Board Meeting May 12, 2010 06:30 pm

Location: Arvada Community Food Bank

Arvada Community Food Bank
Arvada Community Food Bank

8555 West 57th Avenue
Arvada, CO 80002

Meeting came to order 6:40pm, at the Arvada Community Food Bank.

12 people were present. John Bird, Tom (Lil Jimmy) Hamilton, Dave Slocum, Taylor Slocum, Joe Haman, Scott Hoffman, Pete Kenny, Calvin Hunsinger, Max Maclay, Gary and Christy Mullins, Kristi and Jay Burghardt.

Previous months Minutes - Both March and April minute were approved by vote.

Finances - Ken was not present tonight, but John Bird did pass out Ken Hughes finance sheet for the month of May. The club is looking pretty good right now, as we are still bringing in money from memberships that have already been paid for. It looks like the port-o-let charges from the Spring Fling, will be taken off as the unit was not serviced properly.

Website Update - Chad was not present tonight, so we have no update on the web. The board did have a discussion that we would definitely like to see if Chad can find a way to put the women's tags up on the front page, with the reasoning that if we are charging them the same cost for membership as the regular tags, they should be able to post them in the same fashion. We have 16 women's tags that have been purchased and would be nice to have a place to post them

Memberships and Tags - Joe Haman gave the report. We currently have 258 active members. There are up to 22 membership fees out there with tag masters and assorted members, that have been collected but not been turned in. He would like to get that money in so we can get the funds deposited. We still have the original 25 supporter tags/memberships, that have not been sold. The board discussed that it might be a good idea to give them away to the some of the volunteers during upcoming events, and the board agreed, that it would serve no purpose to end the year with extra 2010 supporter tags.

Tag Matches - Tag matches are going along well, and being well attended. But we are still looking for a new tag master for Tuesday, at Expo. Max let us know that after school is out, it might be able to take over it for a few months during summer vacation but will need to see how his schedule is.

High Plains Update - John Bird spoke of the High Plains Challenge and let us know that he will be headed out there soon to look over the intended plan. He told us that the Fort Morgan tourism board has chipped in $2,500.00 toward sponsorships. It was brought up that we should try and secure the money before the tourney as last year, it took a while to get the check from the city. He also spoke about the HPC being a Vibram qualifier, and as a participant, you must state your intention if you want to compete for one. John said he was still planning on a hat and shirt as part of the players package

Mile High Classic Update - Calvin Hunsinger was present to talk about the MHC. The date has been changed to Oct 16, and is being kept as a one day event. He is doing very well raising "added cash" for the tourney, and is working with John Bird to get everything up and running. John Bird is working with the city to get all the permits in place.

RONOC Update - There was no Chad to speak about, so was just lightly mentioned that there is a fairly low signup so far.

Snowmass Update - Snowmass will go online at 9p May 12th, and set for a tourney date of July 24-25.

JRM Update - Tom spoke about JRM. Tom let everyone know that the dates of the tourney needed to be changed due to unforeseen circumstances. It is now, over Labor Day Weekend, Sept 4th and 5th. Along with that, it means the main fundraiser, the Jim Cannon Mansion Course Fundraiser, needs to be moved as well, and at this time, there is not a new date for this, but he will let us know when/if they can come up with one. 

Ace Race Update - Dave Slocum spoke of the Ace Race, as the date seems to be changed quite often. It has settled in now on the Sept 26th, for now, and he is hoping it stays there this time. He is looking to send out to Discraft, the order, so he can get it under way.

Hero Discs - The date is set for 19 June, and sign ups are in progress.

Colorado State Championships Update - John brought up that Ponto has spoken to him about MHDGC helping out with the sponsoring of Colorado States this year. As MHDGC has in the previous years, they agreed to give $400.00 in cash and another $200.00 in merchandise to the tournament with the highest profile in the state.

Colorado Open Update - John brought up that TJ asked him to help sponsor, and John agreed to give 215.00 in cash and merchandise to the event. This was just asked of him this week. Jay brought up that, its fine to help sponsor the tournaments, but the TDs need to take some initiative to request funds before the week of the tourney. Jay said there are times when our funds aren't as liquid as they happen to be right now, and we need to be careful in the future of winding up in a bind because of a last minute sponsorship.

Camp Wapiyapi - John said it was Loads of Fun.

JR course and its issues - John Bird spoke about hole 8 still being pulled, and said it will probably never go back in. Other options were spoke about.. ie: making it a 12 hole challenging course, or an "easy" 18 hole course. Trying to think of ways to save the course. Gary Mullins spoke up about the club might need to work on the issues with the community, more so than the city. It was brought up about possibly have "greeters" a couple times a month, that will hang out at tee 1 and nicely mention to people coming to play, that the city is thinking about shutting this course down and can we please ask that everyone be extra careful of pedestrians while they are out there, and if their disc goes into someone yard, either use the gate or knock on their door. Jay and Max agreed to look into something along those lines. John Bird brought up the possibility of "recruiting" disc golfers to be course monitors and have authority to speak to players about disc golf etiquette, the rules and generally the course playability and sharing the park. This will also give the course monitors a city approved way of dealing with those who are breaking the law, or hurting the course by granting them authority from the city to be official ambassadors of the course. He will pursue that line of attack to keep the course in its place.

Lighthouse Course (South Suburban) funds and update - John spoke about the course funds, and has submitted the request to the parks department for the chains. They are going to use their suppliers to buy the chains for the basket, as they have the buying power of the city behind them and it should cost us less.

Schaefer Course Update - Nothing new to report, just that the course does get heavy play and is nearly always busy.

Interlocken Course Update - Joe spoke up about the Interlocken course. It seems the city is behind the upgrade to the course, but might have already allocated their funds for 2010. He is reasonably sure that if they don't get it done this year, it for sure will be done in 2011.

Approx 8:05p, the meeting was adjourned