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2014 Johnny Roberts Memorial Doubles Open Pool

Sep 20, 2014 - Sep 21, 2014
Denver Area

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 Tournament Director

Tom Hamilton


 General Information

The spirit of Johnny Roberts has brought on a new challenge this year. Push yourself in a format that tests skill, stamina, and team work. 2014 Johnny Roberts Memorial will be a pick your own partner doubles tournament. 

Each team will play three courses with varying format consisting of best shot, alternate shot and best score. Work together for victory or commiserate in defeat. Remember overall, the most fun wins. 

Pool A - Open:
Round 1- Saturday: Deer Mountain
Round 2- Saturday: Bird's Nest
Round 3- Sunday: Badlands/Camenisch: Tee Times

Groups wanting to play mixed (1 male/1 female), but have one Open player, please register on the open side and choose the "Adults" division. 
Groups consisting of one player who normally players an Amateur division and one that normally plays an Open division should register in an Open division. 

 Event Schedule

Pool A - Open:
Round 1: Deer Mountain-
Check in 7:30 to 8:15.
Player meeting 8:30


Round 2: Bird's Nest
No less than 1 hour after the Deer Mountain Round

Round 3: Badlands/Camenisch: Tee Times

 Online Registration

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registration closes on Sep 19, 2014 at 07:24 am MDT or when field limit is reached


1 Ray Woodruff
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 Divisions & Registrants

Pro Open - (15)
josh adams
Fro Meldahl Andy Gjertsen
Max Maclay Chad Francis
John Wayne Chuck Norris
Pat McMahon Eagle McMahon
Kevin Pamplin Eric Naegele
Jude Oubre Jake Palmer
Scott Leader Jeff McCormack
Kyle Taylor RJ Montano
Mike Storrs Scott Osterhoudt
Michael Gomez Sean Stover
Mittens and The Beard
Joel Abrian Tim Olsen
Josh barber Tyler Kirkpatrick
Ian Millard Tyler Liebman
Pro Women - (0)
no entries yet
Pro Master - (5)
John Seelhoff David Waisblum
Chris Keener Jay Burghardt
Dan Oleksy Ray Woodruff
Jason Rosenbaum Tom Carrillo
John Stevenson Tom Hamilton
Pro Master Women - (0)
no entries yet
Pro Grandmaster - (1)
Don Labor Geoff Hungerford
Pro Grandmaster Women - (0)
no entries yet
Pro Sr Grandmaster - (0)
no entries yet
Pro Sr Grandmaster Women - (0)
no entries yet
Pro Legend - (0)
no entries yet
Adults - (3)
Sabrina Donaldson Brian Maynard
Paige Bjerkaas Doug Bjerkaas
Matthew Ray Monica Ray
total of 24 paid registrants