Board Meeting Apr 13, 2011 06:30 pm

Location: Arvada Community Food Bank

Arvada Community Food Bank
Arvada Community Food Bank

8555 West 57th Avenue
Arvada, CO 80002


  • call meeting to order

  • approve past minutes - Jay Burghardt

  • any member comments/discussion

  • financial report - Ken Hughes

  • website update - TheChad

  • membership update - Joe Haman

  • tag matches - Joe Haman

  • tournament updates

  • other events

  • scheduling conflicts/playing well with others - TheChad

  • course issues

  • new business

  • adjourn
Meeting opened up at 6:37p
In attendance - 14
Board Members - John Bird, Marsha Sonderfan, Chad Francis, Ray Woodruff, Joe Haman, Dan Gargan, Tom Hamilton, Dave Slocum and Jay Burghardt
Visitors - Mitch Sonderfan, Doug Bjerkaas, Scott Pennington, Jeremy Lang and Camden Farmer

March Minutes - March minutes were voted and approved.

Club Member comments/discussion -
Scott Pennington was in attendance and asked about possible mid-week competitions. Even a possible midweek tourney some time. It was discussed and concluded that it would be very difficult to get a sanctioned event to happen mid week, as you would not be able to gather many players. It was suggested that possible a non sanctioned event he could run. It was also mentioned that he could post on the website different mid-week happenings and he might be surprised at how many responses he could get.
Jeremy Lang spoke next,and asked about possibly having a tourney up at Eagle Rock. Eagle Rock, he explained, is a private course, but they have been receptive to a tournament if the dates could be worked out.

Financial Report - Ken was not present, but, like usual, he had a good finance sheet for us to look at. We are in the black, and everything looks good so far. Joe mentioned that he had bought sprinkler boxes for the Interlocken course, that he would be reimbursing himself from the Interlocken funds.
Under the finance discussion, Jay brought up the possibility for the Club sponsoring Taylor Slocum for the RMWDGC. He mentioned that we have had funds set aside for Juniors for several years, but have not really used it much. Joe then mentioned that he has a daughter that might play if it was free, and Ray chipped in that his daughter just signed up as well as a Junior. It was discussed that we should set an age limit to use these funds for this tournament, and it was decided that Junior women, in the Under 13 age group and younger, the club would pick up the sponsorship. We have the money for it, and it would be a great chance to get some young ladies into the disc golf community. It was quickly voted on and unanimously, agreed upon. Doug offered to post on the website the offer from the club for the young ladies to play for free.
Joe requested that $50 in residual Spring Fling merchandise be donated as prizes for the annual Aspen Creek K-8 Spring Fling school fundraiser, where he sets up a basket as a putting game. The motion was approved.

Website Update - Chad Francis was present and he again, gave us a very cool chat about some of the things he was working on. He mentioned that he has set up the website that it can no detect if the user is on a handheld device (phone), so the website comes across on the smaller size in a much more organized look. Several people at the meeting tried it on their phones and let out a collective, ahhhh.. John asked about rotating sponsorships being listed on the website, to get better exposure of our sponsors. Chad will look into that. He also mentioned that he is continually, working on perfecting the event registration area to show incomplete registrations, sponsorship opportunities, improvement in divisions. He is making lots of improvements on the back end of the registration process so TD's have more control of the tournament registrations.

Membership Update - Joe informed us there they have now been 259 confirmed members, and only has 36 left for distribution. He also made special reference that Phenix Disc sports alone hs sold 90 memberships. Very impressive and appreciated. He also let us know that he has ordered the next 50 tags.

Tag Matches - Tag Matches are up and running and going well. Times are being adjusted based on the Tagmasters schedule and the available light.

Tournament Updates -
Tournaments' in General - There was much discussion about what the policy is on cancellation. It was agreed that tournaments will default to the PDGA guidelines, unless the tournament director (TD) states a different policy. It was emphasized, that whatever policy is published, needs to be adhered to by the TD, so there will be no issues of favoritism.
A legal disclaimer has been recommended regarding the clearance of waitlists. Seems on the Spring Fling, some people were put on the waitlist, then never confirmed. Others who cancelled late, waitlister never were moved up. Chad would like to put a disclaimer that you must check off showing you have read it, indicating that if you moved up to play from the waitlist, you have X amount of time to contact the TD or get your money in, whichever the TD needs done. Chad said that specific language that the TD would like to see on the disclaimer can easily be done, so the TD has more control of waitlists and clearing of waitlists.
It was asked, what the rhyme and reason was as to choosing dates for future tourneys. John was asked if there was a general meeting, the year prior, with everyone invovled as to what tourney goes where. It was mentioned that with more and more people/clubs looking to run tournements, its becoming increasingly difficult to fit these dates in, and get them on the colorado schedule. John said tthat he does gather up the people/clubs that have run tournements in the past, but all agreed that we will need get the planning dates out earlier this year so everyone's voice can be heard.

