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2014 Spring Fling Pro Side

Apr 13, 2014
Jellystone (Larkspur, CO)

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 Tournament Director

Marsha Sonderfan


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 General Information

Spring Fling - All Amateur Divisions
Sunday April 13, 2014
2 rounds of 18 holes at Jellystone DGC in Larkspur, CO

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We have some exciting changes this year for the Spring Fling!
Due to the redesign of the Johnny Roberts Memorial Park, this year's Spring Fling will be held at the Jellystone disc golf course in Larkspur, CO! We're excited for the opportunity to use Jellystone!

Registration opens for all professional divisions on February 17, 2014.
Refunds will be given at 100% up until April 4, 2014.  A refund of 50% will be given up until April 9, 2014.  No refunds will be issued after April 9!

This year we are offering the Pros the option of purchasing player's pack items at registration for a slight discount. You may purchase a tournament stamp Vibram disc with your registration. Tournament dry-fit polos may also be purchased at registration, or for another $5 on top of the disc and shirt, you can get the full AWESOME player's pack! Because we have to order items in advance of the tournament, these items are only available for purchase with registration through March 19th. Any remaining items will be available for purchase in-person or at the tournament for full retail value. All funds raised from he sale of player's packs will go into pro payouts.

Jellystone is a private disc golf course, and they are graciously letting us use their property. Note that the entry fees this year have been adjusted to cover the $5 per player fee that we incur for using this beautiful property!

If you end up on the waitlist, do not despair! Many people have gotten in off the waitlist in the past. HOWEVER, PLEASE USE AN EMAIL ADDRESS THAT YOU REGULARLY CHECK! If a spot opens up and you get in off the waitlist, you will receive an email stating that a spot is open and you'll have 24 hours to respond to that, or get moved to the bottom of the waitlist again.

All current PDGA members receive a $10 discount on the entry fee.  Please note that entry fees displayed on this page reflect the $10 discount.  Any player that has not been a member of the PDGA previous will receive a supporting membership including a PDGA number, and PDGA mini and a rule book.

 Event Schedule

7-8:30 am - Check-in
8:30 am - Waitlist
9:00 am - Players Meeting
9:30 am - First Round
1 hr lunch break following first round
~1:30 pm - Second Round
Awards following Second Round

 Online Registration



1 Brendan Zedlitz
2 Michelle Burghardt
3 Noemi Bjerkaas
4 Cpt Fidget
5 Jeff bailey
6 Tony Nicoloff
7 Gail Pace
8 Camden Farmer
9 Scott Obrien
10 Eric Bouchard
11 Suzanne Wicklund
12 sandra richardson
13 Jurky Jurkovich

 Divisions & Registrants

Pro Open - (51)
Michael Abernathy
Joel Abrian
Jared Aigner
Nick Arseniak
Josh Barber
Travis Blase
Patrick Blazek
Mike Brown
tom carrillo
Justin Celmer
Ezequiel Delatorre
Ben Engelhardt
Travis Flett
Ryan Foose
Chad Francis
Daniel Franklin
Daddy G
Jay Gibby Gibbs
Josh Guhl
Kyle Harrigan
Tim Heenan
Andrew Herrera
Justin Jernigan
Alex Johnson
Tyler Kirkpatrick
Jerome Knott
Justin Knowles
Ryan Knuth
Scott Leader
Tyler Liebman
Eric Macgill
MadMax Maclay
Daniel Marsh
Zach Meeker
Ian Millard
Leonard Miller
Steve Moll
Santos Montoya
Joseph Nemiroff
robert nichols
Jack Peterson
Jacob Peterson
Zachary Richer
Joe Rovere
Jimmie Solis
Mitch Sonderfan
Mike Storrs
Sean Stover
David Straight
Shawn Sullivan
Chris Thomas
keith vest
Adam Wicklund
Ryan Wilking
Eddie Wooters
Pro Women - (2)
Paige Bjerkaas
Rachel Diane
Sabrina Donaldson
Ashley Doub
Emily Miskiewicz
Pro Master - (10)
Ray Allen
Doug Bjerkaas
Jeff Evertz
Robert Fenton
Cardin Mcleod
Gary Meisner
Jason Palmer
Dan Schroeder
Dave Slocum
John Star
John Stevenson
Wesley Yusim
Pro Master Women - (0)
Kathy Hardyman
Pro Grandmaster - (11)
Jay Burghardt
Bill Campbell
Bruce Derington
Tim Gossage
Steve Hardyman
Michael Hendler
Geoff Hungerford
christopher keener
Pete Kenny
chris kopren
Rob Liebman
Danny Pring
Turner Ray
Scott Stoner
Jeff Tori
Pro Sr Grandmaster - (7)
Mike Broughton
Paul Hooston
Garland C Judd
Don Labor
Mike Maness
Tom Ohlschwager
Peter Shive
total of 81 paid registrants


1 Jason Rosenbaum
2 Rob Liebman
3 Ben Engelhardt
4 jeff evertz
5 Theodore Jennermann
6 Ashley Doub
7 Dustin Rule
8 Dave Slocum
9 Jacob Miner
10 Kevin Pamplin
11 KC Terry
12 Chris Brubeck
13 RJ Montano
14 Connor Mitts
15 Chris Collins
16 Jake Palmer
17 Jake Palmer
18 steve hagan
19 jasson palmrr
20 Gail Pace
21 Eagle McMahon
22 Pat McMahon
23 Sean Harpster