Board Meeting Mar 10, 2010 06:30 pm

Location: Arvada Community Food Bank

Arvada Community Food Bank
Arvada Community Food Bank

8555 West 57th Avenue
Arvada, CO 80002

Meeting came to order about 6:30pm, at the Arvada Community Food Bank.

9 people were present. John Bird, Max Maclay, Chad Francis, Ken Hughes, Dan Gargan, Tom (Lil Jimmy) Hamilton, Cam Farmer, Joe Haman and Jay Burghardt.

Finances - Ken Hughes handed out a sheet of paper on the club's finances. He indicated that we were a little low on available cash funds, but things had already been paid for, so we will be getting money coming in for resupply to the account, from additional memberships being sold, as well the Spring Fling going live on Monday morning. The $400.00 from match play from last year was accounted for, so that question is off the books. Bottom line from Ken, was just be careful on the funds for a bit.

Website Update - Chad gave us his usual comprehensive report on the state of the website. He spoke of requests for links to the site, and was agreed that a few might be included, but that is not in the plans at the moment. The big thing was he chatted about the upcoming tourney, the Spring Fling, and how it would go on line at 7am sharp. We all knew it would fill fast, so he agreed to put out a front page blog reminding everyone to get ready, since once it filled, it would automatically shut the signups down, and would begin taking names for the waitlist. The TD, Joe Haman, said he was putting aside 5 "promised" spots to people that had worked to put the tourney together, and more importantly, some of his sponsors. Chad agreed to shut down the count at 85 when the entries started to come in.

Spring Fling Update - Since this rolled into Chad's update, Joe continued on by giving us a more thorough update on the upcoming tourney. He said that every entry will get a disc and a tee shirt. They are working at getting the sponsors names put on the shirt as a benefit to being a sponsor. He spoke of the discs that would be given away, and though he had some premium discs for sale, you would not be allowed to "upgrade" your tourney disc. If you want a premium disc, you will need to purchase it. Jay Burghardt agreed to bring his portable shelter and that should be enough for a check in location, probably out in the field between the 18 basket and the 2 basket. Doubles was set for a start time of 5pm. Dan Gargan reemphasized that he is the go-to guy for anything that Joe might need for the tourney as the all around handy man.

Ice Bowl 2010 - John gave the final wrap up on the 2010 Ice Bowl, with just over $15,000.00 being raised as well as over 300 lbs of food. He stated that $9,325 went to the Food Bank of the Rockies, and a check for $5,753 was headed to the Arvada Food Bank.

JRM and its Neighbors - The board discussed putting in a fence to the people's yard along JR 17. The owner has already been spoken to about it, and is up for it if the club wants to put it in. That should keep people from climbing over the fence. And perhaps a sign that simple says, Please use gate to retrieve disc. Tom spoke to the board about the upcoming work day, and some of the things they hoped to accomplish. Including a new tee box for Hole 6, 6 new pin placements on the course for more variety and giving the creek a good trash clean up.

Memberships and Tags - Joe gave us an update on tags. We are now at a confirmed number of 190. (up from 170 last month). He has distributed over 230 with the unsold ones so far, in places like Dog Leg Discs, Phoenix Discs and assorted tag masters. The club has a total of 300 tags made and it was requested by Joe that we order another 100, for the rest of year. The board discussed it and agreed to purchase more, but due to the temporary shortage of funds for the club, we would order 50 more for now, and more later if needed. The next set of 100 will be yellow.

Lighthouse Course (South Suburban) - John spoke of working with the South Suburban district in regards to a grant he is going to use to acquire double chains for the course. Tee pads were spoken about as well, and South Suburban has assured him that that finishing up tee pads is still in the their plans.

EDGE - Chad wanted to follow up on the EDGE program, and giving the funds from Rodnoc to the EDGE Program. It was discussed again who is behind this and the goals they intend to reach. The board pretty much agreed that, as the tourney director of a fund raiser, he can channel the funds to any organization that he cares to, as long as he announces that to the people attending, and the board agreed that it sounded like a worthy cause.

Cam Farmer and the Legacy Foundation - Cam came down from Brighton to talk about an upcoming fundraiser event at the Brighton course. He announced it as the same weekend as the Colorado Open in Glenwood Springs. He acknowledged that it was up against a very popular tourney, but realizes some people won't be able to get away for an entire weekend, and might enjoy a local one day event. He gave us a run down on what the money was for, and it is a local organization, called the legacy Foundation and this year's funds will be going toward a youth scholarship, the Legacy plans to sponsor, with the City in full support of the tournament. The Board wished good luck and would be happy to add it to the MHDGC website as a link.

Approx 9:15pm, the meeting was adjourned