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10th Annual Mile High ClassicAM POOL

Aug 24, 2013
Johnny Roberts Memorial

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 Tournament Director

Camden Farmer


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 General Information

The MHC will honor a true Colorado disc golf legend, Johnny Roberts Memorial Disc Golf Course, by hosting the last tournament in the current configuration. Ams will play 2 rounds of 19 holes on Saturday including the infamous hole 8. 

- Sponsorship from disc companies: Phenix, Dynamic Discs, and Latitude 64 & Top Card
- Oskar Blues Bone Wagon truck for both days. BBQ, Burgers and other goodies
- Am player packs valued more than the price of admission
- Some sweet stuff from Fate Brewing Co. out of Boulder
- CTP discs for some extra giveaways
- Added cash from TNGM and MHDGC 
- More sponsorship pending!

The evening of Friday, August 23rd there will be either a doubles or a one disc challenge. More details to come. 

As per Arvada city regulations, NO SMOKING will be allowed in the park or the parking lot. Smokers can take a break on the roads if need be. 

Refunds will be given at 100% up until August 17, 2013.  A refund of 50% plus player's pack will be given up until August 21, 2013.  No refunds will be issued after August 21!

 Event Schedule

Practice day at the course
9am to 4pm
4:30 pm - Random draw doubles/ One disc challenge or similar 

8 am- Player check in
8:45 am- Player meeting
9 am- First round start
Lunch TBD
2nd Round following lunch
Awards following 2nd round and mini-games

 Online Registration



1 Joel Abrian
2 Scott Leader
3 Marsha Sonderfan

 Divisions & Registrants

Am Advanced - (21)
jared aigner
Tim Berry
Joey Brown
Jesse Cooper
Gibby Gibbs
Aaron Grunwald
Kyle Harrigan
Lucas Hensley
Andrew Herrera
Theodore Jennermann
Scott Leader
Johnny Mac
Eric Macgill
Kyle Maute
Reid McConnell
Anthony Nicoloff
Will Orgain
jake Palmer
Mark Paquette
ian pisowicz
Ben Ray
Travis Shirk
Douglas Smith
Sean Stover
tom thorstad
Damien Veniegas
Cael Zaslav
Am Advanced Master - (12)
Marc Alton
mark bell
Lennie Bottorff
Kevin Carlson
Jeff Evertz
Paul Hendricks
Carl Klein
David Lee
Brent May
Walter Powell
Mark Sharpe
Dave Swanson
Am Advanced Women - (2)
Jurky Jurkovich
Emily Miskiewicz
Christy Mullins
Am Advanced Master Women - (1)
Sarah McCourt
Laura Sahlman
Am Intermediate - (30)
Jason Abeyta
Andy Bond
Lane Brewer
Tom Browne
Joel Chirhart
David Csutoras
Brandon Hawksley
Mike Haycock
Jason Heimark
Daniel Herrera
Josh Kreutzer
joshua lloyd
Nathan Lochner
David Lowell
Dustin Martin
Gary Meisner
matthew morrison
Nicholas Muth
Jason Palmer
Matt Pees
Jack Peterson
Joe Pfeifer
david rowe
Dustin Rule
Jeremiah Schwartz
Steven Silver
Dave Slocum
Brian Snider
Dave Suger
Nick Usher
Tyler Williams
Am Intermediate Women - (4)
Courtney Gantt
Chanelle Libunao
Alex Liebman
Gail Pace
Am Recreational - (15)
Jordan Cooper
shyam dhruv
paul harp
Josh Hause
John Herr
Jeff Kaufman
Ronr Leader
James Mariscal
Roman Peshkov
Donald C Reed
Ryan Rockx
Robert Santoro
Shaun Silva
Todd Taylor
Jay Thorndyke
Am Recreational Women - (1)
Viki Kooiman
Junior Boys 19 & Under - (5)
Hunter Ray Gold
reed hendler
Kellen Johnson
Drew Palmer
Salvador Ross
Junior Girls 19 & Under - (3)
Meci Klein
Micaela Klein
Taylor Slocum
Tee Sign Sponsor - (0)
no entries yet
total of 94 paid registrants


1 Sal Ross
2 Tom Browne
3 Arron Bradley
4 Ben Ray
5 Matt Pees
6 Jeff Kaufman
7 Jeremiah Schwartz
8 Donald C Reed
9 Gail Pace
10 Hunter Gold
11 Rick Gold
12 Nathan Matlack
13 Mark bell
14 shyam dhruv
15 Steven Silver
16 Cory McGrath
17 Steven Behunin
18 Viki Kooiman
19 Richard Olson
20 Kelly Littlefield
21 Zane Littlefield
22 Dave Cervantes
23 Caitlin McNany
24 Jesse Erickson
25 Daniel Friendshuh
26 Dale O'Brien
27 Zac Coisman
28 David Brannan
29 Budd Kerr
30 Kyle Wood
31 Stephen Straight
33 Ben Hamby
34 Keith price
35 Cain Blackwell
36 isaac dimitt
37 Grant Kuhlmann
38 Casey Profitt
39 Scott Obrien
40 Chad Richardson
41 chris kopren
42 Tyler Smith
43 Zach Fritsch
44 Andrew McGown
45 Justin Parker
46 keith vest
47 Victor Frescaz
48 Benjamin Fairley