2014 Peak One Disc Golf Mile High Classic- Open Pool logo

2014 Peak One Disc Golf Mile High ClassicOpen Pool

Aug 24, 2014
Peak One DGC, Frisco, CO

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 Tournament Director

Camden Farmer


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 General Information

A PDGA C-tier event that will knock your socks off. This spilt field event will see the Amateur players competing on Saturday, August 23rd and the Open players on Sunday, August 24th. Players from either field are encouraged to come out, cheer on other golfers and volunteer back to the tournament. 

Maps: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8vnnEUIXowgM0luOXgyU0NFN2M/edit?usp=sharing

 Event Schedule

Early check-in 2-7pm at the Day Lodge
Bring your own partner staggered start doubles
3pm to 4:30pm (last card must start by 4:30)
Beer available during this time

Come volunteer and watch the amateur players

Check-in- 7:30 am - 8:30 am
Player meeting 8:30 am
First round 9 am
Lunch TBD (No less than 1 hour)
Second round TBD
Player awards and party- plan to hang out and have fun
Beer available at this time

 Online Registration



1 Michelle Burghardt
2 Kyle Harrigan
3 Jurky Jurkovich
4 Scott Meschede
5 Lynn Leader
6 Ron Leader
7 Evan Jones

 Divisions & Registrants

Pro Open - (68)
Joel Abrian
jared aigner
Gary Anderson
Nick Arseniak
Luke Babcock
Josh Barber
Jake Behlow
Trey Blackburn
Travis Blase
Chris Brubeck
Jeff Bryk
Williams Cantrell
tom carrillo
John Carson
Marcos Castillo
Justin Celmer
Zac Coisman
jordan cowles
Ivan Flores
Chad Francis
Gabe Franklin
Jason Gibbs
Rob Gilmore
Mike Gomez
Chris Gray
Aaron Grunwald
Josh Guhl
Ryan Haunfelder
Tim Heenan
andrew herrera
Stephen Howes
Evan Jones
kevin kanzler
JC Kester
Tyler Kirkpatrick
Justin Knowles
Ryan Kois
Chicken Kopren
Brian Laurie
Scott Leader
Tyler Liebman
Max Maclay
Daniel Marsh
Brian Maynard
Eagle McMahon
Ian Millard
Leonard Miller
Theodor Miller
Connor Mitts
Rj Montano
Austin Montgomery
Colten Montgomery
Rob Nichols
mike oliveros
Timothy Olsen
Scott Osterhoudt
Kevin Pamplin
Jacob Peterson
Ben Ray
Chad Richardson
joe rovizzle
Trenton Schroter
Wesley Scott
Michael Skidmore
Mike Storrs
Sean Stover
Travis Stowell
Shawn Sullivan
Dan Teel
Josh Tenner
keith vest
Christopher White
Ryan Wilking
Pro Women - (4)
Paige Bjerkaas
Katnip Hardyman
Lindsay Kester
Emily Jo Miskiewicz
McKayla Thomas
Pro Master - (11)
Jay Burghardt
Jeff Evertz
Robert Fenton
Martin Green
T Hamsteak
Carl Klein
Kyle Maute
Patrick McMahon
Jason Rosenbaum
John Star
john stevenson
Ray Woodruff
Pro Master Women - (0)
no entries yet
Pro Grandmaster - (6)
Norman Adams
Steve Hardyman
Geoff Hungerford
Christopher Keener
Pete Kenny
Rob Liebman
Pro Grandmaster Women - (0)
no entries yet
Pro Sr Grandmaster - (6)
John Bird
Mike Broughton
Paul Hooston
Don Labor
Mike Maness
Peter Shive
Steve Teel
Pro Sr Grandmaster Women - (0)
no entries yet
Pro Legend - (0)
no entries yet
total of 95 paid registrants


1 Mike Gomez
2 Doug Bjerkaas
3 Ray Woodruff
4 Rob Liebman
5 Gary Anderson
6 Bowen Seiter
7 Katnip Hardyman
8 Steve Hardyman
9 Ivan Flores
10 Ryan Kois
11 Denman Scofield
12 Bruce Derington
13 KC Terry
14 Alex Johnson
15 Bryce Hein