Board Meeting Jun 24, 2010 06:30 pm

Location: Arvada Community Food Bank

Arvada Community Food Bank
Arvada Community Food Bank

8555 West 57th Avenue
Arvada, CO 80002

Meeting came to order at 6:43pm, at the Arvada Community Food Bank.

7 people were present. John Bird, Tom (Li'l Jimmy) Hamilton, Dave Slocum, Jay Burghardt, Dan Gargan, Ken Hughes, and Chad Francis

Previous months Minutes - May Minutes were approved by vote.

Finances - Ken presented us with a current finance report with the club. Numbers were lower than last month but we have several thousand that has yet to hit the books in the asset column.

Website Update - Chad was present and he commented on several things. He acknowledge that every day he receives password resets and questions regarding posting. Joe Haman had mentioned at previous meetings, that he is ok with taking over that responsibility. Chad is happy to accept and will work with Joe to get him all set up to handle such inquiries. He also mentioned that, due to his work load, he has not had a chance to find a way to put the women's tags up on the front page yet, but at the same time, none of the ladies have asked about it. He is also working at getting members who decide to TD a tourney, the ability to update things such as tourney information, registration lists, ect, in regards to a tournament they might be running. Right now, board members can do this, but not regular members, and he is working on that to be able to activate certain people to have the temporary ability to complete those tasks. It was also discussed the procedure for waitlists on tourneys. Whether registrants should have to pay to be put on a waitlist. It was agreed that it would not be necessary to pay for a waitlist spot, but Chad said he can make it so once you are confirmed off the waitlist, you will have X amount of hours, probably 24, to submit your payment, or you will lose your spot. The board agreed that it sounded like a good plan.

Memberships and Tags - Joe Haman was not present, therefore we did not have an update on Membership and tags.

Tag Matches - Tag matches are going along well, and nothing new to report.

Hero's Huk Recap - John spoke of the Hero's Huk and great turnout. There were 105 players, and everyone had a great time. Matt Pratt took this on himself, though John did what he could to help out. We don't think Matt quite understood the magnitude of the undertaking. But he worked through any glitch's that arose from current PDGA members and temp members, to scoring issues. It was noted that he should try and gather more local support to help him with the logistics, as there are lots of disc golfers in the area. He had preprinted score cards that were very cool. A little late starting and finishing, but no one complained as everyone loves the Pueblo course. He has vowed that next year it will be a two day event.

High Plains Recap - John Bird gave us the recap from the High Plains Challenge. Lots of rain, but lots of fun. Very positive response from the HPC hat. It was also brought up about the Clarion hotel possibly being the host hotel for next year's event. If they can give the same type of rates that we got from the Roadway / Comfort Inns, then the Clarion has nicer rooms, it has meeting facilities, restaurant, even a practice basket set up on site. He will work with the hotel for next year's event and see what can be worked out. Also the tourney this short was a bit short of volunteers this year, thoughts were discussed on how to attract more helpers. One idea was to have a couple of rooms set aside for volunteers so they would not have to pay for a room to come out and help.

RONOC / OPXE Update - Chad spoke about both Rodnoc and Opxe and mentioned that both tourneys seem to take a downturn in attendance this year. He has therefore decided to discontinue the OPXE so he can concentrate his efforts toward an extremely successful RODNOC, as his one big tourney. He also mentioned trying to place it at a time of the season that it won't compete with anything else, perhaps in October or so hopefully gain bigger numbers.

Snowmass update - Snowmass is online, but registration is slow. The format was spoke of, which will be one round per day, of 27 holes, all downhill. Then on Sunday, take the gondola up, and do it again. The tourney date is July 24-25.
JRM update - Tom spoke about JRM. He plans on opening up the tournament once everything gets in place. ie: art work, details. He plans on having two rounds on Saturday and one round plus final 9 on Sunday. He also mentioned that they expect hole 8 to be put back in for the tourney only. It was also discussed about having 19 holes, but finally agreed to 18 at each course. Also, he stated that it will be a "cut and dried" division at each course. All Ams in one division and all Pros in the other. There will be no placing any division in Ams over with the pros to help fill in the tournament. Again, commented on waiting for the art work for the tourney from Manny, and if he doesn't get back soon enough, will have it down elsewhere. John spoke about working with "The Spot" again as possible sponsor as well as food discounts. He commented that they were understaffed last year, and there is a new manager there now, and he will see if they can work out something.

