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Sep 10, 2011 - Sep 11, 2011
Arvada, CO

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 Tournament Director

Tom Hamilton

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 General Information

Early check-in can be done at Phenix Disc Sports beginning at noon. 

Welcome to the 2011 Johnny Roberts Memorial!

This tournament is held annually in honor of Johnny Roberts (1931-1994). Johnny was a well loved community leader, high school teacher, national disc sports legend and mentor. This annual event is very important to the Arvada and Colorado Disc Golf Community, and Mile High Disc Golf Club (MHDG) welcomes players locally and nationally to join in this special event to honor a man that was known not only throughout our community but by others throughout the world. 

This years JRM will be open to 90 Amateur players and 90 Open/Pro players. Each Pool will play both courses Saturday, with the Ams playing Johnny Sunday Morning and the Open/Pro pool playing Bird's Nest Sunday each round consisting of 18 holes. Followed by a final 9 for Open divisions at Johnny. There will be a nice package for all non-playing tournament staff and volunteers, so if you'd like to help out, please let us know! 

Thanks, and we look forward to another great year for Johnny!

click here for the Am event page and registration

 Event Schedule

Friday Sept 9
  • Early Player Check-In
  • Random Draw Doubles 5pm Check-In beginning at 4pm
Saturday Sept 10
  • Check-In 7am
  • Player's Meeting 8:30am
  • Round 1 at Bird's Nest
  • Round 2  at Johnny

Sunday Sept 11
  • 8:30 Round 3 at Bird's Nest
  • Final 9 at Johnny After Lunch
  • Awards after the final 9

 Online Registration



1 Dan Gargan
2 Christopher Murphy

 Divisions & Registrants

Pro Open - (31)
Doug Allen
Gary Anderson
Josh Barber
Nick Benck
William Cantrell
tom carrillo
Justin Celmer
Chris Collins
Jordan Cowles
Chauncey Donaldson
Chad Francis
Jay Gibbs
Mike Gomez
Nathan Hamkens
Bryce Hein
Tyler Kirkpatrick
Ryan Knuth
Joey Kozlowski
Tyler Liebman
Big Mack
Zak Martin
Colten Montgomery
Rob Nichols
Casey Ortiz
Joe Rovere
Josh Sappenfield
Mitch Sonderfan
john stevenson
KC Terry
Lance Trott
Ben Van Dusen
Pro Women - (2)
Paige Bjerkaas
Sabrina Donaldson
Pro Master - (5)
Joel Abrian
Bruce Derington
Tim Gossage
Chris Kopern
Danny Pring
Pro Master Women - (0)
no entries yet
Pro Grandmaster - (12)
Dan Barnett
Louis Bernard
Jay Burghardt
Gregg Fournier
Paul Hooston
Geoff Hungerford
Christopher Keener
Dave Kendrick
Pete Kenny
Rob Liebman
Tom Ohlschwager
Kurt Rumin
Pro Sr Grandmaster - (1)
Peter Shive
total of 51 paid registrants