Board Meeting May 11, 2011 06:30 pm

Location: Arvada Community Food Bank

Arvada Community Food Bank
Arvada Community Food Bank

8555 West 57th Avenue
Arvada, CO 80002

  • call meeting to order
  • approve past minutes
  • any member comments/discussion
  • financial report
  • website update
  • membership update
  • tag matches
  • tournament updates
  • other events
  • course issues
  • new business
  • adjourn
Attendees -
Max Mclay, Ken Hughes, Tom Hamilton, Dan Gargan, Joe Haman, Cam Farmer, Ray Woodruff, Marsha Sonderfan, Doug Bjerkaas, and myself, Jay Burghardt

Meeting came to order at 6:40pm

Vote to approve April minutes -
The board discussed naming names on the minutes that involved indiscretions which bring poor light on our club. Last months minutes included the first name of someone kicking a basket during a round, but not the first name of someone who was seeing relieving himself under a bridge, when he could have walked a couple hundred feet to a port-a-let that the club had paid for just for the event. Jay defended his position of putting the name of the basket kicking person in the public minutes as this can cost the club money with his damage. He said he is tired of babying these people by saying things like please don't damage the course. The majority of players in the tourney are MHDGC members, and if not, at least follow the club. And if we have people that disrespect our club and our sport, then they will either clean up their act, or they can not show up. As for the relieving incident, that is an area we need to be careful publicly bring that up, but needs to be at least mentioned. Minutes were approved.

Financials - Ken was in attendance, and had our monthly recap of expenses. According to him, all looking good. The Board agreed and approved the financials.

Old business -
Checks - have been out for for over a month now, and it appeared that one person thought this person was getting them, and another person thought this person was getting them, and in the end, no one had ordered them. Tom said he would take control of this and get them ordered ASAP.

Website update - Chad was unable to attend meeting, but had a website updated put together that Ray talked about. Some of the updates includes, adding notes to registrants, more sponsor images, continuing
work on histogram for tags, adding even logos, adding weekly tag schedule to mobile phones, and many other things in the work.

Course Updates -
Interlocken - Joe mentioned that the work day, though he could have used more people, went well. He said that he was half way through the money and three-quarters the way through the project. He was pleased how it was shaping up.

RMWDGC - Doug Bjerkaas and Ray Woodruff spoke of the upcoming Womens event. They are both very excited on the number of registrants as well as the sponsorship that has been steadily coming in. Doug passed out an accountiblity sheet showing the credits and debits expected for this event. over $5,500 has been raised so far, and the majority of that is going right back in to the event and players packs. He showed that at this time, there are $66.72 in the hole, but is still expecting more money to be coming in. The board voted to give $150.00 donation to the event for the sole purpose of going toward the Pro payout. Doug and Ray were planning on 35 players to start, but had ordered 50 players packages. After the number kept rising, Doug mentioned that they had ordered an additional 30 tee shirts to help cover the higher number of entrees. Ray spoke up about things still needed for the event that he was hoping the club would come up with. Twine, Water coolers, laptop with printer, portable baskets, range finder, and a few other things. This was quickly picked up by the board, and suggested that he send out an email to the board so the members that have those items can respond back.

Doug also brought up the question of transparncy for other Mile High Disc golf events. He mentioned that have hearing many stories of finances being messed up to the point that MHDGC winds up covering shortfalls, why isnt each TD who runs one of our events, putting together something as simple as a credits and debits sheet before the event is to take place, so the Club can be aware of any issues that might arise

Membership update - Joe spoke of current numbers. We now have 281 confirmed members for 2011. Women's tags are also being distrubuted but are not being tracked. Phenix Disc Sports is still by far the biggest distributor outside of the club itself. Lost tags were discussed, and agreed that if someone has a tag, and they say they never got registered, it was agreed to set them up in the club. It was noted that this happens so infrequently that if there is a case of underhandedness, they are very few and very far between, but not worth losing the good will if it was legit.

Tag matches - going well. Friday tags at Johnny has been running on a rolling start beginning at 445p, to avoid flooding the course all at once. Nothing has been heard from for Beaver Ranch tags.

Tourneys -
Spring Fling all reports have been turned in, and is basically closed.

Rodnoc - Though Chad was not present, he had a print out of the Rodnoc updates. On it including the players packs looked great, he had lots of awards ready. Ring of fire would be taking plac, CTP prizes included a pair of Keen Shoes. Holes/gear is well underway and will have everything from Cops and cows to the hanging baskete ready to go. MHDGC agreed to give 5 discs in support.

High Plains Challenge - Mr. Bird was not able to be present for an updated account of the tourney, but it was mentioned that discs have been ordered, and Gold status was achieved.

JRM Fundraiser at the Mansion - scheduled for Aug 6th, Same day as Cheyenne one day tourney.

New Business -

Editing forum posts - It was brought up that someone had edited a post on the forum that they had felt didn't belong on the forum. Questions arose as to who has the ability to edit forum posts, and it was mentioned that Chad would like others to have that power, but this should be still kept with board members or specially granted members for certain occasions. Also mentioned that if someone is to edit a post, to please advise the entire board of you doing so for accountibilty sake.

The board brought up the idea of finding a way to thank Chad for all the hard work he puts into the club in general, and the website in particular. It was mentioned and immediately agreed upon to give a check for $200.00 to the Edge foundation, in Chad's name, in appreciation of his hard work. A vote was taken and unanimously approved.

Meeting adjourned 845p.