JRM Fundraiser update - The Mansion Course - Tom spoke about the Mansion Course Fundraiser for this year. It was agreed that the charge will be $25.00 to play. There will be 3 divisions. Pros, Ams, and Women's . First place will receive a first place tag, being worked out with Disc Diva. Also, the best overall score regardless of division, will wear the Green Jacket. Food and Drink will again be supplied at the event, which is included in the entry fee. If family members would like to come along, there will be a $10.00 per person (supporter) charge, which will allow them food and drink as well. Date is set at August 21st. Tom hopes to have JRM fund raiser discs for sale at the event. 

Ace Race Update - Dave Slocum spoke of the Ace Race, with the date being Sept 26th. He will be ordering 100 players packages. Entry fee will be $25.00 per person. And includes quite a players package that can be viewed on the Mile High Website. He hopes to have it ready for sign ups in the near future.

Colorado State Championships Update - Nothing new was mentioned about the tourney happening in three weeks.

JR course and its issues - Tom informed us that within the next few weeks, the playground will be finally be done. He told that the original hole 1 tee pad will still be used, and he hopes to put in a new placement for the near side of the creek. The board also discussed the lack of the Police issuing citations or patrolling the park. Drinking and illegal drug use go on all the time, right next to the police station. Dave said he has seen the police walk up to a player with a beer, and tell him to pour it out, rather than issuing a citation. The board agreed that if we want to keep this park open, they need to come down on the people who are doing illegal things at the park. And this includes dogs off of leashes, as well. Another issue that was brought up were our Birdie Babes (Girls Club of Mile High). They had played a round last Tuesday, and were thrown into twice, with the second time hitting one of our ladies. Sabrina responded in verbal force and wound up with a shouting incident. Marsha went over and spoke with another member of the offending group, identified herself as a board member, and worked an understanding with them that they need to be extra careful, as the city is looking to close it if order isn't maintained. It was mentioned that we could perhaps put a "buffer group" of Mile High members to play behind them to avoid this in the future.

Lighthouse Course (South Suburban) update - John informed us that he had acquired the chains to put inner chains on the all the baskets. Dan Gargan say that he and John can work together to get them cut and will work it out to get them on the baskets.

Player's abuse of officials at tourneys - It was brought up that we had some issues at the High Plains Challenge with players berating spotters, courses and the TD. It was brought to the TD's attention from several different people about players actions. It was discussed what options the TD has, and what options the Mile High Board has, if situations like this occur in the future. With Mile High Disc golf being the sponsoring body of the tournament, it is important that we show a professional face to people that have come to view the tourney, or to help out with spotting. Mr. Bird said he will contact the PDGA to find out options the club and the PDGA have to help prevent incidents like this from happening in the future.

Pretourney preparation in General - It was brought up that Mile High Disc Golf Club might want to "dress up" some of its tourneys. Things like tee signs with each holes sponsors and the hole layout on each sign. Or flags atop each basket that gives players idea on wind direction. It also just makes the tournament look a bit fancier with a minimal of costs. Chad will look into creating new tee signs for JRM. 

Lamination Machine - An idea for the club to purchase a laminate machine was brought up. It was mentioned that several times throughout the year, lamination is needed for things such as tee signs, sponsor signs and club information signs and cards. Laminating needs are usually handled through a local printer, but it was discussed that is not cheap, and if we can acquire a machine for a reasonable amount of money, it would pay for itself in the first couple of tourneys or uses. It was agreed that we will look into what's out there, and what kind of costs we might encounter to buy one.