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2014 Spring Fling Am Side

Apr 12, 2014
Jellystone (Larkspur, CO)

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 Tournament Director

Marsha Sonderfan


 General Information

Spring Fling - All Amateur Divisions
Saturday April 12, 2014
2 rounds of 18 holes at Jellystone DGC in Larkspur, CO

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We have some exciting changes this year for the Spring Fling!

First, due to the redesign of the Johnny Roberts Memorial Park, this year's Spring Fling will be held at the Jellystone disc golf course in Larkspur, CO! We're excited for the opportunity to use Jellystone!
Second, we're switching the format of this year's amateur event to be a "True Amateur" format. This means that in lieu of payouts based on performance and finish at the end of the event, you'll all receive a bigger player's pack at the start of the event. We'll have trophies for the top three finishers in each division.

Registration opens for all amateur divisions on March 1, 2014.
Refunds will be given at 100% up until April 4, 2014.  A refund of 50% plus player's pack will be given up until April 9, 2014.  No refunds will be issued after April 9!

Come help support the Food Bank of the Rockies and bid on your shot at priority registration for Spring Fling! No hassles and frantic clicking when registration opens! Check out the forums for more information on the Ice Bowl and silent auction.

Jellystone is a private disc golf course, and they are graciously letting us use their property. Note that the entry fees this year have been adjusted to cover the $5 per player fee that we incur for using this beautiful property!

If you end up on the waitlist, do not despair! Many people have gotten in off the waitlist in the past. HOWEVER, PLEASE USE AN EMAIL ADDRESS THAT YOU REGULARLY CHECK! If a spot opens up and you get in off the waitlist, you will receive an email stating that a spot is open and you'll have 24 hours to respond to that, or get moved to the bottom of the waitlist again.

All current PDGA members receive a $10 discount on the entry fee.  Please note that entry fees displayed on this page reflect the $10 discount.  Any player that has not been a member of the PDGA previous will receive a supporting membership including a PDGA number, and PDGA mini and a rule book.

 Event Schedule

7-8:00 am - Check-in
8:15 am - Waitlist
8:30 am - Players Meeting
9:00 am - First Round
1 hr lunch break following first round
~1:30 pm - Second Round
After 2nd round Mini Golf starts
~6:30 pm Awards

 Online Registration



1 Scott Leader
2 Cpt Fidget
3 Jeff Bailey
4 Jeff McCormack
5 Joel Abrian
6 Geoff Hungerford
7 Mike Storrs
8 Ray Woodruff
9 David Straight
10 Mitch Sonderfan
11 Eric Bouchard
12 Ron Leader
13 Ron Leader
14 Eddie Wooters
15 Sarah Winfrey

 Divisions & Registrants

Am Advanced - (31)
Michael Abernathy
Michael Bibby
Ryan Bloom
shawn bullard
Dan Chandonett
Camden Farmer
Aaron Grunwald
Kyle Harrigan
Daniel Herrera
bryan hollis
Carl Klein
Michael Liebgott
Kevin Neely
Anthony Nicoloff
David Nunez
Kyle O'Neill
Mark Paquette
Zach Peele
Jack Peterson
ian pisowicz
Ben Ray
Jonathan Rumley
Brian Shaw
james sherman
Steven Silver
Jonathan Siska
Jason Trujillo
Damien Veniegas
Adam Wicklund
Ron Wiggins
Nathan Winfield
Brendan Zedlitz
Am Advanced Women - (4)
Ashley Doub
Kari Krauss
Christy Mullins
gail pace
Sarah Winfrey
Am Advanced Master - (12)
Lennie Bottorff
Kevin Carlson
Kelly Craig
Jeff Evertz
Rob Gilmore
Paul Hendricks
Matt James
Todd Krauss
Jason Palmer
Doug Smith II
Jamey Tinch
Mike Webster
Am Advanced Master Women - (5)
Noemi Bjerkaas
michelle burghardt
courtney gantt
Jurky Jurkovich
Karen Sattler
Am Advanced Grandmasters - (4)
Michael Hawkins
cayse osterlund
Donald C Reed
Dave Suger
Am Intermediate - (21)
Nathan Abernathy
Jason Abeyta
Andy Bond
Lane Brewer
ron brown
Tom Browne
Paul Buck
Tom Buckethal
Dave Cervantes
Joel Chirhart
Ryan Ferguson
Jason Heimark
Philip Holmes
Josh Kreutzer
Justin Leazer
Casey Profitt
Daniel Rees
Duane Rodarte
Tyler Smith
Keane Sumner
Nick Usher
Am Intermediate Women - (2)
sandra richardson
Suzanne Wicklund
Am Recreational - (4)
scot jacobson
Andy Lucas
Anthony Sharp
Christopher Trom
Am Recreational Women - (4)
Christina Copeland
EJ Kopp
Lynn Leader
pepper varga
Junior Boys 16 & Under - (3)
Gage Buckethal
Auron Kreutzer
Drew Palmer
Junior Girls 16 & Under - (0)
Skylar Buckethal
total of 90 paid registrants


1 Larry McCourt
2 bill spahr
3 Mark Sharpe
4 Mike LaRosa
5 Eric Macgill
6 Dustin Rule
7 Daniel Boulanger
8 Cael Zaslav
9 Ryan Wilking
10 Dale O'Brien
11 Budd Kerr
12 shawn aschliman
13 Scott Obrien
14 Eddie Wooters
15 Sean Mullins
16 Mike Haycock
17 John Seng
18 Josh Kniss
19 Christopher White
20 Jenney Reed
21 Don Reed
22 Theodore Jennermann
23 Mark Bell
24 Jason Liebgott
25 Gary Meisner
26 Andy Silcott
27 Adam selby
28 Scott Gardner
29 Brian Snider
30 Dane Volkel
31 James Mariscal
32 reed hendler
33 Brian Maynard
34 shannon Lee Smith
35 Dixon Pettengill
36 Grant Kuhlmann
37 Ryan Rockx
38 joshua bergquist
39 David Gildner
40 Rj Montano
41 Rj Montano
42 Kyle Shanley
43 Dan Dobbins
44 Matt McGregor
45 Jason Thom
46 Eric Naegele
47 John Seng
48 Sean Connell
49 Ertic Bouchard
50 Gregory Haag II
51 tom clink
52 Quincy Diggs
53 armin johnson
54 Michael Anderson
55 Chris Dixon
56 jason hefkin
57 Daniel Kasa
58 Geir Kasa
59 Stuart Ensz
60 Chris Collins
61 Rob Bray
62 Lee Gelderman
63 jasson palmer
64 Joshua Juron
65 Matthew Chute