Board Meeting Jul 14, 2010 06:30 pm

Location: Arvada Community Food Bank

Arvada Community Food Bank
Arvada Community Food Bank

8555 West 57th Avenue
Arvada, CO 80002

Meeting to order 
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Meeting came to order 641pm, at the Arvada Community Food Bank.

6 people were present. John Bird, Tom (Li'l Jimmy) Hamilton, Jay Burghardt, Dan Gargan, Ken Hughes, Joe Haman

Finances - Ken presented us with a current finance report with the club. It show we are over $1,000 in the red. Part of this is explained by items on our budget that have been collected, but not distributed for its intended purposes such as money put aside for USDGC Rocs ($230.00), that were not purchased and money put aside for Fort Morgan baskets ($700.00). These funds will be put back into the club, and bring us back closer to even. Hero's Huk also came off substantially in the red, which will be talked about under the recaps. Also mentioned was the money that was raised for the Boulder course fund, but nothing has been done to / on the course for improvements. John Bird will look into that to see how the money can be use. Numbers were lower than last month but we have a few hundred dollars that has yet to hit the books in the asset column.

Website Update - Chad was not present. But the board spoke of several things involving the website. First it was noted the sign up portion for events looks, works, and runs great, giving the TD a much better handle on the sign ups. Women's tags being posted were brought up. We read Marsha Sonderfan's email that was sent earlier in the day, about it not being a priority for Chad. We all agree that it was not a needed priority, however, if we are going to offer women's tags, the club should have it posted on our website, just like the general tags, to show our club, as well as our visitors to our site, that our club fully and equally supports our wonderful women of Mile High Disc Golf club. So we agreed to still keep it as a "thing to do" for our esteemed webmaster. The board discussed the need to have our courses and course maps updated on our website. Several members have been asked about course maps and locations from casual players. MHDGC site does have good maps on where the courses are located, but we all agreed we do need updated / better course layouts.

Memberships and Tags - Joe Haman was present, and gave us a good thorough update on our tags. We have 308 current members. We have 300 numbered tags sold. He only has a handful of tags left if anybody needs them. The other 40 or so, are distributed between tag masters, Phenix Disc Sports and Dog Leg Discs. Joe will be looking to recover some of the unsold memberships for possible redistribution. It was also agreed that no new tags would be purchased until we sell off most of the last 40 or so, that we still have. We have 17 women's tags sold (with 6 of those were secondary to numbered tags). Zero supporter have been sold. It was then discussed that he will begin giving them away as thank-you's to volunteers and other people that have gone above and beyond in support of the club. It was also agreed that we will not buy supporter tags next year, or if we do, some type of other system. He also wanted to reiterate to the anyone who sells tags, to make sure they get him the information on who has purchased it and what number they come in with so he can ensure that they get loaded into the data bank so they can post their tags if they so choose.

Tag Matches - There is still a Tag Master vacancy at Expo. Doug is doing both Sunday tags and Tuesday tags and he is hoping someone will step up and take over the Tuesday Tag Master job. Westy tag matches, or lack of, was discussed as well. Fewer and fewer people are showing up for the Wednesday event, and we discussed why we think this is happening. Jay Burghardt mentioned putting a poll up on the website asking why people do not show up for Westy tags. It was discussed that a poll was not necessary, as regardless of the outcome, nothing could be done about it. Joe Haman felt the best way was just to keep the topic fresh on the forum to keep it in the front of people's minds as a viable option for those looking to throw a round on a Wednesday afternoon.

Hero's Huk Recap - It was brought up that the Hero's Huk came out quite, in the red. financially. Reasons were discussed about it and it seems that there wasn't enough policing of players package costs, and payouts. And though it was a very successful event in terms of player participation, there should have been more scrutiny on the costs involved and amount that MHDGC was on the hook for. John Bird will speak to the TD to get back any outstanding merchandise there might be and to see what can be done to avoid such missteps for future events.

Snowmass Update - Snowmass is still running very slow. As of last night, only 25 people had registered. We discussed the possible reasons, and a couple of things surfaces that might be part of the cause. One is, that it's after Colorado States, which has a big field, and it's the week before Prof Worlds. So you will lose some people during this time slot. Also the cost of the lift tickets is pretty high. Snowmass is not offering disc golfers any discount on the price. Its $12.00 per day, for Saturday and $12.00 for Sunday. And if you want to play doubles on Friday, the lift is another $24.00. John Bird mentioned that he hopes that next time, if there is a next time, there wil be some way to get a "weekend" pass that will include fri/sat/sun for a discounted price.

