Board Meeting Apr 21, 2010 06:30 pm

Location: Arvada Community Food Bank

Arvada Community Food Bank
Arvada Community Food Bank

8555 West 57th Avenue
Arvada, CO 80002

Meeting came to order 644pm, at the Arvada Community Food Bank.

9 people were present. John Bird, Marsha Sonderfan, Chad Francis, Ken Hughes, Dan Gargan, Tom (Lil Jimmy) Hamilton, Dave Slocum, Joe Haman and Jay Burghardt.

We mentally approved the previous months minutes, as no one had a copy. We will officially approve them at the next board meeting.

Finances -  As usual, Ken began his talk by handing out a sheet of paper on the current finances. He let us know that the club is in the black at the present, and probably in its best shape of the year. There are still a few checks that need to be deposited, but that will only make the books even stronger. Vote to approve finances was taken, and approved..

Website Update - Chad gave us his usual comprehensive report on the state of the website. We spoke of how well the sign ups went for Spring Fling. We also spoke of the "countdown" that seems to have had some issues between computer time and real time. He spoke of lots of people sending him flyers for him to post on the website as blogs. We discussed that it could possible become a problem in the future, but for right now, he will get them up when he can. All in all, as usual, Chad puts in lots and lots of website work, and its going swimmingly along.

Memberships and Tags - We currently have 238 active members. We also have 15 women's tags that are out. Phenix is doing great in selling memberships and Kyle enjoys the business it generates by walk ins. We saw the next 50 tags, the 300's. and sunshine yellow it is! At least if you drop it, you should be able to spot it a mile away! It was also mentioned by both Joe and Chad, that the on-line sign up was not working very well. An answer to this was the possibility of starting up a Mile High Disc Golf online store. It would create a mechanism to be able to sell memberships, tournament entries, and discs.. More information needs to be gathered concerning costs, start up equipment, ect.., but interest seemed high to at least look in to it.

Tag Matches - is was agreed that the Tagmaster who runs his weekly tag matches can run it as he sees fit, but ace pools will be for anyone who wants to play that tag match.

Spring Fling Wrap Up - Joe gave us a thorough wrap up the just completed tourney. He said that the pros payout came in at nearly 100% of money taken in, which is great for a C-tier. And the club still made a profit of around $875.00 He let us know that the discs were well received, though no light ones for the ladies or light disc throwers, but fund raiser discs went well too. He figured that no one accosted him during/after the tourney, and that means that it went pretty smoothly. The board agreed it was a fine showing. Also talked about was the possibility for future Spring Flings being a two day pro/am event. That would mean that it would be two TD's as well, but would probably get more volunteers. Jay spoke up his opinion that sometimes tourneys are just one days, and that's the way it is. He said there are many other tournaments in Colorado that are two days, and that there is nothing wrong with having a premier event sell out in 90 mins.

High Plains Update - John Bird spoke of the High Plains Challenge, and some of his thoughts this year. We have 55 people signed up so far, and if things go as planned, and John makes each course 21 holes, like he hopes to, there will be room for 150 more people. He also mentioned that he is in discussions with someone / company, that might be taking over the event as a Title Sponsor.

Mile High Classic update - The MHC , as of last night, was still a go. John Bird let us know that he has talked with Calvin, and Calvin still plans on TDing it. John said he would work with him to ensure the event runs smoothly, as it would be the first event Calvin would be TD of. It looks like Expo will not be able to host the event though, due to new park rules, so other courses are being considered. Ie: Lighthouse, Interlocken, Birds Nest. Questions were also raised about prizes being only redeemed at Dog Leg Discs, with some members thinking this would create a conflict of interest. Nothing is set yet, so there was no reason to pursue issue any further at this time.

RONOC Update - Chad spoke about the upcoming RODNOC, scheduled for May 22nd. He spoke about a slow sign up so far. He reminded us that the proceeds will be going toward the EDGE program. He also discussed which discs we would like to see, and the big input was to make sure there are enough lightweight discs. He decide that 100 discs should be plenty as well as some extras. He also decided to go with glow minis.

SMO Update - Snowmass has expressed interest with John in having a tourney this year, July 23 - 24. Details are still being worked up, but the plan is to have tee times.

JRM Update -  Tom spoke about JRM, and at first said there isn't really much to talk about as it being so far away, but then he began elaborating on some of his plans for this year's event. He said he plans to flip the courses each division plays, and plans on having the final 9 at Johnny this year, making it more technical, and less long. He also brought up Jim Cannon's graciousness of offering the Mansion Course as a fund raiser event, and expects it to be quite popular, just like last year. He is thinking that a disc and a hat might be the way to go, as the hats seemed to have been well received last year.

Disc Day May 23 - John Bird brought up a "disc day" event that will include dogs, kids games, and pretty much anything to do with a Frisbee. He asked for thoughts on this, and was mentioned that a 9 hole "Ken Caryl" type course could be constructed very easily at the park, and John will look into securing 9 baskets for the event.

Hero Discs - Pueblo is putting together a tourney on the one of the best courses in the state. They had asked Mile High to help sponsor it. It is for June 19th, and is scheduled as a one day event. Information has been posted on the Mile High web site.

Camp Wapiyapi - John Bird brought up this cause hoping people could come out of some volunteers. Unfortunately, it was the same day as Cannon's Mountain tourney, so John said he would represent alone if need be.

JR course and its issues - A big discussion concerned the current and future set up the Arvada course, known as Johnny Roberts. Basket 8 was pulled due to neighbor complaints, and basket 7 has been at issue for quite some time. There is talk that the section of the course, might be entirely removed from play. John is still in talks with the city and parks departments about possible solutions. There was also talk about another section of the park, much less heavily used, could possibly absorb some of the holes for relocation. Further investigation of that will need to be looked into.

For the good news, the work day in early April, came off very well. We had at least 20 people, probably closer to 30 or more, come out to help. The park got a good, thorough cleaning, improvements to the course look great, and a great job was done by all who chipped in..

Lighthouse Course (South Suburban) -  funds and update - John spoke of the money that Larry had raised for course improvements. John submitted a letter of matching funds to the South Suburban district, and they approved it. John will now be looking to use the money of inner chains on all baskets. He also let us know that the remaining astro turf tee pads are still in the works

Interlocken Course Update - Joe spoke up about the Interlocken course and the plans to turn it from a park with 9 baskets, into a 9 hole disc golf course. He is working with the city to install tee pads, where sidewalks won't work, tee signs, ect. He hopes to have it completed revamped by the end of the summer. He also mentioned that there is an adjacent park , that might work for 9 temp baskets to form a nice 18 hole layout for a tournament in the future.

Approx 9:03p, the meeting was adjourned