Jun 16, 2012
Arvada, CO

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 Tournament Director

Chad Francis

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 General Information

Come on down to Bird's Nest Disc Park for perhaps the silliest and most fun disc golf event you'll ever play! The course plays backwards so all the holes are short, but every one has a twist. Dropkick your drive, avoid the kiddie pool OB's, hit the hanging basket... even throwing a rubber chicken! All proceeds from this year's tournament will again benefit the EDGE program (Educational Disc Golf Experience). This program helps introduce school-age children to the sport of disc golf and works with physical education instructors interested in integrating disc golf into their curriculum.

This years players package is still up in the air (get it?), but rumors are that it may include a custom-stamped CONDOR! There will be prizes for the top few finishers in each division, some great CTP prizes and a super-fun ring of fire. 

If you've never played in a disc golf tournament, but want to know what it's about in a just-for-fun environment, then this is the event for you!

For those new to this style of event, here's a quick guide to the divisions:
Apples: pros or experienced amateurs
Oranges: beginners to intermediate amateurs
Melons: all the ladies
Bananas: all kids (13 and under)
non-playing supporters will receive a players package disc

(no more Prunes division, sorry fellas... just not enough takers to justify)


 Event Schedule

  • 8a-9a check-in
  • 9:15a players meeting
  • 9:30a 1st round
  • ~noon lunch
  • ~1:30p 2nd round
  • ~4:30p ring of fire and ctps
  • ~5p awards

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1 Doug Bjerkaas
2 Dan Gargan
3 Larry McCourt

 Divisions & Registrants

Apples - (8)
Jay Burghardt
Camden Farmer
Tom Hamilton
michael hendler
Jeremy Lange
Mitch Sonderfan
David Straight
Ray Woodruff
Oranges - (16)
Nathan Broslawsky
Jeff Evertz
Danny Gallegos
Kevin Gallegos
Kyle Harrigan
Paul James
Leon Keeney
Joshua Lloyd
Jeff Olsen
Walter Powell
Wyatt Prentice
Duane Rodarte
Mike Scarborough
Dave Swanson
Todd Taylor
Melons - (11)
Noemi Bjerkaas
Michelle Burghardt
Courtney Gantt
Natalie James
Norma Keeney
Viki Kooiman
Jen Macdonald
Cathy Powell
Laura Sahlman
Marsha Sonderfan
Laura Stokes
Bananas - (6)
reed hendler
Kellen Johnson
Kadin Powell
kylee reetz
Andrew Swanson
Kaelen Woodruff
Non-Playing Supporter - (8)
Chad Francis
Paul Hendricks
Ken Hughes
Matt James
Jurky Jurkovich
Jonathan Kamm
Pete Kenny
Christopher Thomas
total of 49 paid registrants