Tournament trophies - Jay brought up the "trophy tags" that were given out for the Spring Fling. He said, that for the Am's, a 2nd or 3rd place tag might be ok for many players, but on the pro side, most pros do not care if they get a 2nd or 3rd place tag. They will get money to remind them, but a tag saying they didn't win, wasn't that alluring. Mitch agreed that Trophy tags, at least for the Pro side, may have run its course. Jay mentioned that the Spring Fling is one of Mile High's premier event, and that we should be able do give trophies out to winners. Jay asked how much each tag cost, and then figured for the price of three tags, the club should be able to come up with an inexpensive trophy. This thought will be looked at for future events if feasible.

Spring Fling -
Good - Everyone agreed that it was a smashing success. Compliments ranged from the "fastest two tournament rounds someone had ever played", to "having spotters on nearly every hole was amazing"
The board agreed that this is something that should be looked at again in the future, and that it can only get better.
Chris Keener was brought up about playing both days, and cashing in Ams and then playing Pros. It was discussed and agreed that it was well within PDGA guidelines, the only real issue was a miscommunication between Joe and Marsh, but Chris was well within his rules to play and cash, in both events, based on ratings.
Bad - It was noticed that Matt (wont name a last name) after having a bad hole, proceeded to kick one of the baskets. The board agreed that it not only looks bad for the club, can cost the club money by needing to fix or replace the basket, and looks very bad for other park users seeing this. It has been discussed that we need to educate players better into how to report courtesy violations in the future, or to report things like this to the TD.
Ugly - It was noticed and commented on that one of the players chose to not use the port-a-lets, that the club paid for for the participants, and instead chose to relieve himself under the bridge, next to the stream. There were three different locations for restrooms, and the board agreed he should have been able to hold it. This again, is something the players need to be told again and again to NOT do, because it again, reflects bad on Mile High as well as disc golfers in general.
Other - A player wanted to bring his dog with him during the tournament, and he was told no that it was not allowed during a sanctioned event.

Rodnoc - Chad spoke of the Rodnoc. He saddened at speaking about the low turnout so far. He is not sure way it is so low but is pushing on for another great event. He mentioned that its possible the Thunder mountain Doubles could be taking some away, but just doesn't why. He said it is more of a carnival feeling, where every level of player can come out and have a great time.

High Plains Challenge - John spoke of the HPC coming up. He mentioned that he is hoping to have at least some cement tee pads in for the Pessimist Course. He confirmed that he is planning all divisions having tee times for Sunday. Host hotels have been posted, The Roadway Inn and the Comfort Inn. He also said that as many volunteers has can be found, can be use.

Inaugural Rocky Mountain Women's Disc Golf Championship - Doug and Ray both spoke of the upcoming event. They informed us that everything is coming along even better than they could of hoped. He informed us that nearly all costs are being picked up by all the sponsorships, which at this time, is nearly $8,000. He handed out a very detailed Budget Projectin sheet listing all, as of now, streams of income, expenditures, and non cash donations. He also mentioned that 11 of the 18 tee sign sponsorships at $100.00 per tee sign, have already been sold. They also said they were planning on ordering 20 Pdga rules books for any juniors that might want one. Doug spoke plans in the works to have the entire event filmed and was planing on giving every entrant a copy for the DVD. He also said he is hoping to have ROOT magazine at the event for more local coverage.

Course updates -

Birds Nest - There are / still is, 4 baskets that have been pulled as the Water Department continues to work on the area. The baskets are 3,4,6 and 7. Still no completion date. John has set up easy to follow signs to keep people on track for the rest of the course. John is also working on additional pin placements for some of the holes.

Interlocken - Joe spoke of the upcoming Interlocken work day on April 23rd. He is hoping for more signups, as he has a lot of things he would like to get done on that Saturday. These include things such as new pin placements and anchors in the ground, swap baskets for best results, revegitate damaged ground, put up tee signs showing pars for players. He informed us that all surveys have been done, and area flagged for caution when digging. He is planning on breaking ground for the "New and improved Interlocken" on April 23rd.

New business - Doug brought up an idea for next years membership package, showing us a photo of a carabineer that also had a number on it. Something different. The board went, hmm, cool.
He also mentioned that he had spoken with Reese at Fly 18 pads, who were offering discounted rates if purchased in bulk. Doug thought that might be good for something like the Pessimist course. John Bird said, thanks , but he is already working to possibly bringing cement tee pads out there.

Adjournment - 8:40p