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Johnny Roberts MemorialAm

Sep 10, 2011 - Sep 11, 2011
Arvada, CO

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 Tournament Director

Tom Hamilton

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 General Information

Early check-in can be done at Phenix Disc Sports beginning at noon. 


If you'd like to register for the waitlist, please visit the registration page tomorrow (August 23) after 5pm to sign up.

Welcome to the 2011 Johnny Roberts Memorial!

This tournament is held annually in honor of Johnny Roberts (1931-1994). Johnny was a well loved community leader, high school teacher, national disc sports legend and mentor. This annual event is very important to the Arvada and Colorado Disc Golf Community, and Mile High Disc Golf Club (MHDG) welcomes players locally and nationally to join in this special event to honor a man that was known not only throughout our community but by others throughout the world. 

This years JRM will be open to 90 Amateur players and 90 Open/Pro players. Each Pool will play both courses Saturday, with the Ams playing Johnny Sunday Morning and the Open/Pro pool playing Bird's Nest Sunday each round consisting of 18 holes. Followed by a final 9 for Open divisions at Johnny. There will be a nice package for all non-playing tournament staff and volunteers, so if you'd like to help out, please let us know! 

Thanks, and we look forward to another great year for Johnny!

click here for the Pro event page and registration

 Event Schedule

Friday Sept 9
  • Early Player Check-In
  • Random Draw Doubles 5pm Check-In beginning at 4pm

Saturday Sept 10
  • Check-In 7am
  • Player's Meeting 8:00am At Johnny
  • Round 2  at Bird's Nest

Sunday Sept 10
  • 8:30 Player's Meeting Round 3 at Johnny
  • Awards at Johnny after the Pro final 9

 Online Registration



1 Ryan Nansen
2 Dan Gargan
3 Joe Haman

 Divisions & Registrants

Am Advanced - (38)
Paul Buck
Mark Cochran
Aaron Doherty
Camden Farmer
Josh Guhl
Matt James
alex johnson
Taylor Kahn
Jonathan Kamm
Jon Luecke
Matt Lund
Eric Macgill
Heath MacLeod
Zeb Maloney
Ian Millard
Leonard Miller
Adam monDragon
RJ Montano
Eric Mowrer
Michael Newman
Anthony Nicoloff
David Nunez
Jacob pendleton
El Gabe Peugnet
ian pisowicz
Chris Rector
Jonathan Siska
John Star
David Straight
Richard Subin
Jason Trujillo
Manny Trujillo
Derrick Velasquez
David Weihrauch
Brian Whitehead
Kirk Woltemade
Ray Woodruff
Barry Young
Am Advanced Women - (2)
Christy Mullins
Marsha Sonderfan
Am Advanced Master - (10)
Danny Austin
Jeff Bailey
Steve Baltierras
Dan Beer
Jeff Borden
Ronny Brown
scott gardner
Dave Suger
Mike Webster
JR Woodrum
Am Advanced Grandmasters - (7)
Jim Cannon
Charles Chung
Mike Hamkens
ronnie ross
Steve Ross
Dave Schierling
Robert Silva
Am Intermediate - (28)
Andy Abbott
Jonathan Bennett
Daniel Boulanger
Ashley Eckard
Donnie Featherman
brett german
David Gildner
Taki Graham
Mike Haycock
Paul Hendricks
Peter Jovanovich
Josh Lloyd
John Mackenzie
Dustin Martin
J Martinez
Brent May
Hansen Moore
peter mouser
Gary Mullins
Mark Sharpe
Cody Smith
Doug Smith
Brian Stevenson
Mike Storrs
Sean Stover
Chris Stroberger
rob tharp
Nick Usher
Am Intermediate Women - (4)
Michelle Burghardt
Melissa Hein
Mandie Rovere
Laura Sahlman
Am Recreational - (5)
Errin Galloway
Kyle Harrigan
Chad Moore
Jeff Olsen
Dave Slocum
Am Recreational Women - (3)
Courtney Gantt
Viki Kooiman
Laura Stokes
Junior Boys 16 & Under - (0)
no entries yet
Junior Girls 16 & Under - (0)
no entries yet
Junior Boys 13 & Under - (1)
salvador ross
Junior Girls 13 & Under - (0)
no entries yet
total of 98 paid registrants


1 Dylan O'Malia
2 Leon Keeney
3 John Zimpel
4 Greg Brethouwer
5 Matthew Arminio
6 jesse sullivan
7 Eagle McMahon
8 Sean Lewis
9 Shawn Sullivan
10 Joel Minton