, based upon what John was saying, that he would like to rescind his resignation, and continue on as a board member, if the board voters would like him to.
Though no one said it out loud, a very loud Hooray!!! went up within each of our minds :)
Novembers Board Meeting- This is scheduled for November 9th. We will also have a Summit Meeting for Board Members only to discuss next year’s schedule and this year’s elections. As well as ordinary agenda items.
Meeting was adjourned at 845ish.