2014 Peak One Disc Golf Mile High Classic- Amateur Pool logo

2014 Peak One Disc Golf Mile High ClassicAmateur Pool

Aug 23, 2014
Peak One DGC, Frisco, CO

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 Tournament Director

Camden Farmer, David Straight & David Nunez


 General Information

A PDGA C-tier event that will knock your socks off. A special course will be used for this tournament. This spilt field event will see the Amateur players competing on Saturday, August 23rd and the Open players on Sunday, August 24th. Players from either field are encouraged to come out, cheer on other golfers and volunteer back to the tournament. 

This event is also part of the Phenix PODS series. More information about the PODS events can be found here: http://www.phenixdiscsports.com/product/14-pods-8/

 Event Schedule

Early check-in 2-4pm
Random draw staggered start doubles
3pm to 4:30pm (last card can start at 4:30)

Check-in- 7:30 am - 8:30 am
Player meeting 8:30 am
First round 9 am
Lunch TBD (No less than 1 hour)
Second round TBD
Player awards and party- plan to hang out and have fun

Come volunteer and watch the open players

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1 Capt Fidget
2 Rob Liebman
3 Scott Leader
4 Chad Francis
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 Divisions & Registrants

Am Advanced - (26)
Andrew Belet
Michael Bibby
Tim Blanks
Jake Broughton
John Carson
Kyle Hurricane Harrigan
Justin Hoxie
Evan Jones
Steve Klehfoth
Eric EMac Magilla Macgill
J Martinez
Ricardo Martinez
Billy Merrill
Nicholas Muth
Eric Naegele
Will Orgain
Zach Peele
Gabe Peugnet
Oliver Redding
Steven Silver
Ryan Stamper
Damien Veniegas
Joey Wasinger
Kelly Williams
Patrick Yoe
cael zaslav
Am Advanced Master - (17)
Danny Austin
Mark Bell
Lennie Bottorff
Kevin Carlson
Mark Doty
Jeff Evertz
Scott Gardner
Paul Hendricks
Carl Klein
Brian Laurie
Noah Learner
David Lee
Gary Meisner
Jason Palmer
Donald C Reed
Michael Reis
David Urich
Am Advanced Women - (4)
Jessie Klehfoth
Christy Mullins
Gail Pace
Angelina Videtto
Am Advanced Master Women - (4)
Michelle Burghardt
Courtney Gantt
Jurky Jurkovich
Laura Sahlman
Am Intermediate - (28)
matthew bibby
Lane Brewer
Tom Browne
Matt Budenholzer
Justin Frayser
Brandon Hawksley
Mike Haycock
Daniel Herrera
philip holmes
Christopher Juskowiak
Ryan Kraus
Josh Kreutzer
Joe Lindsey
Joshua Lloyd
David Lowell
brian morrell
Constantin Nickonov
daniel nicol
scott Obrien
Chris Pelopida
dave rowe
Adam Selby
Kyle Shanley
Travis Shirk
Leonard Siegel
Nick Usher
Zach Vilante
Will Welter
Am Intermediate Women - (2)
Alex Liebman
sandra richardson
Am Recreational - (5)
Todd Dobbs
bill jarmon
Ron Leader
joe nicol
Anthony Zinsmaster
Am Recreational Women - (6)
Heather Austin
Meci Klein
Micaela Klein
Lynn Leader
Carin Palmer
Kathrine Whelan
Junior Boys 16 & Under - (1)
Drew Palmer
Junior Girls 16 & Under - (0)
no entries yet
total of 93 paid registrants


1 Trevor Gagstetter
2 Christy Mullins
3 Zach Vilante
4 Joshua Lloyd
5 Jeff Evertz
6 Eric Macgill
7 Kathrine Whelan
8 Constantin Nickonov
9 Tom Browne
10 Austen Mazenko
11 Nick Anderson
12 shawn Sullivan
13 Andrew Wilson
14 alex hall
15 James Mariscal
16 Jake Palmer
17 Gage Buckethal
18 Tom Buckethal
19 joshua juron
20 shyam dhruv
21 Mike Maness
22 Krista Vohs
23 Erin Williams
24 Josh Lowenguth
25 Corey Myers
26 lisa soto
27 Christopher White
28 Matthew Petrie
29 Christopher Zmugg
30 Chase Roskos
31 Patrick Sandvig
32 Martin Green
33 colby hockersmith
34 Ivan Flores
35 Daniel Razo
36 Shawn Aschliman
37 Nathan Lochner
38 alex hall
39 Jeff Cohee
40 Brian Mattson