Board Meeting Nov 08, 2017 06:30 pm

Location: WestWoods Community Police Station

WestWoods Community Police Station

6644 Kendrick Drive
Arvada, CO 80007

I-70 West to Ward. Ward north to 64th Ave, 64th Ave West to McIntrye/Kendrick Dr. North on Kendrick to the police station.

  • call meeting to order
  • approve past minutes
  • any member comments/discussion
  • financial report
  • website update
  • membership update
  • tag matches
  • tournament updates
  • other events
  • course issues
  • new business
  • adjourn

Call to Order - 6:33p   November 9th, 2017


Board Members -  Camden Farmer, Dan Jones, Jamie Simino, Mike Storrs, Kyle Harrigan, Josh Kreutzer and Jay Burghardt

Club Member - Tashi TWJ, Jeremy Nichols, Matthew Morrison, Patrick Sheehan, Matt Crawford and Brendon Nelson

Member comments - Matt Crawford asked about the slogan for tags, "Always Encouraged, Never Required" and wondered why we have adopted that for our tag play. Several board members spoke on this, and the bottom line was we sell the tags as our club's primary fundraiser, to support our clubs activities, sponsor other club's events and have money to help where the board feels its needed. We do not want to "police" who has tags, where they are located, and why people are playing or not playing them, as that would probably be a full time position, all by itself. Also, we sell our tags to folks from other states as well, and we do not want to tell people, from say, Kansas, who might have a tag, they if they don't play it, they will lose it. The board has no plans to change that policy, at this time.

Financials - Kyle sent out financials to all board members and spoke on several points.

Rodnoc, came out to just over $1,000 in the black

Shades of Gray came in at $21.13 in the black, but that will probably go back to Chris Keener, as he paid for all expenses himself, and reimbursed himself as funds came in

Peak 1 Championships is still in the red, showing a loss of over $3,700, but Mike is working on different avenues to lower that number. Mike Storrs offered to pay the club back himself for the shortfall, and that roundly voted down by the board. The board hope to use this as a lesson moving forward, on things not to do, or to avoid.

November financials were voted on and approved

Website update - nothing new to discuss

Membership - Jamie said our number is currently at 510 confirmed with many still in the hands of the Tagmasters from this years matches, waiting to find their way into Jamie's hands, to update. He swears he will have exact number by next board meeting 

Tag Matches - Currently two going on over the winter - Village Greens at 2p on Sundays, and Dry Dock Glow on Thursday evenings

Tourney Updates


Winter Warriors - Josh gave the board an encouraging update of the Winter Warrior Series and said we are already up to over $5,000. He emphasized the point that "good weather is key to big turnouts"

Ice Bowl - Jay spoke about the Ice Bowl. Registration has already been opened and signups are coming in. The course will again be Fehringer Ranch and the awards will again be at the Broken Tee.

Course development

Mike Storrs spoke of a meeting with the folks from Hyland Hills to see what can be done to keep up on the future of the courses there.

Patrick Sheehan said he would try and get in contact with the Denver Mountain Parks and Colorado State Park folks about any interest from in setting up a course in one of their parks.

Elections - The Club received 3 applications to join the board, and as there will be 4 spots opening up, all three were welcomed to the board. We will have two new board members, Tashi TWJ and Jeremy Nichols. Also, Ray Woodruff will slide from a non voting board member back to a full voting board member. Ray brings a lot of experience to the board and we welcome him back .

Josh Kreutzer and Camden Farmer informed the Board they will be stepping down at the end of their terms in December.

New Business -

2018 Tags - Jamie is looking into options for next years tags and will try and balance cost with perhaps a new style or bring back some of the more popular ones from years past.

Meeting adjourned - 8:12