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2014 Johnny Roberts Memorial Doubles AM Pool

Sep 20, 2014 - Sep 21, 2014
Denver Area

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 Tournament Director

Tom Hamilton


 General Information

The spirit of Johnny Roberts has brought on a new challenge this year. Push yourself in a format that tests skill, stamina, and team work. 2014 Johnny Roberts Memorial will be a pick your own partner doubles tournament. 

Each team will play three courses with varying format consisting of best shot, alternate shot and best score. Work together for victory or commiserate in defeat. Remember overall, the most fun wins. 

Pool B - Amateur:
Round 1- Saturday: Bird's Nest
(Long Lunch)
Round 2- Saturday: GHOST TOWN
Round 3- Sunday: Badlands/Camenisch: Tee Times

Groups wanting to play mixed (1 male/1 female), but have one Open player, please register on the open side and choose the "Adults" division. 
Groups consisting of one player who normally players an Amateur division and one that normally plays an Open division should register in an Open division. 
Groups wanting to play mixed (1 male/1 female) and are both Amateur players, please choose the "Supporter" division. 

 Event Schedule

Pool B Amateur:
Round 1: Bird's Nest- 
Check in 7:30 to 8:15.
Player meeting 8:30


Round 2: Ghost Town
No less than 1.5 hours after the Bird's Nest Round

Round 3: Badlands/Camenisch: Tee Times

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1 Pete Kenny
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 Divisions & Registrants

Am Advanced - (14)
Justin Hoxie Aaron Doherty
Carl Klein Cael Zaslav
David Straight Camden Farmer
Zach Peele Dan Chandonnet
Kyle Harrigan David Nunez
Michael Liebgott Jason Liebgott
Travis McAlexander Jason Olshenske
Joe Pfeifer Joey Brown
Jared Hinton Kyle O'Neill
Joseph Prinzivalli Matthew Rothstein
Kyle Griffin Ryan Bloom
Mark Paquette Ryan Dillon
Tim Brainard Ryan Morrow
Will Orgain Todd Pace
Am Advanced Women - (0)
no entries yet
Am Advanced Master - (4)
Jason Heimark Lane Brewer
Jeff Evertz Marc Alton
Randy Anderson Mark Bell
Matt James Scott Gardner
Am Advanced Master Women - (0)
no entries yet
Am Advanced Grandmasters - (0)
no entries yet
Am Adv Grandmaster Women - (0)
no entries yet
Am Intermediate - (12)
Ryan Ferguson Andrew Feinberg
Jason Palmer Drew Palmer
Jonathan Provost Dusty Yeager
Tom Buckethal Gage Buckethal
Josh Kreutzer Josh Cordova
Michael LaRosa Ken Shaw
David Volkel Mathew Volkel
Mike Skidmore Oliver Keating
Nick Usher Paul Hubbard
Ronnie Ross Sal Ross
Chance Nelson Scott O'Brien
Jonathan Rumley Shawn Alfano
Am Intermediate Women - (2)
Sarah Winfrey Gail Pace
Alex Rosenbaum Kassie Clark
Am Recreational - (2)
Mike Gold Brett Morris
Joshua Hause Jared Mapes
Am Recreational Women - (1)
Leslie Chandler Kristi Hamilton
Junior Boys 13 & Under - (0)
no entries yet
Junior Girls 13 & Under - (1)
Tori Chandler Emily Ford
Supporter - (4)
Jacob Hicks Ashley Hicks
Brian Whitehead Jennifer Whitehead
Courtney Gantt Paul Hendricks
Dave Slocum Taylor Slocum
total of 40 paid registrants


1 Shane McDermed
2 Tyler Williams Anthony Delgado
3 Ken Stickley
4 Eric Macgill Mike Heycock
5 Brian Snider Ben Fairley
6 Chris Scurlock Partner
7 Andrew Wilson
8 Jon Smock
9 Tom Browne Phillip Holmea
10 Tom Browne Phillip Holmea
11 Erik Wilson
12 Eric Knab
13 Michelle Burghardt Nick Burghardt
14 jeremy allensworth
15 Brady Seaver
16 David Greg Urich Kinkel
17 Chase Roskos
18 shyam dhruv
19 Brandon Bartlett
20 Ruthann Lammers
21 David Donahue
22 Grant Manthey
23 Cory Sharp
24 Brendon Dodson
25 Ryan Filegar
26 Richard Slemaker