2nd Annual Rocky Mountain Women's Disc Golf Championship

Jun 30, 2012
Colorado Heights University DGC

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 Tournament Director

Doug Bjerkaas & Ray Woodruff


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 General Information

Tournament is now full (again).  We have 100 ladies signed up!  If you are interested in playing and want to get on the waiting list, please email me (dbjerkaas@comcast.net) and include your name, division, pdga# (if you have one), address, phone, email, and shirt size (please indicate women's or men's when including shirt size).  Players will be added to the tournament from the waitlist in the order I receive their email requests.

CADDIES and TEE SIGN SPONSORS - We still need you!  Use the "Click Here to Register" option to sign up to either caddy or to be a tee sign sponsor (or both!).

The 2nd Annual Rocky Mountain Women's Disc Golf Championships (RMWDGC)

Presented by FADE Gear
Saturday, June 30, 2012 at the private Colorado Heights University (CHU) DGC in Denver, Colorado
A PDGA B-Tier Event

The first 75 women to register will receive a fantastic player's package!
Registration opens on January 1, 2012 at noon MT.
Registration will close on Friday, June 22 at 11:59:59PM MT.

Entrance Fees
All players (except for Juniors) can subtract $10.00 if PDGA membership is current.  Please note that entry fees displayed on this page reflect the $10 discount.

Open Women - $55.00
Open Masters Women - $55.00
Advanced Women - $45.00
Advanced Masters Women - $45.00
Intermediate Women - $35.00
Recreational Women - $25.00
Junior Girls (under 19) - $20.00
Junior Girls (under 16) - $20.00
Junior Girls (under 13) - free (entry fee paid by the Mile High Disc Golf Club)*
Junior Girls (under 10) - free (entry fee paid by the Mile High Disc Golf Club)*

*The Mile High Disc Golf Club will pay for the first 20 junior girls who sign up for either the under 10 or under 13 divisions.

Amateur payout provided by vendors - pick your own prizes!
Parking details and practice day schedule to be released later!  This info will be emailed to all registered players and caddies.

RMWDGC Caddy Pool

Anyone wishing to support the RMWDGC-2 as a caddy, may register as a caddy.  To register as a caddy, a $25.00 donation to the tournament is required.  The first 75 caddies to sign up will receive at least a tournament caddy shirt, a tournament disc, and free lunch at the event.  If you are curious as to what being a caddy is like at the RMWDGC - ask one of the 70+ caddies who had a blast working the first RMWDGC!  If there are more caddies that players at the event, the caddies will be used as spotters on the course.  Caddies will also be able to play the CHU course for free on the designated practice days.  A Caddy-only doubles round will be held on Friday evening (June 29).

Tee Sign Sponsors
We are looking for organizations, businesses and individuals to sponsor the tee signs for the RMWDGC.  The tee sign sponsorship will be $100 again this year.  Sponsors will be given their tee sign at the end of the event.  These are beautiful full-color signs that look great hung at a business or on the wall of your "disc room".  To sponsor a tee sign, simply register for the event as a "tee sign sponsor".  Ray or Doug will get in touch with you to coordinate the artwork for the sign.

Questions about the event?  Interested in sponsoring the event?
email: rmwdgc@mhdgc.org or call Doug at 817-713-4211 or Ray at 720-334-7299

 Event Schedule

Friday evening - June 29

*Women's Random Draw Doubles 5:00PM shotgun start

*Caddy Random Draw Doubles 5:00PM shotgun start

*Check in for doubles by 4:45PM at Hole 12's Tee Boxes

*$5.00 per player (cash payout)

Saturday - June 30

*Course Opens at 7AM

*Check in from 7:30 to 8:30AM at Tournament Central (Machebeuf Building-Large building on east side of Hole 2's fairway)

*Players Meeting at 8:45AM at Tournament Central

*Caddy Assignments at 9:00AM

*First Round (shotgun start) at 9:30AM

*Lunch served on site immediately after the first round (free to all players and caddies) at Tournament Central

*Distance Competition during lunch break - meet on Hole 2's patio

*Second Round (shotgun start) 90 minutes after the last scorecard is turned in from the first round

*Ring of Fire after second round in the Quad (east of Machebeuf)