JRM update - Tom gave us an update on the JRM tourney. Registration is up and running, with an early total of 42 already signed up. Tom is looking to have a players package of a shirt and a metal mini. Tom mentioned that Alex Johnson would like to work with Tom on the courses. Phenix Disc Sports has asked the club if they can conduct early check-in for tournament. Phenix is looking to be one of the key sponsors for the tourney, and Kyle would like that to be a perk he would receive for the sponsorship. Kyle Maute would handle the early check-in of players, as well as give him a chance to show his inventory to new people. The board discussed the possibility of this, and has come to decision on the parameters for such a venture. The club has decided to put a minimum dollar amount as a threshold to do this. They have come up with a $500.00 minimum with at least $350.00 of that being cash, and the rest if they choose, in merchandise. If Phenix is ok with this, they will be allowed to pre check in players up until 12 noon on Friday, Sep 3rd. After that, it will roll over to checking in at doubles or the morning of. Tom Hamilton will speak to Kyle about this offer. 

JRM Fundraiser - The Mansion Course - The fundraiser is up and running. At present, 22 have signed up. Tom hopes to have the JRM fundraiser discs at this event to kick start the sales. He hopes to hit his goal of $2,000 raised for the JRM.

MHC update - The Mile High Classic was brought up. With the event only three months away there are still a lot of big hurdles to get over, the biggest of which is confirming the approval to use the park. We all want Calvin's first experience as a TD to be a positive one, so we'd like to get a more accurate assessment of how the event preparations are proceeding. Communication has been a little sparse, but we're hoping to remedy that. As we all are aware, there is a lot of work and planning that goes into an event of this nature. With the MHDGC being the sponsoring body, we want to help identify any outstanding tasks so that we can help! On that note, John Bird has been working with the city and with the parks department to get all of the permits required, as well as the PDGA permits and insurance requirements.

Colorado State Championships Update - Colorado States was briefly spoken about. We discusses how well it was run, and how well the Foothill Flyers prepared the courses for play, as well as the very good payouts, both for Pros and Ams.

JR course update - Tom informed us that the playground is getting still nearer to completion. And soon, yes, soon, we will be teeing off from the proper #1 tee pad. John Bird mentioned that he saw more people playing a "make believe" hole 8. And that it seems to be more common. John plans to work with the city to get a short hole put in between hole 6 and hole 7 to make it an 18 hole course again, which should halt casual players from throwing from old hole 8 tee pad and to avoid future conflicts with the neighborhood. Dan Gargan is going to work with Tom Hamilton on replacing / repairing some of Johnny's tee signs so they all look sharp for the upcoming tourney.

Lighthouse Course (South Suburban) update - Dan Gargan informed us that all 18 baskets now are the proud possessors of double chains. I was at the course when he was installing some of them, and that was back breaking work carrying those heavy chains around. The club still needs to cut a check to the city for the cost of those, but the money has already been collected..

Player Misconduct - Again, it was mentioned, that we had incidents of player misconduct during a tournament. This time at Colorado States where some physical contact took place. It was discussed what can be done to stop it and what should be done to stop it. The board agreed that many players who are unfortunate enough to be in a group with players not conducting themselves in a professional way, do not know the proper steps to take and how to deal with player misconduct in one's group. John Bird has agreed to put informative questions up on our website, to help educate everyone in our club on what options they have and what procedures they should follow if things like this happen in the future. We discussed the fact that its intimidating to confront the offending players, but it was also agreed that it's important to encourage each other to police our own sport, to keep it enjoyable for all who play.

Tournament Directors concerns - It was brought up that TDs are being increasingly asked questions about upcoming tourneys they might be running, regarding layouts, difficulty level, ect, by means of personal contact. If you would like clarification on a tournament, please contact them either through an open forum on our website, a PM if there is some delicacy involved, through the events page on the PDGA website, or come join us for a board meeting.

Approx 9:42p, the meeting was adjourned