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10th Spring FlingAll Amateur Divisions

Apr 06, 2013
Johnny Roberts

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 Tournament Director

Marsha Sonderfan


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 General Information

Spring Fling - All Amatuer Divisions
Saturday, April 6, 2013
2 rounds of 19 holes at Johnny Roberts Disc Golf Course in Arvada, CO.

The City of Arvada recently acquired the property south of the fence on 17 and west of 5's basket, and they've asked us to use that front yard area for tournament central. Therefore, we'll be setting up a tent over there, and shuffling the numbering of the course a little bit so that it can flow from there. Please plan to park over to the east side of the parking lot and meet near hole 5's basket, rather than the pavilion over by hole 1.

All check-in this year will be done onsite. There is no early check-in. You must check-in with event staff by 8:15 am on the day of your event or your spot will be given to the next person on the waitlist.

City of Arvada rules dictate that there is no smoking or alcohol allowed in the park or on the course. Thus, any smoking or alcohol during the rounds is a violation of PDGA rules and may result in disciplinary action by the TD or tournament staff.

All PDGA rules will be in effect. If you're not familiar with the PDGA rules, please take a few minutes before tournament day to review the Official Rules and the Competition Manual.

Registration is full. You may register for the waitlist.

Refunds will be given at 100% up until March 29, 2013.  A refund of 50% plus player's pack will be given up until April 3, 2012.  No refunds will be issued after April 3!

If you end up on the waitlist, do not despair! Many people have gotten in off the waitlist in the past. HOWEVER, PLEASE USE AN EMAIL ADDRESS THAT YOU REGULARLY CHECK! If a spot opens up and you get in off the waitlist, you will receive an email stating that a spot is open and you'll have 24 hours to respond to that, or get moved to the bottom of the waitlist again.

All current PDGA members receive a $10 discount on the entry fee.  Please note that entry fees displayed on this page reflect the $10 discount.  Any player that has not been a member of the PDGA previous will receive a supporting membership including a PDGA number, and PDGA mini and a rule book.

Good news for juniors!! This year, Mile High Disc Golf Club has agree to cover the entry fee for up to five junior players for the Spring Fling. All five junior spots were claimed quickly!

Oskar Blues will be sending the Bonewagon down during lunch, serving up scrumptious food!  They are kindly donating lunch for tournament staff and volunteers, and will have food available at retail for players, spectators, passers by and anyone else who may want to purchase lunch.

Our sponsors scroll in the box at the top right, but we'd like to take an extra minute to thank them.  Without sponsors, our tournaments could not be nearly as successful.  Please be sure to support these businesses, tell them Mile High Disc Golf sent you, and thank them for their support!

Go here for the Pro Day

 Event Schedule

Friday April 5 Doubles
4:00 pm - Checkin
4:30 pm - Start

Saturday April 6
7-8:00 am - Checkin
8:15 am - Waitlist
8:30 am - Players Meeting
9:00 am - First Round
1 hr lunch break following first round
~1:30 pm - Second Round
After 2nd round Mini Golf starts
~5:30 pm Pro Clinic
~6:30 pm Awards

 Online Registration



1 Chad Francis
2 robert nichols
3 Mitch Sonderfan
4 Doug Bjerkaas
5 Matt James
6 chris kopren
7 Joel Abrian
8 Joe Rovere
9 Jay Burghardt

 Divisions & Registrants

Am Advanced - (27)
Jesse Cooper
Justin Deegan
Will Fleming
trevor gagstetter
jason Gibbs
Josh Guhl
Jeff Harlan
andrew herrera
Scott Leader
Eric Macgill
Cory McGrath
Leonard Miller
Adam Mondragon
RJ Montano
Gary Mullins
David Nunez
James O'Leary
El Gabe Peugnet
Chris Pickett
ian pisowicz
Dale Ryden
Jonathan Siska
Doug Smith
Doug Smith
Mike Storrs
Damien Veniegas
Ron Wiggins
Kirk Woltemade
Am Advanced Women - (4)
Jurky Jurkovich
Jurky Jurkovich
Christy Mullins
Gail Pace
Leah Taylor
Am Advanced Master - (11)
mark bell
Jeff EvertZ
Scott Gardner
Carl Klein
Brent May
Richard Peters
Dan Schroeder
Mark Sharpe
David Urich
Mike Webster
Barry Young
Am Advanced Master Women - (4)
Noemi Bjerkaas
Michelle Burghardt
Courtney Gantt
Laura Sahlman
Am Advanced Grandmasters - (4)
Jeff bailey
David Lowell
Billy OConnell
Robert Silva
Am Intermediate - (23)
Jason Abeyta
ed allhouse
Andy Bond
Lane Brewer
Tom Buckethal
Camden Farmer
Ryan Ferguson
Kyle Harrigan
Mike Haycock
Paul Hendricks
Daniel Herrera
Philip Holmes
Josh Kreutzer
Justin Leazer
dustin martin
Tito Nunez
Dale O'Brien
Dave Slocum
Chris Stroberger
Dave Suger
Nick Usher
Tyler Williams
Brendan Zedlitz
Am Intermediate Women - (0)
no entries yet
Am Recreational - (11)
Kevin Carlson
Errin Galloway
Robert Grant
grant kuhlmann
Ron Leader
Chad Moore
Jason Palmer
Walter Powell
Duane Rodarte
david rowe
Keane Sumner
Dave Swanson
Am Recreational Women - (4)
kassondra clark
Elizabeth Kopp
Lynn Leader
Katherine Rothstein
Junior Boys 16 & Under - (4)
Gage Buckethal
Reed Hendler
Kellen Johnson
Drew Palmer
Junior Girls 16 & Under - (3)
Meci Klein
Micaela Klein
Taylor Slocum
Non-Playing Supporter - (0)
no entries yet
total of 95 paid registrants


1 Camden Farmer
2 Jason Abeyta
3 Marcus Rawls
4 Todd Taylor
5 Frank Lane
6 Chance Nelson
7 Sam Alfano
8 Eddie Wooters
9 David Gildner
10 Wallis Victory
11 Shawn Aschliman
12 Rob Tharp
13 Dylan Shorter
14 Shawn Sullivan
15 Tom Browne
16 Ryan Rockx
17 Matt Pees
18 Adam Wicklund
19 Suzanne Wicklund
20 Mike Maness
21 Joshua Hause
22 Kelly Craig
23 James Mantooth
24 Lance Trott
25 Erik Hubbard
26 Trey Blackburn
27 Daniel Franklin
28 Josh Wainscott
29 Leon Keeney
30 Will Orgain
31 Matt Taylor
32 Joshua Lloyd
33 Matthew Arminio
34 Mark Reece
35 Todd Krauss
36 Scott Obrien
37 Brian Shintaku
38 Carly Shintaku
39 joseph brown
40 Tony Shoopman
41 Jonathon Rivera
42 Rob Gilmore
43 Wayne Bonham
44 Dan Theisen
45 James Stegmann
46 Daniel Chavez
47 Ryan Wilking
48 Justin Frayser
49 Derek Donaldson
50 evan jones
51 Jeffrey Walker
52 Reid McConnell
53 Todd Blanchard