Board Meeting Mar 09, 2011 06:30 pm

Location: Arvada Community Food Bank

Arvada Community Food Bank
Arvada Community Food Bank

8555 West 57th Avenue
Arvada, CO 80002

  • call meeting to order
  • approve past minutes
  • any member comments/discussion
  • financial report
  • website update
  • membership update
  • tag matches
  • tournament updates
  • other events
  • course issues
  • new business
  • adjourn
Meeting called to order 6:36pm
Those in attendance - John Bird, Ray Woodruff, Tom Hamilton, Joe Haman, Ken Hughes, Chad Francis, Doug Bjerkaas, Marsha Sonderfan, Taylor Slocum, Dave Slocum, Max Maclay, Dan Gargan and Jay Burghardt

Financials - Ken Hughes handed out the financial sheet. He said we were $704.06 in the black and doing OK. He said that some Ice Bowl expenses still to be accounted for. Motion to approve financials - Approved

February Minutes - voted on and approved

Website Update - Chad was in attendance and gave us an update on the website. He is still working on utilziing other members to help out with simple requests that come in to him. Ray is his right hand man, but still requests seem to roll right into Chad. He is looking to add things to the website such as sponsorship pages, tourney options like tee shirt size, ace pool, and even comments field. He talked about possibly changing the forum as we know it, but that is still being worked on. The board all agreed that Chad does great work with our site and we are lucky to have him.

Tag Schedule - Joe let us know that the tag schedule is up, and that each tagmaster will have the ability to adjust the time of the matches as they see fit, based on daylight ect. Joe has three solid tagmasters for Red Rocks Monday, Expo Tuesday and Lighthouse Wednesday. Thursday will be played by ear with John Bird looking after it of now, and Friday has been doing well run by Kyle and PJ from Phenix Sports. First tag matches of 2011 will begin next monday, March 14th

Memberships - Joe let the Board know that we are up to 189 confirmed memberships. There is/was aprox 113 tags out with tagmasters and local vendors. Side note, that Phenix Sports alone has sold over 20 tags.

Tourney updates
Spring Fling -

General - Taylor Slocum submitted the design that will appear on the Minis, and Sarah Switzer, from the Logan School of Creative Learning, submitted the winning design to be put on the tourney disc.
It was brought up that there seems to be a problem with Temp fees being needed, or not needed, to be collected and on the entry forms, many people have clicked "current" while they are awaiting PDGA confirmation. Chad said that he is looking into a solution to solve this in the future.
Port-a-lets are being confirmed and looked into, and to again, have one just for the ladies.
Lots of volunteers are needed, and lots of volunteers are signing up.
It was discussed about possibly having fliers to hand out at the course during the weekend to inform casual players of other courses in the area what would be open to play.

Pro - Joe commented on the Pro side saying everything was looking good. He spoke of playing Long 7. He said Hole A will have two placements on the other side of the pavilion. He is looking to have the mando signs up on the trees. He also reiterated that there will be no package for the Pro Players

Rocky Mountain Women's Championship - Doug and Ray spoke of this tourney. They have met with Jim Cannon, and things are taking shape. It is now confirmed that lunch will be provided to all participants and their caddies. They are looking to have Tru Line Custom Discs set up a vendor booth out in the parking lot. They indicated that caddies will be allowed to play the course with their player during the practice rounds. They are looking to have Kathy Hardyman take care of payouts as, she has many things related to women's disc golf. They said the players packages continue to grow as they speak with different sponsors concerning this event. They also indicated their will be no minimum number to play in a division.

They also spoke of having someone write up an article about the course and the tournament. They would like the article to include things along the line of the land the course is on and its previous owners.
About Jim Cannon, is love for disc golf, and his desire to host this event. They would like this even to turn into an event that can showcase disc golf for women in not only Colorado, but the entire Rocky Mountain Region. They are also looking to have this video taped to mark the inaugural event.

High Plains Challenge - John spoke of the HPC. He informed us that the Ft. Morgan tourism panal has offered the John and the tourney $2,500 toward the event. He also brought up the possibility of some permanent tee pads on the Pessimist course. He hopes to eventually expand it to 27 holes. He has confirmed that tee times will be played by all on Sunday. He also said that the Roadway Inn and the Comfort Inn will again be the host hotels.

Colorado Open - This tournament, as of March 9th, was still being finalized.

RODNOC - Chad spoke about Rodnoc. He is planning on ordering 100 Mako's for the event. He is running this tournament as a fundraiser to raise money for the EDGE program again. He will again be asking for discs along with the registration to give out to the winners in the divisions, like OPXE was done.

Course updates
Johnny Roberts - Tom has scheduled a work day to clean the course up and prepare it for the tournament. He is planning on replacing damage pins, so baskets can be moved. He is looking to put in a practice basket near Hole 1. He plans on having "crews" clean the creek out and rake the fairways. He is having new locks put on ALL baskets that can be opened with the same key, which will make it much easier to move baskets in the future. He is looking to have tee signs replaced or cleaned up that are looking run down.

Superior - They are looking to redesign the Superior course. No details at this time

Interlocken - Joe has been working with the city to get funding to upgrade the course. Broomfield has offered up $2,500 for renovation. They will give it to him half now, half later, after he can show what improvements are being made. He has scheduled a work day on April 23, to begin the course transformation. He would like thinks like tee signs, course map, rules, message board, new pin positions, new locks with same key.

Am Jam - The 2011 AmJam has been put on hold at this time, as Joe is concentrating his efforts on the Spring Fling for right now.

New Business
Issues with Temp fees -

Meeting closed at 830pm