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Rocky Mountain Women's Disc Golf Championship

Jun 11, 2011
Denver, CO

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 Tournament Director

Doug Bjerkaas & Ray Woodruff

 General Information

Registration will close at 11:59pm on Saturday June 4th

You will not be able to sign up for this event after 11:59PM MT on Saturday, June 4th.  There will not be "day of" registration for this event.

Announcing the Inaugural Rocky Mountain Women's Disc Golf Championships  
--> Presented by Fade Gear

  • Two rounds of 18 holes on Saturday, June 11, 2011
  • Event held at the exclusive and private Mansion Course
  • Distance Competition during lunch break
  • Lunch Served on course for all players and caddies
  • Ring of Fire
  • Caddies provided for all competitors
  • Practice day schedule: Monday, June 6 : 9AM to dusk, Wednesday, June 8 : 9AM to dusk, Friday, June 10 : 9AM to dusk

    Directions to the course to be emailed to each registrant (players and caddies)
FUNDRAISER DISCS available at Phenix Disc Sports.  Please support this event by purchasing a fundraiser disc(s) at Phenix Disc Sports!

RMWDGC Caddy Pool

A caddy will be made available for each participant in the RMWDGC.
To make this happen and to raise money for the tournament, caddies can sign up to serve when making a $20.00 donation to the tournament.  Caddies will be able to play the Mansion Course on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday the week of the tourney.  
If a competitor and a caddy are signing up together, the competitor will indicate the name of their caddy when signing up for the tournament.
If there are more caddies signed up then competitors, those not caddying will be used on the course as spotters.
Caddies can register for the event by selecting "Caddy" as their division.

We hope you can all come out for this unique experience.

 Event Schedule

Friday, 6/10
  • 3:00-6:00 pm: Early Check-In
  • 3:00-4:45 pm: Random Doubles Check-In ($5 entry)
  • 5:00 pm: Random Doubles for Women Start
  • 5:00 pm: Random Doubles for Caddies Start
Saturday, 6/11
  • 7 am: Course opens
  • 7:30-8:30 am: Check-In
  • 8:45 am: Players Meeting at the Boat House
  • 9:00 am: Caddy Assignments
  • 9:30 am: First Round Shotgun Start
  • Lunch will be served on-site immediately following the first round
  • Distance Competition during the lunch break
  • Second Round after Lunch Shotgun Start
  • Ring of Fire after second round
  • Awards

 Online Registration


 Divisions & Registrants

Pro Women - (4)
Paige Bjerkaas
Sabrina Donaldson
Anna MacLeay
Andrea Mink
Pro Master Women - (3)
Robyn Barker
Peggy Berry
Kit Lynch
Am Advanced Women - (8)
Lindsay Betts
Noemi Bjerkaas
Raelene Marron
Kelsey Mauch
Christy Mullins
Melanie Snodgrass
Marsha Sonderfan
Tracee Spencer
Am Advanced Master Women - (2)
Kimberly Kosina
SueB Lande
Am Intermediate Women - (11)
Kim Arata
Michelle Burghardt
Alissa Dunn
Lena Gibbs
Kristi Hamilton
Melissa Hein
Jurky Jurkovich
Lindsay Kester
Stephanie Payne
Laura Sahlman
Andrea Willson
Am Recreational Women - (25)
Tracy Allen
Becky Brasby
Kathy Brasby
Jaime Buell
Ami Cusack
Sara Fallahi
Courtney Gantt
Norma Garza
franchesca guerra
Becky Judd
Viki Kooiman
Kari Krauss
Samantha LeBlanc
Alex Liebman
Veronica Lingo
Melissa McAmis
Jennifer McCord
Betsey Poniatowski
Meghan Sampson
Elizabeth Sierra
Maggie Sims
Laura Stokes
Liz Van Liere
Chevelle Wernsmann
Rebecca Woodruff
Junior Girls 19 & Under - (0)
no entries yet
Junior Girls 16 & Under - (0)
no entries yet
Junior Girls 13 & Under - (2)
Nicole Lancaster
Kaelen Woodruff
Junior Girls 10 & Under - (5)
Clara Archer
Emma Archer
Beth Haman
Taylor Slocum
Ashley Tharp
Caddy - (67)
Joel Abrian
Shannon Anderson
Scott Archer
Rod Baca
Dan Beer
Hunter Bjerkaas
Patrick Blazek
Matt Brasby
Timothy Brasby
Chris Brubeck
Paul Buck
Shawn Bullard
Jay Burghardt
Patric Carter
David Cowell
kyle davis
Chad Francis
Dan Gargan
Joey Griggs
Joe Haman
Tom Hamilton
Steve Hardyman
Dash Harrison
Mike Haycock
Paul Hendricks
Matt James
Brooklyn Judd
Garland Judd
Leon Keeney
Ryan Knuth
Chris Kopren
Kenny Kosina
Todd Krauss
Dave Lancaster
Rob Liebman
Tyler Liebman
David Lowell
Eric MacGill
Zeb Malonry
Larry McCourt
Sarah McCourt
Cardin Mcleod
Steve Moll
Austin Montgomery
Colten Montgomery
Gary Mullins
Scott Osterhoudt
Mark Paquette
Jacob Pendleton
Dave Ponto
Matthew Pratt
John Rauch
Dave Schaer
john seelhoff
Jared Shields
Travis Shirk
Dave Slocum
Mitch Sonderfan
David Straight
Phil Underwood
Darrin Vlcek
David Weihrauch
Jeremiah Weinhold
Ryan Weston
Dave Whitesell
Ryan Wilking
Supporter - (6)
Camden Farmer
Ken Hughes
Ivan Judd
Matt Lund
Jeff Olsen
Chad Robertshaw
total of 60 paid registrants