*Awards at Tournament Central

 Online Registration


 Divisions & Registrants

Pro Women - (5)
Catrina Allen
Paige Bjerkaas
Sabrina Donaldson
Sarah Hokom
Kristara Lee
Liz Lopez
Andrea Mink
Erika Pray
Pro Master Women - (3)
Peggy Berry
Kathy Hardyman
Kaili Young
Am Advanced Women - (14)
Cheryl Anderson
Melissa Berryhill
Lindsay Betts
Noemi Bjerkaas
Jurky Jurkovich
Anna MacLeay
Raelene Marron
Kelsey Mauch
Sarah McCourt
Christy Mullins
Stephanie Payne
Jenny Savage
Joni Smith
Marsha Sonderfan
Tracee Spencer
Am Advanced Master Women - (5)
Kim Arata
Rebecca Cowley
Kimberly Kosina
Susan Lande
Karen Sattler
Am Intermediate Women - (16)
Tracy Allen
Michelle Burghardt
Courtney Gantt
Myrriah Gomez
Melissa Hein
Mallory Huismann
Lindsay Kester
Kari Krauss
Samantha LeBlanc
Emily Miskiewicz
Meaghan Moll
Maria Montano
Em Reardon
Stephanie Roers
Mandie Rovere
Laura Sahlman
Ashley Toner
Am Recreational Women - (39)
Allison Adams
Akira Anderson
Heather Austin
Amanda Bernard
Gloria Bing Thiel
Becky Brasby
Kathy Brasby
Elizabeth Buck
Jaime Buell
Kassondra Clark
Alissa Dunn
Sydney Evans
Jennifer Giles
Franhcesca Guerra
Ava Hachmann
Carmen Hachmann
Kristi Hamilton
Michelle Hart
Bernadette Herrera
Kim Herring
Becky L Judd
Norma Keeney
Viki Kooiman
Lynn Leader
Alex Liebman
Kira Macklin
Christie Manuel
Kate McRoy
Rhonda Olsen
Gail Pace
Denise Panis
Betsey Poniatowski
Christie Ramshur
Jenney Reed
Heather Richardson
Betsey Rothley
Laura Stokes
Liz Van Liere
Chevelle Wernsmann
Suzanne Wicklund
Sarah Winfrey
Rebecca Woodruff
Junior Girls 19 & Under - (0)
no entries yet
Junior Girls 16 & Under - (0)
no entries yet
Junior Girls 13 & Under - (9)
Beth Haman
Micaela Klein
Savanna Moore
Kona Panis
Taylor Reinhold
Taylor Slocum
Lacy Talbert
Carissa Urich
Kaelen Woodruff
Junior Girls 10 & Under - (4)
Alexis Basey
Meci Klein
Jenna Storrs
Abigail Tori
Caddy - (114)
Joel Abrian
Jared Aigner
Gary Anderson
Shannon Anderson
Danny Austin
Chris Ball
Eric Basey
James Bennett
Jesse Berryhill
Hunter Bjerkaas
Matt Brasby
Timothy Brasby
Paul Buck
Kyle Buell
Jay Burghardt
William Cantrell
Erik Castillo
Marcos Castillo
JBC Chinnery
Alan Corbin
David Cowell
Jeff Cowley
Chris Dixon
Paul Dorries
Jeff Evertz
Camden Farmer
Neil Finicum
Wayne Flack
Chad Francis
Rob Gilmore
Joey Griggs
Joe Haman
Tom Hamilton
jeff harlan
jeff harlan
Kyle Harrigan
Dan Hart
Michael Hawkins
Bryce Hein
michael hendler
Paul Hendricks
Daniel Herrera
Matt James
Kevin Jones
Brooklyn Judd
Garland C Judd
Leon Keeney
Carl Klein
Ryan Knuth
Chris Kopren
Kenney Kosina
Todd Krauss
Josh Kreutzer
Ron Leader
Scott Leader
Rob Liebman
Tyler Liebman
David Lowell
Robert Lund
Kevin Lytle
Eric Macgill
Clint Macklin
Larry McCourt
Ryan McKinley
Cardin Mcleod
Matthew Mielke
Rob Moll
RJ Montano
Austin Montgomery
Colten Montgomery
Chad Moore
Matthew Morrison
Gary Mullins
Chris Murphy
Michael Newman
David Nunez
Jeff Olsen
Jeff Panis
Kyle Panis
Mark Paquette
jacob pendleton
Chris Pickett
ian pisowicz
David Poniatowski
Daren Popple
Matthew Pratt
John Ramshur
John Rauch
Don Reed
Chad Richardson
Chad Robertshaw
Paul Rothley
Joe Rovere
David Schaer
Denman Scofield
Robert Silva
Dave Slocum
Doug Smith
jason smith
Mitch Sonderfan
john stevenson
Mike Storrs
David Straight
Mark Talbert
Todd Taylor
Jeff Tori
Ron Tucker
David Urich
Darrin Vlcek
katyie wells
Adam Wicklund
Kirk Young
Cael Zaslav
Supporter - (3)
Dan Beer
james cannon
Ken Hughes
Tee Sign Sponsor - (8)
James Cannon
CDSA Colorado Disc Sports Association
EcoClean Mechanical EcoClean Mechanical
Bjerkaas Family
Woodruff Family
Geoff Hungerford
Ladies of MHDGC
Rooter PHD Plumbing
total of 95 paid registrants


1 Ronald Talbert