WW9Deer Mountain

Nov 02, 2013
Deer Mountain

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 Tournament Director

Ray Woodruff & Jeff McCormack


 General Information

This is pre-registration for the opening day of Winter Warriors!

This will be one round of 18 holes in a modified layout that should be a bit more "winter" friendly.

We will be capping the amount of players at 106 and a waitlist will be started after that number. If you think you want to play this event, sign up and we'll see you there.

If you sign up, but cannot attend, we appreciate your donation to the Food Bank. In the interest of the rest of the group, please let us know as soon as you can that you will not attend so that we can allow others to participate.

If, for some reason, the weather is such that playing the course would prove dangerous to players or the land the course is on (Jim's call) we will be moving the location to Bird's Nest.

SEASON PASS HOLDERS! - Check the list before registering. We have added those who have signed up for the season pass to this registered list already.


 Event Schedule

8am - player check in
9am - player meeting
9:15 - draw partners
9:30 - tee off

CTP to follow the round

 Online Registration


 Divisions & Registrants

All Players - (104)
Randy Anderson
Josh Barber
Matthew Barker
Mark Bell
Doug Bjerkaas
Kurt Blackwell
Lennie Bottorff
Lane Brewer
Jay Burghardt
Jim Cannon
Kevin Carlson
Dave Cervantes
Daniel Chavez
Annie Dickerson
Lowell Dietz
Jeff Evertz
Camden Farmer
Nick Ferguson
Will Fleming
Daniel Franklin
Trevor Gagstetter
Courtney Gantt
Greg Gorkowski
Joe Haman
Tom Hamilton
Kyle Harrigan
Jason Heimark
michael hendler
reed hendler
Paul Hendricks
Andrew Herrera
Scott Hoffman
Ken Hughes
Calvin Hunsinger
Alex Johnson
Garland Judd
Jonathan Kamm
Christopher Keener
Jessie Klehfoth
Steven Klehfoth
carl klein
Josh Kreutzer
Travis Laing
Travis Laing
Lynn Leader
Ron Leader
Scott Leader
Jason Liebgott
Michael Liebgott
Rob Liebman
Mike Livingston
David Lowell
Eric Macgill
Heath MacLeod
Ricardo Martinez
Brent May
Travis McAlexander
Jeff McCormack
Larry McCourt
Eagle McMahon
patrick mcmahon
Gary Meisner
Ian Millard
Leonard Miller
Sean Mullins
Nicholas Muth
Rob Nichols
Constantin Nickonov
Colin Noland
David Nunez
Dale O'Brien
Kyle O'Neill
Scott Osterhoudt
Gail Pace
Carin Palmer
Drew Palmer
Jason Palmer
Jeff Panis
Paul Paquette
Rich Peters
Jack Peterson
Eric Pierce
Dave Ponto
Danny Pring
Ben Ray
Chad Richardson
Sandra Richardson
Dustin Rule
Dan Schroeder
John Seelhoff
Mark Sharpe
Barry Sheely
Travis Shirk
Lenny Siegel
Doug Smith
Marsha Sonderfan
Mitch Sonderfan
Carl Spangler
John Stevenson
Brett Stipetich
Mike Storrs
David Straight
Dave Suger
Shawn Sullivan
Keane Sumner
Robby Uhrman
David Urich
Angelina Videtto
Mike Webster
Christopher White
Ryan wilking
Andrew Wilson
Sarah Winfrey
Ray Woodruff
total of 104 paid registrants


1 Todd Pace
2 Andrew Wilson
3 Dave Ponto
4 Kyle O'Neill
5 Lenny Siegel
6 mark bell
7 sean mullins
8 Rich Peters
9 John Britton
10 Matthew Barker
11 calvin hunsinger
12 Travis Laing
13 Tom Schilling