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Apr 27, 2013
East Interlocken Park

 Tournament Director

Ken Hughes

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 General Information

Intertwine your fate with the fate of the legendary Houses! 

Which House will you back—House Ray, House Nunez, House Dave, or House Camden? 

Back the right house, and power and riches will be yours!  Back the wrong house, and see your fate forfeited!

For only $3, you can align yourself with the House you think will win the 2013 Team Neapolitan Grudge Match by choosing the "Supporter Division." Then pick the house you want to back.  If the House you back wins, your name will go into a drawing to win a special TNGM backer prize pack, which will include 5 new Latitude 64 discs (courtesy of Rob Liebman) and a new QMS (courtesy of The Chad).  In addition, if your name is drawn, then you will be given a PAID REGISTRATION TO THE 2013 MILE HIGH CLASSIC

There will be only one drawing winner, and only entrants who backed the winning House will be entered.  So make your choice wisely, and then spread the word about who you've backed!  Of course, if you’re worried about staking your life on a single House, then back more than one!
 You can back the same House more than once if you are confident in their battle abilities. Multiple entries get added to the drawing for the prizes. 

If you want to hedge your bets on all four teams to guarantee a chance at the prize pack then register as a "Qualifier." This option is $10 (SAVE $2!!). Choose all four Houses when you choose this option. 
We will also be taking bets on-site the morning of the Grudge Match, but the price jumps to $5 to back a House and $15 to back all of them.

When registering choose the house you want to back from the drop down options. Registrations that fail to pick a team will not be counted for prizes. Pick your winner early and even often if you want. 

All proceeds will go to the 2013 Mile High Classic and 2013 Rocky Mountain Women’s Disc Golf Championship. Smack talk encouraged!

 Event Schedule

Submit your predictions anytime after the
TNGM draft on April 18th to April 26th at 9pm
Picks for the winning team will be put in to a raffle at the TNGM Awards party. 
One winner will be picked from that pool. 
You do not have to be present to win, but don't you want to be?

 Online Registration


 Divisions & Registrants

Supporter - (9)
Jeff Evertz
jeff fly true Evertz
Camden Farmer
Ken Hughes
Eric Knight
Eric Knight
House Nunez
David The Red Straight
David Urich
Qualifier - (14)
Mrs Fondleham
Trevor Gagstetter
The Gazebo
Jonathan Kamm
Christopher Keener
Eric Knight
Eric Knight
Dave Lowell
Larry McCourt
Ian Millard
Matthew Morrison
dave rowe
Todd Taylor
Ray Woodruff
total of 23 paid registrants