May 14, 2011
Bird's Nest - Arvada, CO

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 Tournament Director

Chad Francis
(720) 583-JEDI

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 General Information

Come on down to Bird's Nest Disc Park for perhaps the silliest and most fun disc golf event you'll ever play! The course plays backwards so all the holes are short, but every one has a twist. Dropkick your drive, avoid the kiddie pool OB's, hit the hanging basket... even throwing a rubber chicken! All proceeds from this year's tournament will again benefit the EDGE program (Educational Disc Golf Experience). This program helps introduce school-age children to the sport of disc golf and works with physical education instructors interested in integrating disc golf into their curriculum.
This years players package will include a custom-stamped version of the Innova's new Yeti-Pro Aviar putter! There will be prizes for the top few finishers in each division, some great CTP prizes and a super-fun ring of fire. 

If you've never played in a disc golf tournament, but want to know what it's about in a just-for-fun environment, then this is the event for you!

For those new to this style of event, here's a quick guide to the divisions:
Apples: pros or experienced amateurs
Oranges: beginners to intermediate amateurs
Prunes: all male players over 40
Melons: all the ladies
Bananas: all kids (13 and under)
Nuts: non-playing supporters, each will receive a players package disc

 Event Schedule

Saturday, May 14th
  • 8:30-9:30am - Check-in
  • 9:45am - Player's Meeting
  • 10am - 1st round of 18 holes
  • Lunch Break
  • tbd- 2nd round of 18 holes
  • CTP and Ring of Fire
  • Awards
  • Player's Party

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 Divisions & Registrants

Apples - (22)
Kool Aid
Strawberry Awesome
Doom Bunny
beardo carlissian
Ham and Cheese
Waffle Cone
Bring On Da Schnit
Von Doom
Captain Fidget
As the Cro Flies
Professor Gyro
Professor Hawking
Major Huck
Man go Ki Weeeee
Czech Mate
The Puma
The Sherminator
Brown Sugar
Q Tip
Player Vanilla
Oranges - (10)
Sharper Cheddar
F Factor
The Flourisher
G Funk
Big Gingy
Rooster Hogan
Eskimo Kid
Pucky Lutter
The Mustachteer
Zane Van Awesome
Prunes - (6)
Spunky Bomber
eoj heyman
Doctor Hopsing
Frozen Pea
Larry Pote
Melons - (11)
Magoos Better Half
Mando Calrisian
Pole Dancer
Mean Mama
Dunder Mifflin
Waffer Nella
Lift and Separate
Chelle Shock
Mel Star
Casey Sunshine
Rebecca Woodruff
Bananas - (5)
reed hendler
beth heyman
Kellen Johnson
Noisy Puppy
Kaelen Woodruff
Nuts - (4)
Aaron Doherty
Chad Francis
Jurky Jurkovich
Mister Magoo
total of 58 paid registrants