USDGC Qualifier

Sep 01, 2013
Colorado Heights Univ

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 Tournament Director

Kyle Maute

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 General Information

1 round of 18: Tee Times every 10 minutes.
Tee times will be assigned randomly at 8:30am

Performance based scoring: Each stroke is worth 9 rating points. The starting scoring for players will be based off of the following scoring:
Course Par 55 1000
1014-1022 = +6 1005-1013 = +5
996-1004 = +4 987-995 = +3
978-986 = +2 969-977 = +1
960-968 = Even 951-959 = -1
942-950 = -2 933-941 = -3
924-932 = -4 915-923 = -5
906-914 = -6 897-905 = -7
888-896 = -8 876-887 = -9

If Johnny X is a 990 rated player, and shots a round of 52 his ADJUSTED score would be 55.
If his sister, Joanie X, is a 890 rated player, and shoots a 62, her ADJSUTED score would be 54. JOANIE WINS

In the event of a tie, the participants will take part in a playoff of no less then 3 holes. All players, with a TIED ADJUSTED after one round, will play Holes 21, 1 and 2. If there is still a tie after 3 holes, the sudden death playoff continues with Hole 14, 15, 16, 20, and 21. Continuing that same loop until a winner has been determined. Handicapping part of the event will not carry over into the playoff. Playoff is purely stroke play.

We will be using a “Distance” penalty, similar to the format used in the 2012 USDGC. If a player goes out of bounds, or OB, THEY DO NOT ADVANCE. Instead, they will shoot again, from the same spot, WITHOUT PENALTY. So for example, if “Johnny X” threw into the road on Hole 5 from his tee shot. Instead of going to where he was last in bounds and throwing his next shoot with an OB penalty stroke, Johnny X would simply stay on the tee pad and be throwing his second shot. With all of this being said, for speed of play, please take a PROVISIONAL, IF THERE IS ANY QUESTION on whether or not a disc is safe.

Any player competing for the USDGC state spot needs to have the following:
- A PDGA player rating to base handicapping.
- Be a resident of Colorado
Players competing for Colorado State spot are strongly recommended to have no less then 12 sanctioned rounds since January 1st 2013.

Money raised from Qualifying will go to the winner of the spot. $100 for the entry fee for the USDGC will go back to Mile High to reimburse them for the Paid USDGC Spot. The rest will be issued to the winning player in check form from MHDGC upon providing a receipt for expenses; ie. Plane ticket, hotel receipt, etc.

Since this is for a PDGA Major, the winner of the spot will need to be a current PDGA member by the time they play the USDGC. Also, PDGA rules will be observed for this qualifying event. Aside from PDGA rules and guidelines, we also will be held to the standards of Colorado Heights University. Thank you very much Doug and CHU for hosting yet another event this year. Any player found breaking PDGA rules or CHU rules and guidelines will be disqualified.

 Event Schedule

Player Check in and day of registration-7:30am.
Please check in before 
8:30am to be included in the tee assignments.
Any player needing to have a specific tee time addressed, needs to contact the Event TD (Kyle Maute) no less then 24 hours before the event

 Online Registration


 Divisions & Registrants

Qualifier - (12)
Doug Bjerkaas
Jim Cannon
Dave Cervantes
Lucas Hensley
Alex Johnson
Christopher Keener
Josh Kreutzer
Will Orgain
Ben Ray
Nick Usher
Dane Volkel
Eddie Wooters
Supporter - (8)
Andrew Chappell
Michael Chappell
David Lowell
Ian Millard
JBC Uknow Me
The Crusher Usher
mike webster
Brendan Zedlitz
total of 20 paid registrants