Juniors Trilogy Challenge

Jul 12, 2014
Bird's Nest Park, Arvada, CO

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 Tournament Director

Rob Liebman


 General Information

 Junior's Trilogy Challenge
Saturday July 12, 2014
Modified Bird's Nest Course Arvada, Co
In Conjunction with Bird's Nest Work Day

The Trilogy Challenge, presented by the Mile High Disc Golf Club along with Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, and Westside Discs, will be the perfect opportunity for the young people of the area to either be introduced to the sport of disc golf or to work on improving the skill sets of our more experienced junior players. For those not familiar with the format of the Challenge, every entrant will be provided with three unreleased discs from the Trilogy of companies producing golf discs in Sweden. These discs will not be released to the general public until late this year or early 2015. The discs will include a driver from DD, a midrange from Latitude, and a putter from Westside. Everything a junior player needs to have a fun round and learn some new techniques. In addition to the three unreleased discs, each player will also receive a mini, lanyard, bag tag, koozie, scorecard and pencil. All for $30! The players will use these three discs and only these discs to complete their tournament round. 

Our event will be unique because it is only for junior divisions, 19-16-13-10 and under divisions for both boys and girls. The overall winner of the tournament round will win a DD Soldier bag, 9 discs including a driver, midrange and putter from each of the three companies, a Champions 8X10 canvas print, and a Champions towel. Another unique arrangement for our event... we will be rewarding winners from all divisions with a small starter bag from one of the three companies and discs. Again, all for $30! 

This fun day will be tied to the club work day at the Bird's Nest course in Arvada. This course will be modified into a kid-friendly layout guaranteeing fun and challenge at the same time. To encourage parents to participate in the work day, we will offer a $5 rebate to any parent who volunteers for the work day from the entry fee of their child. That means the whole family can enjoy the day together, help the course and have fun. The day will begin with a clinic for the kids. They will move from station to station covering different facets of the game including putting, approaches, drives, rules and golf etiquette. This will be fast paced and informative to help develop the skills to succeed. We will have some great instructors who will work with all skill levels. We will take a lunch break and then return for the the tournament round at 1:00 PM. 

Hopefully, this event will help those kids and parents who were looking forward to RMWDGC as their big tournament of the year. We are all saddened by the need to skip a year for that tournament but the Trilogy Challenge will work for both sons and daughters! There will be a requirement for at least 3 in each division to receive secondary prizes. Please stay tuned as more details are developed and information becomes available.

 Event Schedule

9:00 AM sign-in and receive player pack
9:30-11:30 AM skills clinic stations
11:30 AM -1:00 PM lunch break
1:00 PM sign-in and receive player pack for those not attending clinic
1:30 PM- ? tournament round
Awards to follow immediately on site
rounds with parents and kids and friends and family to follow?

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1 Jeremy Thomas
2 Aaron Doherty

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Junior Boys 19 & Under - (0)
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Junior Boys 16 & Under - (4)
Gage Buckethal
Declan Morrow
Devan Romero
Addison Thomas
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Junior Girls 16 & Under - (0)
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Junior Boys 13 & Under - (5)
Austen Mazenko
Tanner Pamplin
Kyle Remington
Noah Thomas
David Weinstein
Junior Girls 13 & Under - (2)
Skylar Buckethal
Isobel Doherty
Junior Boys 10 & Under - (3)
James Chinnery
Reed Doherty
Adam Kellis
Junior Girls 10 & Under - (3)
KayCee belet
Annie Kellis
Sarah Siegel
Supporter - (1)
Jon Ward
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